Ray Lewis, Ed Reed will attend Ravens’ White House ceremony


Several members of last year’s Ravens who are no longer with the team have decided not to attend the Super Bowl champions’ White House ceremony on Wednesday. But the two best defensive players in franchise history will be there.

Ray Lewis, who retired after the Super Bowl, and Ed Reed, who signed with the Texans as a free agent, will attend the ceremony, according to the Baltimore Sun.

Brendon Ayanbadejo, who was cut by the Ravens after the season and is now a free agent, is also expected to attend. But Reed may be the only player in attendance who’s now a member of another team. He is currently recovering from hip surgery and can’t do much on-field work for the Texans anyway.

Anquan Boldin, Bernard Pollard, Paul Kruger, Sean Considine, Dennis Dixon and Cary Williams are among the players who were on the team last year but are no longer with the Ravens and will not be at the White House.

12 responses to “Ray Lewis, Ed Reed will attend Ravens’ White House ceremony

  1. Well, of all of those guys, it means the most to those two.

    It’s been a long time a’comin. Eddy n Ray wouldn’t miss it for the World.

  2. Did anybody expect Ray Lewis to pass on the chance to cry in front of the White House press corps? These opportunities don’t come by everyday.

  3. Great. Now ray can cry on the white house lawn and meet the president while knocking a couple items off his bucket list………….

  4. Cary Williams too. Me thinks that these players think that the organization has no class.

  5. Thats a long list of guys who cant get past personal issues with people in the organization to attend a once in a lifetime event. Makes you wonder just how bad things got in Baltimore and how much that SB Ring covered up a lot of problems within in the organization.

    “I cant be in the same room as certain people” – Bernard Pollard.

  6. Thanks for including Dennis Dixon on the list! Ravens Nation has been wondering if the former practice squad great would be making the trip!

  7. Steeley McBeam says:
    Jun 4, 2013 9:43 AM
    “I cant be in the same room as certain people” – Bernard Pollard.
    says the guy who’s played for 4 teams in 5 years… Pollard is the only one holding a grudge, the other guys are busy getting up to speed with their new teams i don’t blame them.

  8. Yet all of the Players not Attending the Whitehouse trip will still gladly have their Rings Sent to them, as i am sure they all confirmed their new addresses

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