Lions sign Micheal Spurlock


The Lions showed some interest in Josh Cribbs before Cribbs signed with Oakland and their interest in improving their options in the return game didn’t end when Cribbs chose to wear silver and black in 2013.

That much is clear with the team’s announcement that they have signed wide receiver/kick returner Micheal Spurlock as a free agent. As far as consolation prizes go, the Lions could have done a lot worse.

Spurlock returned both a kickoff and a punt for touchdowns for the Chargers in December of last season. It was his second stint of the year with San Diego as Spurlock started the season with the Chargers before getting waived. The Jaguars picked him up, but wound up waiving him as well and the Chargers decided to bring him back. They got a seven-catch game in addition to the two touchdowns, but Spurlock’s value has long rested in his ability to bust big returns.

Spurlock has five touchdown returns in total for his career, which has also featured stops with the Cardinals, 49ers and Buccaneers before landing in Detroit. The Lions also announced that they have released wide receiver Troy Burrell and tight end Nathan Overbay.

12 responses to “Lions sign Micheal Spurlock

  1. Good luck Mike. He’ll forever be loved by Buc fans for being the first person in franchise history to have a kickoff return TD.

  2. Churning the bottom of the roster. I like that. but some of these guys the Lions are picking up will be just camp bodies. Bring in the best of the rest that you can find to help make the real 53 man roster work harder and get better.

  3. Assuming this guy was cheaper than Cribbs, I think this is a good move. I don’t believe that “return specialist” is a position that you invest a lot of money in. Guys seem fairly interchangeable to me.

  4. It’s nice to see the Lions actively trying to fill needs in the off season. It’s enough to get a guys hopes up … but the Lions always do that to us (sigh).

  5. Lions seem like they are pulling out every potential stop. From kick returners, through the offensive line, to youtube kicking sensations. This team is making some moves. Hopefully they payt off.

  6. The Lions now have like 10 guys that can play ST and not do anything else. The story will be about the one guy that ends up making the roster. It’s like a sports reality contest, and maybe that makes the Lions extra interesting as the choice for Hard Knocks.

  7. It’s so important that we make substantial improvements to our special teams play this year. Our ST coverage has flat out been horrible and has cost us some games last year ~ actually the sloppy ST play lost us a coupke of games outright – need i even mention Logan’s name??? Man, as he awful and to leave him in there the entire year was insanely STUPID. So I’m all in on the renewed focus to enhancing our ST play. Hopefully, this Lions team will stop finding ways to lose close games this year and return to winning these types of games as we did in 2011.

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