Gabe Miller says he took substance without medical exemption


Bears tight end Gabe Miller will miss the first four games of the regular season due to a suspension — if he makes the team.  In his effort to remain in the good graces of the team he’s trying to make, Miller has issued a statement through said team.

“I would like to apologize to the entire Bears organization as well as our fans for taking a substance during the offseason that is prohibited by the NFL without a medical exemption,” Miller said.  “While it was an isolated incident, I regret the poor judgment I showed and accept full responsibility for this mistake along with the punishment that comes with it.  In the meantime I will continue to work hard and contribute in any way I can.  I look forward to having the opportunity to make this up to the people that I have disappointed.”

Miller’s statement highlights one of the primary problems with the NFL’s policy regarding performance-enhancing substances.  With the NFL and its teams unable to elaborate on the reasons for the suspension, the player can say whatever he wants.  And so the player will be tempted to choose the path that avoids the stigma that comes from the perception of being a juicer.

Steroids?  Stigma.  Masking agents?  Stigma?

Really, when was the last time a player admitted that he was caught taking steroids?  Even Texans linebacker Brian Cushing, who tested positive for a hormone taken while taking steroids, came up with an alternative explanation to an admission of steroids use.  Former NFL linebacker/defensive end Shawne Merriman, who tested positive for steroids, insisted he had taken a spiked supplement.

Whether it’s the truth or it isn’t, Miller’s explanation points to something other than steroids.  By invoking the term “medical exemption,” the violation can be viewed not as cheating but as a clerical.

It also can be interpreted as a strong hint that the substance was Adderall, a prescription medication that more and more players seem to be taking.  Or testing positive for taking.  Or claiming they tested positive for taking when in reality they were taking something else.

Regardless, Miller violated the policy, which technically is titled the policy on “anabolic steroids and related substances.”  The league and the NFLPA have identified the substances on the list, and it’s presumed that the substances on the list enhance performance.

So regardless of what the player says, a positive test for a substance on the banned list is a violation, and a violation means there was cheating.  Thus, every suspension should have the same stigma as a steroids suspension, because the NFL and the NFLPA have agreed that the consequences for taking any of the prohibited substances is the same.

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  1. If these guys don’t know by now that you need to get league clearance, they’re not too bright.

  2. “So regardless of what the player says, a positive test for a substance on the banned list is a violation, and a violation means there was cheating. “- mf
    Really? A violation means cheating? Broad assumption or weird logic.

  3. He’s claiming to have taken prescription medications without a prescription.. Huh.. Does anyone else see the idiocracy in that statement. People are issued legal steroids and HGH. If he was trying to imply adderall he should have just said it.

    Case of a seriously stupid athlete.

    As a Seahawks fan I’d like you to know that the epidemic of Seattle cheating players has been blown way out of proportion.

    Not only do the Redskins have MOOOOOOORE PLAYERS SUSPENSDED. But one of the players John Moffit has a prescription for Adderall which he tested positive for but was still suspended because the team doctor didn’t disclose his prescription.

    No excuse but it’s pretty clear some players are just too stupid to function off the field.

  4. “As a Seahawks fan I’d like you to know that the epidemic of Seattle cheating players has been blown way out of proportion.”

    No team has more players suspended for performance enhancing drugs over the last 3 years (since Carroll arrived) than the Seahawks.

    It looks like Gabe learned the drill during his time in Seattle. Pete’s a good teacher when it comes to cheating.

  5. WTH are these guys thinking? You know the banned substance list. You can get a medical exception for some of the banned substances. And you’re dumb enough to get busted? What’s his wonderlic score McGinn?

  6. wow still surprised to still see there isn’t any patriots in any of these cases ….hmmm dam near every team has had at least one person so guess if u can destroy spygate tapes u can destroy a positive banned substance …we all know they cheated in other ways and should still be under spotlight for everything they do even thou Gillette is actually fort knox

  7. To inform the previous poster.

    The seahawks had an player serve a suspension while on the seahawks for failing a drug test, BEFORE joining the team. BABEBRE and he NEVER played a single down.

    Also John Moffit as mentioned before Had and Has a prescription for Adderall, it was not sent in to the league in time and the rules are clear cut. He tested positive but didn’t follow protocol, but not nearly a cheater because of it. Just dumb..

    Lendale White never was on the team, he was traded for and tried out but was cut. NEVER PLAYED A DOWN

    So the above mentioned should help you realize that the 6 suspensions they have received. THREEEE OF THEM ARE TOTAL BULLSH*T..

    MEANWHILE the Redskins have 6 suspended players over this EXACT SAME PERIOD..

    NO excuses for stupidity, but it not nearly as big of a drug problem as the media and Other uninformed fans are perpetrating.

    Let’s stop being ignorant to facts and base our opinions on the truth. HATE Pete all you want, he preaches Competition, athletes look for any edge and some may take something.

    Hes built one of the best and most talented rosters in football with competition and allowing players to work for and earn the job, and not just gift wrap it because they are higher draft picks. That’s why this teams gotten so good so fast. And that won’t change.

    Nice try though…

  8. Nobody in this league, that league or baseball is dopey enough not to know how dopey you are no matter what is said or not. I think the general public understands that you’re all on drugs and that’s why none of you are really considered heroes like players were back in the day. Now we just hope for the best that you won’t roid out in public or at home and shoot somebody.

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