Bears to workout Trent Edwards, Jordan Palmer along with JaMarcus Russell


The Chicago Bears are bringing in former Oakland Raiders No. 1 overall pick JaMarcus Russell for a tryout this week but he won’t be the only quarterback to get a look from the Bears.

According to Dan Pompei of the Chicago Tribune, the Bears will also workout former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Trent Edwards and former Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Jordan Palmer.

The Bears’ interest in the trio appears to be just due diligence in having a list of players ready to call upon in case an injury were to arise. The team seems fairly set at quarterback with Josh McCown and Matt Blanchard behind starter Jay Cutler.

Edwards has started 33 games and completed 60.9-percent of his passes in his six seasons in the league. He has thrown 26 touchdowns and 30 interceptions.

Palmer has appeared in just four games in his NFL career. He’s completed 10 of 15 passes for 59 yards and two interceptions.

21 responses to “Bears to workout Trent Edwards, Jordan Palmer along with JaMarcus Russell

  1. I remember an ESPN segment (I think it was ’08) where they were discussing the Bills and their 4-1 start and saying how Trent Edwards was the “real deal” and “you’ve gotta consider Trent for MVP this year”…and then someone dropped a 16 ton anvil on his head or whatever and he simply fell off of the grid. Just circlin’ some wagons I guess…

    (Good Luck Trent!)

  2. Due Diligence, as defined by Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith…Caleb Hanie.

  3. Listen, I have a business idea if things don’t work out for JaMarcus in Chicago. Why not have JaMarcus and Tebow form a partnership and use Jay-Z as their agent to produce a brand new style of fusion called Christian Hip Hop. I’ve already written a song for their first album that I titled “Purple Drank is a Sacred Communion”.

  4. Jordan Palmer spent a lot of time with the Bagels, in a blatant attempt by management to keep their pouty then-QB happy by giving his less talented brother a job.

    And he may be the best of these three.

    However, you can’t blame Duh Bears for looking for depth at quarterback. It wasn’t so long ago that Jay Cutler got hurt in the NFC championship game and they had to turn to–Caleb Hanie.

  5. don’t see the downside in bringing russell in for a lookie loo. if it has a 1% chance of working, you try it. the locker room and his arm will decide if he can stick around.

  6. Behind Cutler, I’d honestly take Russell over any of the other four QBs. If JaMarcus actually starts giving a fu ck…oh man…look out.

  7. Wait…You mean if we space between letters it’s okay to swear? Well, da mn!

  8. The problem with Russell isn’t only physically, he’s as dumb as a box of rocks too.

  9. Trent Edwards is the exact opposite of Jay Cutler.. He has limited arm strength and takes no chances. If he ends up under center Bears fans should be prepared for dump offs and lots of quick slants. The guy is all brain no heart

  10. Emery shouldnt bring that clown show to Chicago. Edwards might be ok.. but Trestmen has too much to do with installing the new offense for those kind of distractions

  11. When writing an article about 3 QB’s, why include career stats for 2 of them and not the 3rd? ….just sayin

  12. russell is a headcase the bears do not need. I would take edwards out of those 3. I mean he can’t be worse than hanie or campbell can he? 2 of the worst backup qb’s in the history of the NFL. still blows my mind the browns think campbell can be their starting qb and are excited abut about they ship wheeden to the bears to be the backup and solve 2 problems at once. it would stabilize the bears backup qb problem and let campbell help the browns get next years number 1 pick.

  13. Id say sign one of these 3 to a 1 year deal so Trestman can work a bit more with Blanchard.

  14. As popular as it is to throw Russell under the bus, I want to see him succeed. He’s dropped the weight back down to his original playing weight. He’s been working with coaches to sharpen his skills. He can throw the ball a country mile. He’s big enough to shrug off tacklers.

    I wouldn’t mind the Steelers bringing him in, giving him a personal QB coach that works on his accuracy and takes him to the film room to study, and generally shows him how to be a QB. Charlie Batch would be perfect for that. He’s got the same size and down field throwing ability as Ben, but no where near as much wear and tear. If he can clean up the mental portion of his game the guy might just turn out to be a beast.

  15. Who do you want to be the Chicago Bears 3rd string QB?
    A. Jamarcus Russell
    B. Trent Edwards
    C. Jordan Palmer
    D. None of the Above

    D is the correct answer. This takes me back to high school where None of the Above is a correct answer.

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