Chris Johnson: I know I have another 2,000-yard season in me

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In the last three years, Titans running back Chris Johnson hasn’t even come close to equaling his 2009 season, when he gained 2,006 yards. But Johnson is sure he can.

Johnson said on Jim Rome’s radio show that he is confident he can have 2,000 yards in a season again, and that he can lead the Titans to the playoffs.

“I know I have another 2,000 yard season in me,” Johnson said. “I would love to get 2,000 yards again, but I haven’t been to the playoffs since my rookie year, I want to get back there.”

Johnson also reiterated that he didn’t like the Titans’ decision to add running back Shonn Greene, who is expected to take away some of Johnson’s carries near the goal line. But Johnson said he can give up a few touchdowns if Greene comes into the game after Johnson has marched the Titans down the field.

“At the end of the day you want to stay in there,” Johnson said. “[But] I’d rather have 2,000 yards than have 20 touchdowns, so you got to take the good with the bad.”

Taking the good with the bad describes what the Titans have had with Johnson, who is capable of breathtaking big plays but is also capable of some absolutely terrible games. He’ll have to cut way back on those terrible games — and make a few more of those big plays — to reach 2,000 yards.

61 responses to “Chris Johnson: I know I have another 2,000-yard season in me

  1. just shut up already, you haven’t done jack since you got paid..Peterson is a FAR better RB than this clown

  2. The fact that CJ gets crapped all over when he says he can do it, and Peterson gets praised for his confidence when he says he can get 2,500 is just mind boggling.

  3. What a clown this guy.

    I truly click on the links because I want to read the comments about him more than what he has to say.

    But to say he’d rather have 2000 yards which don’t necessarily help his team than have 20 td’s which directly puts points on the board for his team says all you need to know about this D.B.

  4. Johnson gets paid, doesn’t do jack.

    Peterson gets paid, gets hurt, comes back and nearly breaks “THE” record.

    Remember when Johnson used to be compared in the same breath as Peterson?

    Johnson needs to shut his mouth and let his play do the talking.

  5. Same old CJ keeps running his mouth. Just shut up and play you have got the money and since then have done very little.Man you are real team player with all this me me me crap.

  6. What am I missing? Did the NFL change the point system? Doesn’t the team with the most points win meaning that TD’s are more important than yards? What a clown.

  7. I’ve been a Titans fan since 1997 when the team arrived in Tennessee. I love this team. And I’m telling you, I am so OVER Chris Johnson. Here are just a few of the backs I wish were Titans instead of him: Adrian Peterson, Alfred Morris, Marshawn Lynch, Jamaal Charles, Doug Martin, Arian Foster, Stevan Ridley, C.J. Spiller, Frank Gore, Ray Rice, Matt Forte, and the list goes on.

  8. “At the end of the day you want to stay in there,” Johnson said. “[But] I’d rather have 2,000 yards than have 20 touchdowns, so you got to take the good with the bad.”

    You are supposed to say you would rather have 11 team wins than 2,000 yards and 20 touchdowns.

  9. If he doesn’t get 2K this year there will be nobody to blame but himself after all the upgrades and aquisitions to our line and offensive unit…..

    Go Blue!

  10. LOL, I caught a few seconds of that interview and was wondering who the heck Jim Rome was talking to. I actually thought it might have been a prank call. No one will convince me that Chris Johnson has ever attended a single college class.

  11. Wow – this latest assessment seems far more subdued than his 2010 prediction that he’d rush for over 2,500 yards.

  12. Not a fan of CJ at all but why does Peterson get praised for setting a goal and when CJ does it he’s criticized? Don’t get me wrong Peterson is a much better back, but CJ is capable of running for 2000 yards again with a good offensive line.

  13. It is clear that all of the commenters on here are idiots. He has been in the league for 5 years and has gone over 1,000 yards in all of them. He has a 2,000 yard season. Heck if you look at the stats he has more yards in his first 5 years than Barry Sanders had and the same yards per carry. I am not saying he’s Barry Sanders but he is no shlub either. And if you watch the games his offensive line ever since he got paid has been terrible at run blocking. It is obvious that there are just a bunch of fantasy football players on here who are mad that CJ didn’t score 300 points for them in the last few seasons and therefore he must be terrible in real life.

  14. I’m a die hard Titans fan and live in nashville and I agree with all of you that he needs to focus on wins instead of individual numbers but those of you who say he’s garbage and is a one year wonder should go look up his stats and then come chime in on the convo. This guy has rushed for 1228, 2006, 1364, 1047, and 1243 since he’s been in the league, and not to mention a crap line last year, and the best qb he’s ever played with was.kerry collens. Everyone on the opposing defense knows who’s getting the ball especially while britt was out. I’m a homer yes!! But I’d still take johnson over most backs in the league, he may be dumb and selfish but this boy can play , lets see.what he do this year with a bunch of weapons, a renovated line and a playbook that will revolve around the team and not just him. Defenses can’t put 8 in the box now especially with wright, britt, nate, and hunter.

  15. “I’d rather have 2,000 yards than have 20 touchdowns”

    Yards are more important than points in the NFL now? Good to know…

  16. Almost everyone on here is coming down on Chris Johnson, but I bet half of you chumps can’t do what he does athletically on the field so stop hating behind the keyboard.

  17. maybe in a video game – but not in real life – unless runnin’ your mouth counts for yardage…

  18. I could see that.

    It’s not like he instantly got slow.
    If this guy gets a gap, he’s long gone.

  19. Although he won’t likely have another 2,000-yard season and got off to a slow start last year, let’s not act like he’s a bum: A 4.5-yard average for 1,243 yards and 36 receptions for 232 yards isn’t bad.

  20. He runs for over 2000 yds and never thanks or says nothing about his offensive line, but last yr when he was getting negative yds and thrown back behind the line he constantly blamed and threw his offensive line under the bus. Now wants to question why the titans bring in another RB? I’m sure your making S. Green feel comfortable. Has anybody ever told CJ that there’s no I in team. One player is not going to get you to the playoffs. Can for once Chris can you be a team player??

  21. …and for the record not hating on CJ. He is a rare talent. I’m just saying he needs to be more of a team player. He will soon realize that the titans are not gonna give him 25-30 carries a game every game. Bringing in S.Green they want and are gonna try having a more balanced running game. CJ is not a bruiser type back. He is not good at being a every down back.

  22. So the homers are defending Johnson and blaming the line. Surely you could make the case that the line deserves to get paid and not Johnson then. Any running back can gain lots of yards when the guys up front open gigantic holes.

    I’m not saying he’s awful because he’s clearly a very good back, just not elite.

  23. “Almost everyone on here is coming down on Chris Johnson, but I bet half of you chumps can’t do what he does athletically on the field so stop hating behind the keyboard.”

    This might be the dumbest comment in this section. Uh, no crap half of the people on here cant be a world class athlete…I’d say 99.9% of the people on here couldnt be on the practice squad of an NFL team.

    In any case, the hate on CJ is because of his stupidity. He puts himself above the team…and the comment that he prefers 2000 yards over 20 TDs shows that.

  24. 2009 stat for CJ

    First 6 games with collins under the center. 596 yards (99.3 Yds/gm)

    Last 10 games with Young as QB, 1410 total yards (141 yds/gm)

    The reality is that CJ2K was helped by vince young on this year. Lot of option play, defense were focusing a lot on Young abilities to scramble and then BANG, lateral to Johnson. Defense were simply helpless.

    Bring a OK qb with scrambling habilities, maybe Johnson will have another shot at the 2000 yards.

  25. “I really would like to get 2000 yards, so that incentives in my contract will kick in and I’ll get more money.”

    “…..oh yeah, playoffs would be nice too…forgot about that.”

  26. Earth to Chris and all his gold teef…….You are not good at gaining yards after contact. In fact, you fall down when a tackler is close.

    The only way you will gain 2k in a season again is on Madden.

    You probably won’t be the starting RB by mid-season anyway.

    Can’t hold Peterson’s jock………

  27. titansfannb says: Jun 5, 2013 7:40 AM

    The fact that CJ gets crapped all over when he says he can do it, and Peterson gets praised for his confidence when he says he can get 2,500 is just mind boggling.

    duece5 says:

    No…..what IS mind-boggling that you compare Peterson to Johnson.

    Peterson is on his way to the Hall of Fame…….Johnson had one season with a great line that he had a lot of untouched runs……..3 YERARS AGO!!!!!! You have seen his “skills” that last 3 years, and YOU should be appalled.

    Johnson isn’t even a top 10 back in the league…….

  28. So stop talking about it, stop with the weird head-twitching thing and just DO it already. Every year it’s the same drivel out of this guy.

  29. Thought I’d chime in again with some stats… Johnson is 1 of 8 rb in history to run for 5 1, 000 yard season or more to begin there career ,joing the likes of b sanders, corey dillon, curtis martin, eddie george, dickerson, tomlinson, and tony dorsett , not a bad list to be on . Also cj is tied for the most ypc (4.7) on that list as well and tied for fifth with 6682 rushing yards.

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