Clark Hunt can see a new energy in Andy Reid


Chiefs chairman Clark Hunt’s not ready to predict a Super Bowl, but he is clearly excited about the prospects for his team.

And much of that optimism stems from the excitement he sees from coach Andy Reid.

While it would be too easy to retell the burned-out Philadelphia coach comes to placid Kansas City for mental health and football story, Hunt said he does see a new energy from Reid. The new coach is more hands-on in practice, stopping segments to instruct if need be.

“One of the things he mentioned to me during our interview back in January was how excited he was to get back to coaching,” Hunt said, via Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star. “He had worked his way out of coaching and had become a manager with the Eagles and he wanted to get back on the field and working primarily with the offense.

“It’s been fun to see him do that. Watching him on the field and watching him work with the players, I think that confidence is rubbing off on them.”

Stepping away from the Eagles job has to have been a degree of relief, as the expectations are lower — the Chiefs have been even worse than the Eagles were last year. But Reid’s trying to raise that level as well.

“Andy Reid put a standard on us when he first walked into the meeting room,” longtime linebacker Derrick Johnson said. “It’s to win a championship and it you’re playing for anything else, you’re not doing justice to the game.

“You never look at it as a rebuilding year. That’s college talk. You always reload.”

And Reid, apparently, has reloaded his tanks in the short time it took to get to the Midwest, which can only be good for him personally as well as the team he’s coaching.

20 responses to “Clark Hunt can see a new energy in Andy Reid

  1. Reid finally has a class organization to work for and has finally realized how much more intelligent, knowledgeable, and classier the fans are in KC compared to his previous rat infested city. Reid is assembling a dynasty team right before everyones eyes that will dominate the next decade while the uncivilized fans in FILTHadelphia, will be wishing they had him back within 3 seasons

  2. All a bunch of garbage. Same B.S. was said when Mcnabb left the Eagles. It wasn’t his fault, it was the fans fault….

  3. He should put that new energy into his children instead of his career, otherwise his kids might grow up to be messed up drug addicts.

    Oh right.

  4. Hell yea. ‘Bout time KC did something. I’ve never seriously considered relinquishing my fanship until last year’s blackout game…Hunt cleaning the place out and Cassel going to Minnesota to fumble balls away re-kindled me. Good article

  5. Cue up all the lame posters who will make food or fat jokes. So sad that those kids had to endure those horrible school years when all of their classmates repeatedly launched yo-momma-so-fat jokes at them that they now feel the need to retaliate weakly

  6. A new energy for coaching, and still the same stupidity for perosonel moves that ruined him in Philly? As long as he’s not making the decisions he’s a great coach. Hopefully that’s how it goes in KC.

  7. “Stepping away from the Eagles job has to have been a degree of relief, as the expectations are lower…”

    Trust me when I say this as a 43 year old, life-long Chiefs fan, expectations are NOT lower.

  8. I still want to know what came of all the steroids found in the room of the Eagles assistant strength training coach last summer. COVERUP

  9. “He had worked his way out of coaching”, exactly. I can vouch for that being a fact. He hasn’t “coached” since around 2003.

  10. And yet RealGuys gives us a great example of just how well his parents raised a troll

  11. New energy from the thought of eating all that KC BBQ.

    He was run down, fat and tired from all those Phili cheesesteaks.

  12. “Reid finally has a class organization to work for…”.

    Yeah, you just keep telling yourself that: the reason Reid left behind such a huge mess in Philly had nothing to do with him.

    Don’t forget to say your prayers every night, either.

  13. I can see a new large, Super Supreme pizza in Andy, in that photo.

    But I hope the Chiefs improve from last year’s disaster.

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