Jerry Jones: Callahan to call offensive plays


Our long national nightmare is over.

The Cowboys finally have a play-caller.

According to Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said that offensive coordinator Bill Callahan would call the team’s offensive plays this year.

Jones said the decision was made weeks ago, which frankly makes the entire episode more bizarre.

It was a few weeks ago when everyone seemed to be playing hot-potato with questions about the responsibility, which was taken away from head coach Jason Garrett.

If they made the decision prior to that, it just makes them look (more) ridiculous for not admitting it, when they’ve been given many, many chances to clear it up.

39 responses to “Jerry Jones: Callahan to call offensive plays

  1. No, it makes you look (more) ridiculous for trying to make a big deal of this. Lots of teams keep their play-caller under wraps before the preseason starts.

    Reminder: we’re in JUNE.

  2. Awesome, Red J will be gone even if the Boys go deep in the playoffs. Gruden’s staff will be waiting for him next year.

  3. I wonder if Bill will now call the cowboys “the dumbest team in America”. For allowing him to call the plays

  4. In related news, Jerruh wants a recount of the PFT vote for the cowboys’ Mt. Rushmore.

    Bill Callahan will be re-counting the votes….

  5. Why do they owe you or anyone else an answer as to who will be calling their plays? I mean it’s real nice of you guys in the media to “give them a chance to clear it up” so many times but maybe it’s just not important to them whether or not you know.
    Why do you say it makes them look ridiculous? Is it because your feelings are hurt that they’re not answering your questions on demand? Why does the media think that everyone owes them answers to anything they want to know about?

  6. Actually NO ONE keeps their play caller under wraps becsuse 98% of NFL have what is called Crodanatiros who perform such task. They keep their schemes under wraps but not the play caller.

  7. as long as jason garrett isnt calling plays i am satisfied the dude was predictable even romo gave him the wtf look during his playcalling last season

  8. This is like watching da Raiders all over again. If you saw that movie the first time this is very predictable. The NFC East thanks you Jerry. Keep paying Romo and keep that circus going.

  9. JJ just needs to put on the coaches hat, as well as the assistant coaches hat, as well as the offensive coordinators hat, oh and the defensive coordinators hat. He could wear all of them at the same time he puts his clown shoes on in the morning.

  10. There’s never been more hype surrounding “whos calling the plays” . You media guys just are looking for someone to blame crap on. It’s not ridiculous, there is no reason at all to tell you who calls the plays.

    The Cowboys didn’t make it a big deal. YOU guys made it a big deal. They didn’t want to tell you right away. People have police working at practice to help stop spies and you think not telling you who is going to call plays is ridiculous? Come on man.

  11. Yes indeed. If u ask me romo should have some part in it. He the qb. Don’t all the qb like brees,Brady and the other elite quarterbacks do. That should show Jerry romo ain’t ready, yes he not a bad qb but if he can’t do that get rid of him

  12. BWAHAHAHAHA. Thanks Jerry.

    Giants (again)
    Redskins (again)
    Eagles (again)

  13. The “d” in Big D stands for drama…Jerry’s fault? sometimes absolutely yes but the media and the fans (or haters) make more out of a lot of things too. If this scenario would have played out in Buffalo or most other cities it would have never been picked up by the media. I wonder if Jerry thinks “the only bad attention is no attention”? I know I would sure welcome less drama/distractions and better football.

  14. Actually NO ONE keeps their play caller under wraps becsuse 98% of NFL have what is called Crodanatiros who perform such task. They keep their schemes under wraps but not the play caller.

    So there you have it, Bill Callahan is the Offensice Crodanatiro of the Cowboys… So, um, Congrats???

  15. Guess I had that coming, I tried a little good natured ribbing, and spelled offensive wrong, doh!

  16. That’s OK Pimpin’, you have one of the best screen names on PFT, I forgive you. 😀

    (“Sterilizecromartie” is second, but he may have to change it to “Sterilize Mike Goodson” now since Cro’s got some good sense these days.)

    It’s no doubt been said many times overall, bot not yet on this post so I will be the one:

    Dear Mr. Jones,

    As the owner of the team, you have the right to do whatever you want with your team that the laws allow. But there is 0 history of an owner in the modern NFL wearing this many hats for his team and succeeding. You have an AFL-early NFL mentality, and that doesn’t work now. So do what Dan Snyder did and sort of fire yourself and turn things over to competent football people.


    an NFL fan

  17. So Jason Garrett not calling the defense and now not calling the offense, just what the hell he gone do? The Dallas Cowboys has become the laughingstock of the NFL, kind of like the jets, its always more about off the field then on.

  18. It’s always nice to watch Jones divide the team all by himself. His inflamed ego, winning those three Super Bowls early in his career, have cost him so much more since.

  19. Honestly I don’t feel good about either Jason or Callahan calling the plays. Jason can’t manage the clock and the over rated Callahan was coaching the worst O line in football last year.

    Just make it interactive and let the fans at the game vote on the next play. Can’t go much worse.

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