Johnny Jolly says he hasn’t taken codeine in 19 months


It had been three years since Johnny Jolly last stepped onto a football field with the Green Bay Packers. That changed Tuesday as Jolly once again stepped on the practice field with the Packers for the team’s mini-camp.

Trouble with drugs (mainly codeine) led to a suspension from the league and jail time for the Packers defensive tackle. He hasn’t played in an NFL game since the 2009 season and still faces an uphill climb to return to game action. But one major change in Jolly’s life has improved the chances of him being able to return to the league.

According to Lori Nickel of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Jolly said Tuesday he hasn’t had codeine in 19 months.

“I haven’t had no codeine in almost two years,” said Jolly. “Probably 19 months. My body feels great. I feel good, ready to play.”

Jolly was arrested twice for possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute as police found 200 and 600 grams of codeine, respectively, in Jolly’s possession in two separate incidents. He was sentenced to six years in prison but released just six months later.

He entered rehabilitation and cleaned up his life before being reinstated by the league in February.

29 responses to “Johnny Jolly says he hasn’t taken codeine in 19 months

  1. Really hoping this rehabilitation sticks. Whether he can make the team again or not.

  2. “I haven’t had no codeine in almost two years,”

    it is kind of funny that this guy is going to make a lot of money this year while i slave away at my cubicle.

  3. You know this guy is clean and serious when he remembers almost to the day he last had codeine…..

    Congrats…..yeah, It’s a dangerously addictive and fun drug.

  4. Go Johnny Go!

    It’s been a long road back.

    We’re pulling for you!

    Hope this works for you.

    (And some friendly advice — stay the heck out of Houston. Nothing there for you but trouble.)

  5. “it is kind of funny that this guy is going to make a lot of money this year while i slave away at my cubicle.”

    It’s kinda (not at all) funny that there are homeless people who would LOVE to “slave away at a cubicle”.

    Someone ALWAYS has it worse than you and your insecurities about your wage have nothing to do with football.

  6. I’m from the Houston same as J jolly, I see the dude out in the clubs some times, much more humble person now. Kudos to you my man good luck on you come back.

  7. They dont pass out codeine in JAIL.
    Jolly is still a junkie and the packers know it. they just wanna try to get something for nothing.

  8. Just proof for the blind faith Packer fans that Green Bay is just like any other team. Don’t get all high and mighty about ‘high character’ players when you have a handful on your roster that prove otherwise, including Mr. Jolly.

  9. An addict is always an addict, an alcoholic is always an alcoholic. It’s a disease that they have to battle daily. 19 months is a long time for an addict to be clean. I’m proud of you Jolly. Make the team and get into the pro bowl buddy. Show these ignorant people who apparently have never had an issue in their lives before that addicts can clean up and contribute.

    The intent to sell is a joke. Dude was a millionaire and he had a bunch of codeine because he was able to buy that much. I doubt he was selling. Get that silver spoon out of your butts and give this guy a chance he is working hard every day to turn his life around.

  10. Bravo Mr. Jolley!! We are so proud of you. You deserve a statue in your honor.

    BTW, I have not abused codeine in my over 40 years of existence. Do I get a round of applause?

    Stay classy Packers

  11. In all probability, he doesn’t make the roster. How many players have taken 3 years off and made a successful comeback? None that I can think of.

    His only shot is with the Vikings to sign him once he gets cut. They love ex-Packers, especially those ex-Packers on the downside of their career. He’ll have to move to Minnesota and play in a 2nd rate stadium but still its the NFL.

  12. Gabbert,
    That was one of the absolute lamest attempts at hummor that I’ve ever seen. Your jokes suck…

  13. There have been seven stories involving the Packers since the last Viking related story, and it was about a punter no longer on their team.

    There is your example of relevancy in the NFL.

  14. “I haven’t had no codeine in almost two years,” said Jolly. “Probably 19 months”

    *golf clap*

    Is that a fact, Mr. Jolly? Well, I’ve never been an addict at all, but you don’t hear me bragging about it.

    ‘Not screwing up recently’ is not the threshold for being awesome. Color me unimpressed.

  15. He also hasn’t dealt with the physical abuse his body will take from playing in the NFL in 3-4 years. That’s a big part of what lead to the codeine in the first place, but if Brett Favre can handle his demons maybe this guy can too.

    Always support an addict trying to recover from themselves no matter what team or whatever else they are affiliated with.

  16. You know your D-line is strong when. It is a nice coincidence though. Roughly same amount of time since the Packers held a team under 100 yards rushing.

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