Cardinals coach taken from field to heart surgery


Cardinals quarterbacks coach Freddie Kitchens had to be taken to the hospital for heart surgery Tuesday, after falling ill at OTAs.

The Cardinals issued a statement on the situation, saying Kitchens began felling poorly during Tuesday’s practice. He was dizzy and light-headed, and trainers determined he should be taken to the hospital for more tests.

Once there, a CT scan showed a defect in his aorta which required immediate surgery at the Arizona Heart Institute.

The doctors who performed the surgery said it went well, and Kitchens’ prognosis was good.

He’s probably fortunate he was in a place full of medical professionals, and our hope is that he returns to health soon.

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18 responses to “Cardinals coach taken from field to heart surgery

  1. This transcends football and any team loyalties. Our focus should be on his full recovery. Get well soon, coach.

  2. Crazy. Glad to hear he has a good prognosis and hope he makes a full and speedy recovery.

    He appears to be very lucky they caught this before it became any worse

  3. Scary. That can hit anyone at any time, and like the article says, luckily he was fortunate enough to be around doctors at the time. Sending well wishes to a speedy recovery.

  4. Great news! Get well soon Freddie… I’ve had something SIMILAR happen 2 yrs ago. It WILL change your life! You’re going to have a “Real serious talk w/yourself shortly if you haven’t had it ALREADY, and you’ll not only ENJOY life more… You’ll slow down and actually SEE life happening in the world. It will CHANGE your view of the world as well! You won’t sweat the SMALL crap anymore and you’ll start to see what’s REALLY important to you!

    Get well soon Freddie, but LISTEN to your Dr’s advice and FOLLOW it

  5. For everyone’s info who may be concerned, the Arizona Heart Institute is one of very best in the world and luckily, if the reports are accurate that he got operated on before any rupture, he will be in full recovery real soon and even possibly ready for full time duty by training camp.

    Yes, Freddie is indeed fortunate to have had the very best in medical care available and quickly at that.

  6. Oddly enough , the same exact thing just happened to a coworker of mine last week ; sitting at his desk apparently fine – in emergency surgery hours later for a ruptured aorta …

    Life is an amazingly fragile gift . Get well soon coach !

  7. FYI to all non-medical people and the PR staff of the AZ Cardinals:

    The aorta is not apart of the heart, it is an artery that happens to connect to the heart. Therefore, it is NOT considered “heart surgery”. As the aorta gets smaller, we call them arteries > arterioles > capillaries.
    Also, having a defect in the aorta is a misnomer. To have emergency surgery, you either have an aneurysm or a tear in the aorta, NOT, a defect. If you classify a weakening of the lining of the aorta a defect, then we are all defective since the body will age over time.

  8. This is a really scary thing to happen to someone, but he’s lucky that it happened in a place where there were trainers and team doctors present who recognized his symptoms and were able to get him help immediately. Get well soon, Freddie

  9. Scary stuff! To feel “ill”, get taken to the hospital and find out its his heart! Football becomes a far distant second for a man under such circumstances. I’m sure that everyone in the NFCWest and myself, send our best wishes for a speedy and full recovery.

  10. The Arizona heat that they’re practicing in over in Tempe certainly doesn’t help either. For players or coaches. Hope the Bidwells go through with indoor practice facilities for the sake of all involved with the team. Best of luck to Coach Kitchens though

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