Michael Bennett: Rotator cuff isn’t an issue


When the Seahawks added defensive end Michael Bennett as a free agent this offseason, it looked like a case of the rich getting richer.

Seattle had Bruce Irvin heading into his second year and they had already signed Cliff Avril to provide more punch at a spot where the Seahawks hope to get Chris Clemons back from a torn ACL at some point in the regular season. It may have looked like Bennett was gilding the lily, but it hasn’t really turned out that way.

Irvin will miss the first four games of the season while serving a suspension and Avril’s been held out of practice with a foot injury all spring, leaving Bennett as the only Seahawks defensive end who they can count on to be on the field now and on the field in September. It’s far from an ideal situation, made worse by the fact that Bennett’s not entirely healthy.

He played all last season with a torn rotator cuff and is putting off surgery that he will need to have at some point in order to remain on the field. It’s a decision Bennett is confident will work out just fine.

“It’s not an issue at all,” Bennett said, via Eric D. Williams of the Tacoma News Tribune. “I played through it. It’s something that I have to deal with. But it’s not going to stop me from succeeding. It didn’t last year, and it won’t this year.”

Bennett is learning three roles on the defensive line — the weak-side “Leo” and strong-side defensive end positions as well as pass-rushing defensive tackle on third downs — so he should have plenty of opportunities to prove that he’s right about succeeding. If he is, the Seahawks will wind up with the depth they were hoping for when they signed Bennett even if the depth chart stacks up differently than anticipated.

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  1. I have a torn rotator cuff I’ve put off surgery for many years. It’s a VERY BIG deal. No amount of Torodol, will fix a mechanically flawed shoulder

  2. Huge Bennett fan when he was in Tampa. Sat next to his wife and family during a game and they were extremely kind people
    However, people here in Tampa were calling for Mark Dominik’s head when he didnt resign Bennett. But I think this injury is the reason he isn’t wearing a Bucs uniform this season

  3. If this injury ends of being an issue this year it looks like Dominik and the Bucs played their cards right allowing him to become a free agent instead of paying him the big bucks he wanted

  4. 1) Played through it all last year and was extremely effective.

    2)Only cost $5 million on a one year deal

    3)Avril will be fine and good to go in August, I’m not concerned about a guy missing OTAs

    4)The Seahawks “looked like a “juggernaut” in November, December, and January of last season, prior to all these signings. Clemons is hurt, but they also added Percy and have RW coming back with a years experience. The offseason didn’t MAKE this team, drafting and developing between 2010 and 2012 did. Seattle will be fine, and have no projected major injury concerns that will last past October (besides McCoy).

  5. i never saw a injury gets better without repairing it. it only gets worse. when the injury would be a nobrainer, the bucs would resigned him. the seahawks gambled and lst.

  6. 5 million dollars for a guy who had 10 sacks last year isn’t exactly gambling. Fans of former teams always use the “we’re better off without him” when a guy chooses elsewhere to play. We are happy to have him back and I know he will be a more versatile, more talented Jason Jones who we lost to Detroit.

  7. This guy says the Seahawks gambled and lost! HA! Not much of a gamble paying a guy $5 mil for one season, especially since he wanted the big bucks. Such low risk, high reward. And it’s funny how he’s already claiming they “lost” when preseason hasn’t even hit yet. Must be able to tell the future.

  8. @Wilson1914- Being as we signed him to a 1 year $5M contract I guess he didn’t get the big bucks from us either, lol!!! The guy probably just wanted to play for an actual contender, haha!

  9. “gambled and lost” assumes facts not in evidence. Bennett is another in a sizable sample of above-market talent signed at a below-market prices by the Seahawks the last couple of years. Do Bucs fans really believe they wouldn’t be better by re-signing Bennett to a 1-year $5M deal? I’d say the bigger gamble is on the Bucs behalf for sacrificing D-line talent to add Revis and Goldson. Revis better be back to form this year, or the Bucs will find out what SF already knew…Goldson isn’t nearly as good as he seemed because he was surrounded by a great defense that covered up his weaknesses.

  10. Better to be in pain and playing for a contender, than to be in pain and have even more pain watching the schlubs wearing the same red uni as you. The Bucs have got Revis, the be-all and end- all CB of the World (according to him). You don’t need Bennett and we do. If you noticed we also got some new guys in the draft. I’m not worried about Michael.

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