Revis not cleared to practice, yet


Buccaneers cornerback Darrelle Revis previously received clearance to run and cut on his new ACL.  He has yet to obtain clearance to practice.

Revis remains certain he will.

I’m confident,” Revis said Tuesday, via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times.  “I’m cutting.  [Bucs trainer Todd Toriscelli] might tell me to slow down a little bit but I’m going full tilt and I’m cutting because I’m feeling good.  Cutting and running and doing what I have to do. . . .  I think the biggest thing is making sure I’m 100 percent when I step out there with the guys, my teammates, and we go out there and play some great football.”

That happens against the Jets, back in New York.  A scheduling quirk that shows the league office has a sense of irony and/or humor.

Revis also have gotten a sense of gloom and/or doom as he has rehabbed.

“I heard a million ACL stories from people around the league and non-football players,” Revis said.  “You hear them all.  You hear the tragedies and everybody says it’s a pain, and it’s a long process.  It’s usually six months to a year and some people recover faster and some people don’t.  It takes time.”

The fans don’t pay much attention to the tragedies, but for every Adrian Peterson there’s at least one Domonique Foxworth.  Peterson came back better than ever after a torn ACL; Foxworth had to retire.

While Revis seems to be at this point much closer to Peterson than Foxworth, it’s impossible to know that he’ll be 100 percent until he gets on the field and plays.  Of course, Revis at least than 100 percent would still be pretty good.

12 responses to “Revis not cleared to practice, yet

  1. Given the type of lucrative contract Revis commands, and the fact that he may never be the same player again after this injury, the Bucs will realize in time that investing into this guy was a big mistake. If you actually think Tampa Bay made the right move by bringing him in than you’re probably assuming he’s going to play close to the level he did in the past…which is highly unlikely. I would have leaned more towards taking a less-expensive, younger cornerback with fresh legs and a long future ahead of him.

  2. Captainwisdom

    I guess it was a good idea to invest in both revis AND the younger cb w fresh legs, huh?

  3. @captainwisdom8888,

    I would agree with you to some extent but he basically got 6 (1 year contracts) with no guaranteed money. No real investment since they are still around 16 million under the cap. Best case, he is back to being the best corner in the league and worth the money, if he is not they can cut ties and move on with no long term hit to the team.

  4. toosharp23 says: Jun 4, 2013 3:18 PM

    I would agree with you to some extent but he basically got 6 (1 year contracts) with no guaranteed money.


    I love how people still parrot the “No Guaranteed Money!” talking point.

    First, they’re not going to cut him before Week 1 this year, so that’s $16M guaranteed when he’s on the roster, whether he’s playing or not.

    Second, they’re not going to cut Revis one season after giving up the 13th overall for him. So that’s basically 2 seasons and $32M guaranteed.

    Anything after 2014 is not guaranteed, but at the end of the day, the Bucs are at LEAST guaranteeing Revis $32M when this is all said and done. And that’s not even assuming he hold out for more guaranteed money after this season.

  5. That’s a lot of assumptions there pftfan.

    Of course they’re not going to cut him this year and why would they? He’s ahead of the healing curve and just being precautionary @ this point. Sorry no smoke and mirrors here and he’ll suit up week 1.
    Haters such as yourself always parrot “he’s gonna hold out!!!” How do you know this? Don’t forget that he’s surrounded by a promising group and won’t have to carry the load alone on this team. If he does prove worthy then the door is open to restructure his contract down the road. This is the more likely scenario. His reputation as a malcontent is solely because of his having to deal with the epitome of pooch-screwing organizations that is the New York Jets.

  6. I hope try can beat more than one team with a winning record this year! Last year’s schedule was pretty soft compared to this year, so it won’t be easy… lost Winslow, Blount, Talib and for some reason brought back that terrible CB from the Lions. Lots of injured players and confidence issues from the Glazers on Josh Freeman. I guess we will have to wait and see. I think ESPN has them ranked 19th or 20th now after the Revis trade? Guess an injured Revis is better then what they had.

  7. pb420,

    When Revis was a rookie he was negotiating his contract as the 14th pick. The year he was drafted, all picks up through 17 got 5 year deals. Revis was being advised by his uncle Sean Gilbert, a former NFL player who himself was once in an acrimonious contract dispute, and held out an entire season to get paid. Revis, who was prepared to sit, insisted on a four year deal. This was his entitlement before he ever played a down in the NFL. Though it’s nice to blame all the past squabbles on the organization, the fact is that Revis has been doing this before he even arrived at any “pooch screwing” organizations. The Jets, ironically enough, ended up making the right move by getting him on the field, but they had to give him a better deal than the 13th pick got. The people saying “he’s gonna hold out” don’t know it’s going to happen — they’re simply basing their predictions on Revis’ behavior. When dealing with Revis, it’s a far greater assumption to think that he won’t hold out.

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