Report: Trent Richardson out until August


Browns running back Trent Richardson said last week that he wasn’t going to become injury prone, as if he got to decide.

Now, it appears the Browns are going to give him time to recover, just in case it happens to be beyond his control.

According to Will Burge of, Richardson will be held out until August, because the team fears that his recent leg injury could turn into a stress fracture.

Getting problems cleared up in June, before they become a bigger deal in September, is always the smart way to do business. But no matter how much Richardson wants to deny it, the accumulated problems begin looking like a trend at a certain point.

14 responses to “Report: Trent Richardson out until August

  1. He and Kaepernick are my franchise players. Not a good few weeks for my 2013 season …

  2. Man did Holmgren screw up that team! Did he draft anyone of value? Combine that w/ his time as the GM/coach of the Seahawks and maybe we can see that the HoF isn’t for him.

  3. Man, my Browns can’t catch a break. A stress fracture, now? It seems more and more that Alabama running backs are not able to do it in the NFL because they aren’t drafted with their mammoth college offensive line. Sadly he is looking like an injury-prone guy already. What luck we have in Cleveland.

  4. Three numbers:

    Attempts: 267
    Yards: 950
    Average YPC: 3.6

    Overrated. I know he had 11 touchdowns, but you could give the ball to any NFL running back and they can manage that with a few blocks. Pretty sure even BJGE had better production and he’s as slow as hellllllll

  5. Moral of the story. NEVER draft a running back in the top 5 (or the 1st round for that matter now).

  6. Some conflicting reports about this. One said he suffered a strained shin muscle when a teammate stepped on it on OTAs a couple weeks ago. Another said he has shin splints.

    But there is no stress fracture, they are concerned the muscle injury could LEAD TO a stress fracture.

    He missed one game in his rookie year. I don’t think, at this point, “injury prone” is fair just yet. But it would be nice to hear just once he’s 100% healthy.

  7. Stress fractures are nothing to play with. My ankles have been stress fractured 14 combined times. The Doctor told me after the first I would have been better off with a clean break. That way, the bone fuses itself back together during the healing process. With a stress fracture, you NEVER get back to 100%.
    Good luck kid. Sorry Browns fans.

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