DeSean mum on Jay-Z link, allegedly owes Rosenhaus big money


At a time when Eagles coach Chip Kelly would prefer that receiver DeSean Jackson focus on football, off-field issues are invading the conversation.

On Tuesday, Jackson danced around questions regarding the possibility that he’ll hire Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Sports agency for representation in the wake of severing ties with Drew Rosenhaus.

You never know,” Jackson, who has musical aspirations, said regarding whether Jay-Z’s firm would be a good fit, via Geoff Mosher of  “What do you think?  I don’t know.  It might be.”

Jackson said no decision has been made, despite reports he wants to be represented by Jay-Z’s firm.  “The [reports] are what they are, but coming out of my mouth we don’t know yet,” Jackson said.  “Once that situation will be handled, then you guys will know.  As far as right now, it’s not true.”

On Wednesday, Jackson will be facing more questions regarding his representation situation.  According to Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports, Rosenhaus has filed a grievance against Jackson for repayment of $400,000 in loans.

Per the report, Jackson borrowed the money from Rosenhaus from November 2009 through March 2012.

The decision to file the grievance by Rosenhaus suggests that a reconciliation between agent and player is unlikely.

37 responses to “DeSean mum on Jay-Z link, allegedly owes Rosenhaus big money

  1. And here I was thinking that Goodell was going to ruin the NFL when along came Jay Z.

  2. I don’t get it, the agent makes, what? 10 percent, on the contract and the client rakes in the other 90% and Jackson is borrowing money from Rosenhaus?

    What did he get for collateral? Jackson must own a car or two. If he didn’t get anything, he will eventually get what he deserves.

  3. When will the players figure out about living beyond your means. Come on $400,000 in loans after getting 2nd round money around a million dollars a year? Learn not to spend on what isn’t necessary.

  4. I can understand getting a loan from your agent prior to signing…but why 400k over the years? I personally do not like owing people money, so when i have the funds i pay off the loan. However, if Rosenhaus is not charging interest then might as well take advantage…but geez….pay him!

  5. Lolll djax just seems like a snake he has a snake look to him. Everyone knew djax was getting help from rosenhaus on payment then he pays him back for saving his life by firing him without paying back lmaooo. Philly deserves him and the 0 rings for life.

  6. I’m just shaking my head. 400K in loans to your agent? Hate to see what he owes others.

    Looks like we have a contender for Broke 2025 edition.

  7. Rosenhaus should consider the grievance procedure over with and file suit against Jackson. Filing a grievance with the NFLPA against a player or with the league about anything when you’re Drew “Mr. Confrontation” Rosenhaus is going to go anywhere except to the House of Ridicule.

  8. Why will I not be surprised when this guy follows the other broke Wide Receivers that have come & gone in the league?

    Another gifted young man who will spend it all before he is 40. &Then come looking for help. Sad very sad

  9. The grievance comes off as no surprise because Howard Eskin told “PFT Live” in 2011 that word at the time was that Rosenhaus was lending money to DeSean Jackson, but Rosenhaus needs to be paid.

    I am under the impression that the grievance can only be filed if the loans are NFLPA bylaws-related, but if they’re for general things I don’t think Rosenhaus will win and he’s better off filing suit.

    As for a reconciliation, 15 veteran clients dumped Rosenhaus in 2012 and Ray Lewis and Anquan Boldin dumped him too.

    Rosenhaus could’ve been himself in order to lose D-Jax.

  10. Example of why good college coaches exercise caution when making the transition or wish they did. Also example of why good front offices have some great talent off their board.

  11. Ben Franklin may well have said “Neither a borrower nor a lender be,” but not before Polonius said it in the first act of Hamlet by Wm Shakespeare.

  12. Rosenhaus himself has been in the midst of allegations that I have yet to hear any results of involving scandalous things he’s doing that create cash flow problems for his business. One of the things mentioned is his huge loans and cash advances to clients. I am not sure if a link will be allowed, but search engines are your friends.

  13. Just by seeing his instagram and twitter it really doesn’t surprise me.. The day he is out of the NFL he will be broke..

  14. While I won’t defend Desean Jackson for borrowing money and not paying it back, I won’t be shedding a tear for Rosenhaus either. For the most part, the player production and availability of other free agents at that position set the market, so it isn’t like Rosenhaus is working around the clock to “earn” 10 % of multi-million dollar contracts with a client list of over 20 i’m sure. He has A LOT more money then Desean.

    I think most people are naive to the fact of how much these players actually make after uncle Sam, agents, living expenses away from home, accountants, union fees, etc. A player that’s earning 1 million plus is subject to pay 50% in federal taxes, whatever the state tax rate is in their home state as well as the state tax for weeks on the road, 10% for the agent, an so on. If a player makes 1 million he will probably only see around 300k after it’s all said and done. I know most people would love to have that kind of problem, but for a player who is banking on a lucrative future contract I can see why he might live outside of his current budget.

  15. Ok let’s school you guys. The unscrupulous agents want to get their hooks in a guy….so before an athlete signs a big deal he fronts them various luxuries. Agent will inquire, if the player needs a car..etc. Player gets a Benz which the agent pays for….let’s say 100k….the player signs some paperwork drawn up by the Agent…and voila he now owes 125k for that Benz to the Agent. The Agent doesn’t ask for regular payments, if the player stays with the Agent all is quiet…. enter Jay Z….Agent replies….you owe me $$$

  16. Man is Jay Z killing rosenhaus’ business. Rosenhaus was king of the castle for so many years…

    I think its time Rosenhaus comes out with a rap album just to show Jay Z up

  17. He’ll be featured in the 2023 version of ESPN 30for30 “BROKE ATHLETES” special. Anytime I hear about an athlete pursuing music, particularly rap music I cringe. This guy is no Wayman Tisdale, who was a respected musician and apparently had elite talent. He’s a fake rapper who’s trying to remain loyal to friends back home. He thinks that Jay Z would actually help him in the music industry, huge mistake. You have a reputable agent, stick to what you know, thats running bad yet fast routes.

  18. This all sounds fishy to me. Agents get something like 2-3%, but the money goes through their hands first. And, this is for some 4 year old loans? My guess is that it is all hokey. Rosenhaus is a scumbag and since he is a lawyer, filing grievances and suits cost him nothing. He wants “Go Away” money.

  19. Forget Obama-economics and redistribution of wealth. Who needs to take from the upper crust when the “upper crust” is already redistributing their wealth voluntarily. These guys must never have gotten an allowance as a kid and had to save up their $5/week to buy the $50 baseball bat they really wanted. Who doesn’t understand about spending less than what you’re making? I don’t care who has grown up without, you still understand simple spend what you have, and don’t spend what you don’t have. Good grief.

  20. Didn’t this fool just sign a 5 year $51million deal last year? Why does he need a new agent?

  21. DeSean is an idiot. When he ran out of money, and he wasn’t signed yet, Drew gave him loans to pay his bills AND got him a major contract.

    A year later he dumps Drew even though he’s not getting a new contract..why? So he can rap, I guess?

  22. Drew: Uh DeSean you owe me 400 Large, sorry, no more till you pay me back.

    DeSean: Your fired. Dials- Jay-Z, D-Jax want to be my agent?

    Jay-Z: Sure.

    DeSean: Front me some cash?

    Jay-Z: Um, what?

  23. I respect DeSean, but he seriously needs to cut ties with his old friends from back in Long Beach. He’s single handedly trying to promote these talentless leaches by throwing lavish parties on Sunset with massive club bills. If DeSean truly wants to be a producer, then he needs to be smart and identify real talent, not hangers on, family members, homies from da hood, etc.

    First, concentrate on football!

  24. Lol musical aspirations this belongs in the funnies rather than legitimate sports news

  25. An agent gets 3% not 10% that has been stated above. On top of the the money does not go through their hands first as also stated. The player is billed and the agent has to act as a bill collector to get the money most of the time.

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