Eric Mangini “definitely” wants to be a head coach again


Eric Mangini is officially back in the NFL, after he was formally introduced today as a consultant on the 49ers’ coaching staff. And he made clear that he wants to be a lot more than just a consultant in the future.

Mangini confirmed that he’s hoping to get another shot at being a head coach, as he has previously been with the Jets and Browns.

That’s definitely a goal of mine,” Mangini said. “Right now, I’m doing what I can do here as well as I can do it. I think it’s every coach’s goal to eventually do that.”

Although Mangini had a very good first season as a head coach, with the 2006 Jets, that remains the only time he led a team to the playoffs. He was fired by the Jets after missing the playoffs in 2007 and 2008, and then fired by the Browns after back-to-back 5-11 seasons in 2009 and 2010. That’s not exactly the kind of record that’s going to make him a hot head-coaching candidate.

But he’s now on the coaching staff of one of the NFL’s best teams. Which means he’s a lot closer to his goal of being a head coach again than he would have been if he had stayed at ESPN.

40 responses to “Eric Mangini “definitely” wants to be a head coach again

  1. In other news, I “definitely” want to win the Powerball drawing tomorrow

  2. He has compiled a 33-47 record in five seasons as a head coach. With a resume like that, it should just be a matter of weeks until he’s back in the saddle.

  3. Going to miss his amazing insight, his vibrant personality, and his overall value added to ESPN. And by miss, I mean good riddance. Now cancel First Take…

  4. I don’t like Mangini based on the media reports, him being a snide disciplinarian and making rookies take 10 hour bus rides to do charity work that won’t even make the team. With that said, I don’t get why he doesn’t have more interest. In 2008 him and Brett Favre went 9-7, missed the playoffs and he gets canned. The next year, Rex Ryan goes 9-7 and gets a contract extension and the team mangini built went to the championship game 2 years in a row with sanchez as their qb. In Cleveland he had next to nothing to work with when he got there. I remember his teams playing hard albeit it was at the end of the season. He obviously needs 2-3 years as HC to make an imapct, just don’t get why he’s not getting it.

  5. And everyone in the same division as any team that would hire him definitely wants it to happen too.

  6. He deserves to – he had the Browns heading in the right direction before being fired by the new regime.

    Every game was competitive in his final year – of 11 losses 7 of them were by a TD or less. His team also beat the Saints and Patriots while Colt McCoy actually looked like a legit QB for a stretch

    Holmgren and Shurmur set the franchise back 3 years – Mangini had them pointing up and his players buying in

  7. I wanna be an NFL head coach too! The cool thing is that Mangini and I have the same chance now

  8. hmm under skilled coaches all hired in new england then they all split up and ended up on teams that wer competition and then drove those teams into the ground denver browns jets st Louis smh good job bill n ernie adams spygate helped them all get jobs as head coaches and a big payday n no one noticed

  9. I’m glad to have him on board. He excelled under Bellichek (sp?) and could provide some insights perhaps overlooked by the usual pair of eyes.

  10. Let’s face it…you’re only famous for blowing the whistle on the Pats. How you managed to become the coach for the Browns is beyond me….maybe the former Browns owner thought you’d figure out some dirt on the Ravens….ijs

  11. How is this dude gonna get a 3rd chance when there are people that can’t even get a first chance???

  12. He’s as good on TV as he was as a HC and that isn’t very good,if he gets any tighter he’ll start pooping diamonds!

  13. Mangini was unjustly fired by the Browns’ Mike Holmgren. In his first year with the Browns he led a team with very little talent to 4 straight wins to end the season. They continued to improve the next year, blowing out the Patriots and the Saints, before massive injuries hit. I think he’ll be pretty good if he gets another head coaching job.

  14. I thought he had the browns turning around, but then again I don’t watch them a whole lot.

  15. I “definitely” want to have relations with Kate Upton. Ain’t happening…

  16. He will be.
    And that is another team I will look forward to my team’s playing so I can watch BB snub him. 😀

  17. Not a Mangini fan especially after he snitched on his mentor BB. What a D. B. for that! Although he was a good coordinator and he didn’t get a fair shake at HC. If he gets a few years to turn a team around that actually has some talent I think he will be a very good HC. Although he might not get a shot because he is a rat and every rat had to die even master splinter

  18. Let’s set the record straight. Mangini did not ‘build’ the Jets — he did not have player personnel or draft authority. That said, with about a half dozen all-pro’s, plus Favre, he didn’t make playoffs.

    After he left, a rookie head coach, with a QB and a rookie RB, Jets did reach AFC championship game — twice in a row.

    In Cleveland he DID have roster and draft control. Of nine picks he made only ONE ever became a starter. 6-7 of them already out of the NFL. He brought in 11 thirtysomething Jets castoff’s with him and went 5-11 back-to-back.

    His football mentality completely and totally disdains offensive scoring. He plays for field goals and tries to sit on 3 point leads for half a game. Good luck with that approach in todays game.

    There are football reasons not one of 32 teams has wanted him even as a coordinator, let alone a head coach — and they have virtually nothing to do with spygate or him being a weasel.

  19. I just read that Bill Callahan is going to call plays for the Cowboys. Just think the possibilties. Mangini/Callahan heading another team. Stan and Ollie!! No way they lose a game. With their stellar head coaching resume’s?

  20. December 28th 2008 one of my favorite ‘Happy to be Mov’in on from this guy’ moments in Jets history. Now if only we could do the same with Sanchez…

  21. He should have stayed with EPSN. That’s as far as he gets. No more head coaching for him.

  22. Gotta love those who call Belichick a cheat, yet those same call Mangini a rat.

    If Mangini “ratted” on his mentor, why did his mentor illegally tape his student’s team???

    Not easy to be a troll.

  23. Mangini has had the raw end of the coaching deal for years. If there is ever a guy who shouldn’t have “former” head coach on his resume it’s him. It’s not a coincidence that everyone who has fired the guy is out of the league right now. The Jets QB situation hasn’t been stable and the Browns haven’t won a meaningful game since the guy left. I can only imagine how many people lost money back in 2010 when in back to back weeks the Cleveland Browns defense DESTROYED Drew Brees and Tom Brady. If anyone can help the 49ers get back to the Superbowl it’s him. It’s almost scary listening to how intelligent he is about football when he analyses the game.

  24. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Did anyone commenting read that he is strictly a “Consultant” and not actually calling plays? I’m pretty sure we have an OK head coach doing that already….

    This is like going into work and asking your janitor if the future of the company is in filing as a 503(c)(4) Corporation with the IRS, or if an IPO would provide the capital necessary for national growth expectations, or if depreciating assets this year as opposed to next year would improve bottom-line financials….

  25. As a Browns fan from NY, I had the chance to watch all of his head coaching career. I wouldn’t make him the head coach of a Pop Warner team. He doesn’t have a clue and he proved my point even further by being an “expert” analyst on ESPN. My mother could break down the film as well as him. I can’t believe Cleveland hired him. They should have realized he’s useless when he was a ballboy (he sucked at that, too).

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