PFT on NBCSN: Donovan McNabb, Lawrence Taylor, Giants/Eagles Mt. Rushmores

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We’ll be unveiling the four faces chosen to represent the Giants in our series of Mt. Rushmores for each team in the NFL and it would be a monumental surprise if Lawrence Taylor isn’t one of them.

Taylor will join Erik Kuselias on Tuesday’s Pro Football Talk on NBCSN to share his thoughts about the most meaningful faces in the history of a franchise that Taylor helped to two Super Bowl titles while wreaking havoc on quarterbacks across the NFL. We’ll also be unveiling the names chosen to represent the Giants’ NFC East rivals from Philadelphia, but it’s less certain whether our other guest will be taking up residence on that Mt. Rushmore.

That’s okay, though, because Donovan McNabb has given us plenty of other things to talk about in recent days. McNabb’s shared some thoughts about Robert Griffin III that he’ll talk to Erik Kuselias about on Tuesday in addition to a conversation about the most meaningful players in the history of the Eagles franchise.

It all gets started at 5 p.m. ET on NBCSN.

10 responses to “PFT on NBCSN: Donovan McNabb, Lawrence Taylor, Giants/Eagles Mt. Rushmores

  1. if LT ain’t 1ST then yer list is BOGUS at best. this is from a very big skins fan.

  2. sorry buy mcnabb didnt make it on my list. i like him but theres 4 other eagles i think belong there befor he does. i can not believe wilbert montgomery is not there. he ran all over the nfc east back than.

  3. I’m sure Donovan thinks he’s one of the 4 best Eagles of all time. Just like not knowing the OT rules, I don’t think he knows how good some of the Eagles who came before him were. He probably also wouldn’t admit that at least of his teammates, Brian Dawkins, was a much better safety than he was a quarterback.

  4. The only legitimate knock anyone can make on McNabb is that he never won a Super Bowl, while most everything else is entirely unwarranted. Donovan has had to endure a seemingly endless smear campaign ever since he was booed on draft day, and somehow this continuously vicious “ganging up on” has extended outside of his football career. Is it truly that empowering to join the hateful masses in degrading someone just for the sake putting them down?

    McNabb ALWAYS takes the high road, and I’ve never known any other high-character athlete to receive such constant hatred and belittling. If this is truly all you have to share about this guy than that doesn’t speak too well for our own character.

    ..but it’s way too easy to jump on the bully-bandwagon instead of actually taking note of the fact that you’re acting like incompetent, callous fools.

  5. Giants:

    LT, Parcells, Eli, Toss up between: Strahan, Simms, Coughlan, Carson

    Eagles: Reggie White, Mcnaab, Toss up between: Jaws, Dawkins, Cunningham,Vermeil, Buddy Ryan, Van Buren

  6. I like the Nfl MR idea… Lombardi, Walter Payton, Jerry rice, Tom Brady.

    You really would have to have one for D and O with no coaches or owners.
    D- LT, Ray Lewis, Deacon Jones, mean Joe Greene

    O- Walter, rice, Brady, unitas

  7. Brady on the NFL MR, great player, but really, over Montana, Bradshaw? He gets another ring, maybe u think about it, but the more I think about it, Elway, Starr, Baugh, before Brady

  8. NFL M.R. – Lombardi, Montana, L.T., Jim Brown

    There, you have the immortals in all phases of the game plus Montana, arguably the best QB ever. I wouldn’t have a problem subbing out Montana for Unitas.

    To the Brady lover…..No doubt he’s great but he’s not the first player that pops in my head when I think of NFL immortality.

  9. @captainwisdom

    “always takes the high road”, really? Isn’t this the guy that called shots taken at him “black on black crime”?

    “most everything else is entirely unwarranted” really? the guy couldn’t hit the side of a barn. His career completion % speaks for itself. He has artificially inflated numbers, because Reid threw the ball 50+ times every game.

    His numbers speak for themselves. In the era he played, he was an above average QB. Nothing more, nothing less. He doesn’t have a single stat you could point to for greatness except his W-L. That is more a product of the team than a product of him, if you need evidence, look at his experience (if you want to call it that) when he needs a score late in a game. I’m not saying he’s garbage, as an Eagles fan I’ve done more defending of him than most. But he’s only had maybe 2 years where he was a top QB

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