Report: Browns being “ultra cautious” with Richardson


We mentioned earlier the report that Browns running back Trent Richardson could be held out until August, and the more details that come out, the more worrisome it sounds.’s Will Burge reported that the team feared the initial leg injury could develop into a stress fracture.

He has since updated that report, saying that a source close to Richardson invoked the name of Louisville basketball player Kevin Ware (of the grotesque broken leg during the NCAA tournament) as the worst-case scenario.

The source said the team was being “ultra-cautious,” with the injury, leading them to hold him out of the mandatory minicamp. Several outlets have mentioned that he was on a stationary bike today.

Burge’s report also mentioned that Richardson has been having migraines, and the medication coupled with his lack of full work in the weight room has caused him to lose weight in the last two weeks.

None of that does anything to buffer Richardson’s claim that he’s not going to be injury prone this year.

UPDATE 1:06 p.m. ET: Browns coach Rob Chudzinski said he expects Richardson to be ready for the first day of training camp, which happens to be July 28. Richardson, however, did not talk to reporters Tuesday to address the report.

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  1. This is the risk/reward with drafting skill positions extremely high. Sometimes you get AP and sometimes you get Kijana Carter. And that is why smart teams will continue to fill the RB position (esp in the pass happy NFL) with late rounders. It’s a shame bc TRich is a crazy talent.

  2. And the beat goes on for the Browns. Wow, fears of a stress fracture. In other words, he may be on the edge of being out for the year. Will Burge doesn’t put this out there without having real info. He’s a straight-shooter on the Browns beat. No wonder they’ve been loading up on RBs. Hardesty is injure-prone, too, with two major ACLs in his past. Turner’s passing game better work or this offense will struggle again.

  3. Just a shame for the Browns. They were so pumped about Trent too. Remember tho, they were rumored to need a WR so they could have drafted Blackmon instead so thats somthing to be grateful for. No career due to injury is a little more respected than no career due to being banned from the league due to substance abuse, and arrests. That’s my positive spin to Trent looking like a bust for 3rd overall (and they traded up for him, but I’m trying to remain positive).

  4. I don’t think Kevin Ware was anywhere near any stationary bike right afterwards. In fact, he still may not be. Can we calm down with the sensationalism? Kevin Ware had a joint in his lower leg where he should not have had a joint. This in no way applies.

  5. Precautionary at this point. Chud said he could have gone today, but the strained shin muscle could lead to a stress fracture, so why risk it now? get him healed and ready for training camp and the season.

  6. “… having migraines, and the medication coupled with his lack of full work in the weight room…”

    Fat, short and injured is no way to go through life son…

  7. There’s a good reason that the new regime did not wish to retain Holmgren or Heckert. Did not draft well at all.

  8. He’ll pull through, he’s one of those physical phenomenons like AP and RGIII with superhuman athletic ability that leads to quick healing.

    At least I hope so because I’m a huge Browns fan and I would love to see him/them have a winning season this year. Everything is looking up so far and if TRich is back at 100% on opening day that would be a huge boost for them.

  9. @ Kaz 12 td 950 rushing yds and 50+ catches as a rookie with broken ribs is hardly a bust. Keep diggin fools, this guy is tough as hell.

  10. Trent seems to be a good kid. Having said that, Holmgren is a sham for not making the RGIII trade happen. I’m surprised more local and national media have not pounded this point. The Browns had two first round picks for the draft and could have made a huge bid. The QB search continues…

  11. hmmm, Doug Martin or Trent Richardson…Who will have the longer more productive career?

  12. I always found him overrated because of the talk of him being the best back to come out of college since Adrian Peterson.

    If he was why was Mark Ingram starting ahead of him and why was there no talk of him looking like a NFL tailback as a freshman?

  13. Some fear he has a Kevin Ware injury? You mean it isn’t known wether he has a compound fracture or not? That stuff is pretty hard to hide?!?!?

  14. Never mind re-read it a couple times. They fear that could happen? That had to be a pathological no bone breaks like that just from repeated stress. Unless Trent has something wrong with his bones I wouldn’t worry about that one.

  15. Calling it similar to Kevin ware’s injury is ridiculous. Chances are someone would have noticed his leg snap in half…

  16. I guess it’s hard for some people to use this crazy new invention called the “INTERNET” to look up information before they comment on things. The Rams chose the Redskins because they wanted 1st round picks in three straight drafts instead of two. The offers were almost identical but the Rams thought Washington’s offer was better.

  17. “…first week of June and shorts/t-shirt practice… ”

    “…He’ll pull through, he’s one of those physical phenomenons…”

    “…a rookie with broken ribs is hardly a bust… this guy is tough as hell.”

    So a tough as hell physical phenomenon hurts himself so bad at a shorts & t-shirts practice, so much so that he can’t even do anymore shorts & t-shirt practicing until August, and you dog-brained Clevelanders think he’s the greatest running back ever? The little man is a big B-U-S-T.

  18. in other words,if this was game time he would be playing. we all know u hated the drafting of him in the top 5. now u get your jollies when ever he scratches himself. enough, we all know u hate the guy already

  19. Owner possibly looking at doing some time in the joint and now the new face of the franchise is a china doll.

    The factory of sadness marches on.

  20. Why isn’t this guy’s nickname “Thud-Butt”? He’s all growed up, Peter Pan.

  21. Owner possibly looking at doing some time in the joint and now it’s revealed that the new face of the franchise is a china doll.

    The factory of sadness marches on.

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