Clay Matthews isn’t a fan of locker room cameras

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On Monday, Florio passed along a report stating that most NFL teams haven’t come up with a plan about how to use the locker room cameras that the NFL ordered them to install before the 2013 season to provide exclusive stadium video for people buying tickets to attend games.

The teams are free to use (or not use) the video as they see fit and linebacker Clay Matthews is likely hoping that the Packers choose not to use the video at all. Matthews spoke to Jarrett Bell of USA Today about the NFL’s plans and said he thought that the idea of cameras in the locker room was a “perversion.”

“I’m not a fan of that, and I’m not afraid to say that,” Matthews said. “The availability of the athletes is already so great to fans, the organization and the media, but now to add the locker room — our one sanctuary, which is even taken over by the media — and now you throw in cameras? You think ‘cameras in the locker room’ and what does that conjure up images of? It’s a privacy issue. I know they’re trying to give the fans more of an experience, but what more can you do? We do interviews on the sideline, there’s social media. You can’t leave the parking lot without people swarming your cars. I’m not a fan of it.”

Matthews explained his privacy concerns by saying that he’s had fans follow him home on multiple occasions, something he called “scary.” While that would seem like an occupational hazard Matthews will have to deal with whether or not there are cameras in the locker room, it would also qualify as the concerns that the NFLPA asked players to share with them in April after the NFL made their camera decree without consulting the union.

Since the Packers don’t have a problem selling tickets, Matthews might have less to worry about from the video than players on teams trying to drum up sales. Should enough players make their opposition to the cameras known, though, there could be a bigger fight looming on this front.

54 responses to “Clay Matthews isn’t a fan of locker room cameras

  1. seeing giant, sweaty, half naked dudes snap towels at each other isn’t gonna make me any more interested in buying season tickets… but that’s just me.

  2. I’d only agree to the cameras in NFL locker rooms only after they are installed in the womens basketball and softball locker rooms.

  3. As much as a sports fan i am, i dont want or need to see teams in the locker room. Would the owners mind if we watched there close door meetings on Epsn?

  4. of course he is not. How can he shoot up before the game and during the game if there are camera’s. he is a roid (hgh) head.

  5. I agree with Clay. And if you’re one of those psycho fans that actually WANTS this, then you’re a loser that needs a life. I have no interest in watching dudes get dressed.

  6. I don’t need to see the locker room. Why? we get so much access as it is. Honesty, its a little weird that people feel the need to see that. Give the players a little breathing room for god sake.

  7. jhein23 says:
    Jun 4, 2013 12:38 PM
    Knew the HGH comments were coming from Vikings fans even though their running back is much more likely to be using them

    Its quite easy for Packer fans to not see the bigger picture. Its not just Vikings fans that are ripping on Clay for syringes…look around.

  8. This is the dumbest idea yet. Would you be more likely to go to a Broadway show if during intermission they had back stage cameras? Owners will kill this off quick if somehow game plan info is leaked, or beer sales drop because fans were watching the jumbo-trons.

  9. Why do you keep pushing the sales point? Do you think anyone is sitting in Jacksonville saying “Holy cow now that there’s a camera in their locker room I want to buy tickets!!!” Give me a break

  10. They will spend millions on camera equipment to try and sell tickets…they will butcher their own mothers to sell a psl… The one thing they will not do is lower ticket prices though. Lowering ticket prices is an absurd idea.

    PS Clay on roids? Not likely, he’s not a member of the Seahawks.

  11. Stop with the lame roid jokes… It is about privacy. Who wants to see grown men naked? Are there more women NFL fans than men? Stop with the cameras. Plain stupid. Its not what fans want. Its the NFL propping up reasons to have overpriced “experiences”.

  12. This is exactly the type of idea that’s implemented by people who have never played football at any level, and sit up in a penthouse all day talking about ways to make the owners more money.

    It’s a stupid idea in which the root problem was caused by the NFL pushing th Television format for years.

    Love what Matthews is saying.

  13. If any NFL player was using HGH they are not doing it right in the locker room in front of players and coaches. I highly doubt they would even be doing it in the bathroom stall Canseco and McGwire style. They are doing it in the privacy of their home.

    Clay doesn’t want people watching him put on his jock strap and I don’t blame him – would you want that if you were a player?

  14. NFL Locker Room CamChannel – Your’s today for an additional charge of $150 per year at DirecTV….sounds like soft porn for a new audience. Are they reaching for women to increase viewers? I am not a fan! Call me when they get the locker room cams in women’s tennis or volleyball….Hmm or Victoria Secret’s events. NOW! There is innovation and smart thinking.

  15. A guy tears a knee – comes back and is unstoppable … at the nfl level, really?

    If there’s no steroids then Peterson must of met that monster from Wishmaster ….

  16. thingamajig says:
    Jun 4, 2013 12:33 PM
    I’d only agree to the cameras in NFL locker rooms only after they are installed in the womens basketball and softball locker rooms.


    Good grief man, women’s basketball? No thank you.

    How about women’s volleyball, field hockey or soccer?

  17. AGain with the viking trolls. It’s like a zombie apocalypse with you guys. Don’t you have your own stories to comment on? Oh that’s right, you don’t because noboby cares about the viks.

  18. Proposal: 2 new Direct TV channels

    a) NFL Locker Room Live

    b) Victoria’s Secret Dressing Room Live

    I wonder what the rating’s would look like.

  19. The key word here is sanctuary. The locker room is a player’s / team’s sanctuary. Introspection, pregame or half-time routines, a$$ chewing’s, tears and whatever else happens in the locker room is none of our business. It’s a fundamental rule of sport that this area is off limits (on all levels).

  20. With about 50% of the league on HGH I find it funny that people are so quick to point at Clay.

    Oh, and cameras in the locker room is a stupid idea. The fan experience does not need to go there.

  21. Creepin’ Jeebus. I wonder how many MORE 15 year old geniuses will come up with what they think is a clever or original remark about PED’s.

  22. All this takes is few “wardrobe malfunctions” and the NFL will think better of it. Just ask Janet Jackson.

  23. The NFL is trying to get people to stadiums, this one is pretty corny.

    Maybe if the NFL would offer safe rides homes to fans that might help, its not like the players take advantage of it.

  24. Just because he is a athlete doesn’t mean that we have the right to see every move he makes. To the CLOWN that said Clay doesn’t like Packer fans, quit trying to put words in his mouth. He certainly has a right to complain about fans following him home.

  25. I think this will be an issue when a high profile free agent picks a team without locker room cameras over one with cameras and states so openly. Then the cameras will be gone from every locker room if the owners think it will cost them.

  26. Typical Viking fans hitching on to a successful franchise to get some notoriety. Too bad it only comes with success on the field and not highjacking a Packer article.

  27. Have to laugh at the Packer fans. They are all over Vike stories like rats on cheese but cry like babies if there is a comment from a Vikings fan on a Packer story. Bigots!!!!

  28. 28for20 says:Jun 4, 2013 3:28 PM

    Have to laugh at the Packer fans. They are all over Vike stories like rats on cheese but cry like babies if there is a comment from a Vikings fan on a Packer story. Bigots!!!!

    I would have gone with “hypocrites” and “thin-skinned wusses.”

  29. I was sort of looking forward to seeing the rest of the Vikings give Ponder an atomic wedgie and then stuff him into his locker…

  30. contra74 says:
    Jun 4, 2013 12:50 PM
    Its quite easy for Packer fans to not see the bigger picture. Its not just Vikings fans that are ripping on Clay for syringes…look around


    Yeah, I agree. There are a lot more mean-spirited idiots out there than just in Minnesota.

  31. Packer fans have to watch something in their $100 trailers while drinking thier Blatz beer warm in a can after they just got smacked around by their 400 lb wifes or in the Packer fans case , their boyfriend.

  32. Y’ain’t gonna be seein’ anybody nekkid. Its the halftime gig, ten or so minutes. You think they run in, strip, take a shower, shave, shampoo their hair (Clay needs three hours for that alone), then re-dress all in ten minutes? Even Richard Sherman doesn’t pee IN the locker room. Anybody thinks watching a team in the LR at halftime is fascinating, needs a life, desperately.

  33. I’d be will to bet that, if you took a poll of neutral fans (i.e., excluding Packers fans and Vikings fans), about 10 times as many would say that Matthews is on PEDs than Peterson.

    Just compare them. Peterson has excelled at all levels, due to his God-given talents and unbelievable work ethic. On the other hand, Matthews was lightly recruited coming out of high school and had a good, but not great, college career. Yet, on turning pro, Matthews’ game suddenly became a great pass-rusher.

    Also, watch what happens when the NFL institutes HGH-testing. Matthews’ game will fall-off to average, while Peterson will still be in hot pursuit of the all-time rushing record.

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