Fans put a kicker on Panthers’ Mt. Rushmore

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The people have spoken.  Panthers fans, when identifying the four figures who mean the most to the franchise, included kicker John Kasay among them.

The PFT Planet selections for Carolina were unveiled on Wednesday’s Pro Football Talk on NBCSN.

But Kasay didn’t make it to the official Mt. Rushmore, as determined by yours truly.  I picked Jerry Richardson, Steve Smith, Julius Peppers, and Sam Mills.

During the on-air segment, Ross Tucker pushed for Kasay and John Fox, Erik Kuselias lobbied for Fox and Wesley Walls, and Shaun King picked Cam Newton, even though he wasn’t one of the 12 finalists.

Smith appeared on 96 percent of your ballots, with Peppers on 52 percent, Mills on 48 percent, and Kasay on 44 percent.

Jake Delhomme came in fifth with 32 percent, followed by Fox, Kevin Greene, and Muhsin Muhammad, with 24 percent each.  Richardson had 20 percent.  Davis, beaten worse by the voters than by Michael Westbrook, brought up the rear with Wells and Mike Minter at 12 percent each.

26 responses to “Fans put a kicker on Panthers’ Mt. Rushmore

  1. You sure it wasn’t Patriots fans pushing for Kasay to be on there?

    Not sure how anyone (Shaun King) could argue for Newton yet, he hasn’t led them to the playoffs or anything of note, he’s had some good games and shown some promise but right not its unrealized potential which hasn’t amounted in much.


    To have the ability to place a kicker on a mountain.

    To completely make people forget about players like Mike Rucker, Jonathan Stewart, Ryan Kalil, Jordan Cross, Deangelo Williams, Tim Biakabutuka, and Steve Beuerlein and choose John Kasay. That takes a special man with very special talents.

    I smell the work of PR Director Zak Gilbert.

  3. So, the official Mount Rushmore is whatever this guy says an not what the fans, who actually know their team, say? That’s weak, bro.

  4. Wow Wow this is so pathetic a kicker really.!!!!!! THIS SURE CEMENTS THAT THE CAROLINAS ARE STILL REDSKINS COUNTRY.!!!!!!!!!!

  5. As a Panthers fan I am stunned that Julius Peppers made it. He was a great player in Carolina, when he wanted to be. After making up his mind that he wanted out, Peppers went out one season and posted two sacks. He may be one of the best Panthers ever, but talent alone should not be the only criteria for this. I do not want a guy representing my favorite team who was not willing to give 100 percent all the time.

    As far as the actual selections, Steve Smith is a no brainer. John Kasay and Sam Mills are also very deserving of the honor. For my fourth, I would have to put Jerry Richardson. While making some head scratching decisions over the years, he is the main reason there is a Carolina Panthers.

  6. As a Panthers fan, I have to ask, why Richardson? He’s just the owner (and until very recently a damn cheap one). By your logic every owner should be on there. And if you’re just going overrule the voters anyway, why have us vote at all?

  7. Kasay didnt cost us the game! He didnt give up the 2nd and 20 on the patriots last drive. Two stops in the second half and we win, but the D could only come up with 1(Brady’s ill-advised throw that was intercepted in the deep in Panthers territory).

  8. peppers doesn’t belong there. he couldn’t wait to get out of charlotte and screwed them over by refusing to make a sign and trade deal and leaving in FA. the panthers got diddly squat for the former #1 pick and have been rebuilding ever since

  9. While these are fun to see I’d say the “experts” are wrong but whatever. Kasay, Peppers, Steve Smith and Wesley Walls–just losing out is Mushin, Minter and Rucker. I could see Richardson since he brought a team to Carolinas anyways–but from just player perspective, this would be the rushmore. Mills did more with Saints and Greenes career was more with Rams/Steelers. He only played two seasons with a stint with the 49ers in between. So this is just my opinion for the Panthers.

  10. Kasay embodies the Panthers organization: hard work, character, respect, loyalty, an underdog.

    Julius Peppers is Benedict Arnold who chased a contract.

  11. Why all the hatred for kickers?

    Florio was decidedly unconvincing on Charlotte radio yesterday when he tried to pay lip-service to acknowledging kickers are actual football players.

    We as fans get so obsessed with players’ failures and forget their accomplishments. Kasay was every bit as instrumental to our lone Super Bowl run as anyone else. He kicked several game-winning FGs that year, and was absolute money until the last couple years. Everyone blames him for us losing the Super Bowl with the bad kickoff, but we lost that game because John Fox was rigidly married to that dumb chart that says you MUST go for 2 if you are down 11 and score a TD, no matter what the game situation is. He did that in the 3rd quarter. If he had just kicked the PAT, that last Patriots drive would have required a TD for them to win instead of a field goal.

    If kickers aren’t really football players, then take kicking out of the game. Start every drive after a score on the 25, move the ball 40 yards & change possession instead of a punt. Otherwise, can we cut back on the “he’s just a kicker” stuff?

  12. I agree that the owner should be left off. while I understand Pather fan’s not liking Peppers on the mountain, he was the face of the D for many years to those of us who don’t follow the team quite as closely.

  13. Put Peppers on “The Bears” Mt. Rushmore. Putting him on the Panthers’ Mount is like putting Benedict Arnold on the real Mt. Rushmore. Peppers was just stealing money his last year in Carolina.

  14. vicnocal says:
    Jun 6, 2013 12:14 AM
    I turn it off as soon as it’s Shaun King’s turn to speak. Seriously.
    He’s brutal. His argument for Cam was like a 2nd grader would make.

    People love to hate on Delhomme in a brutal an mean way (and I’m not sure what he’s ever done to engender such venom that’s usually reserved for th ecriminal element or players who have had little to no success in the league since he is also a great person), but he’s the QB who belongs there. He wasn’t THE reason they were successful, but he was A reason they were successful. Never elite by any means but a great field general and leader whose average passing skills aside, did make his team better and helped rally them in dire circumstances. Maybe someone should tell King that Steve Smith himself said Jake was the best he’s played with, after Cam had already started there.

    Kuselias is the yin to King’s yang though brains wise with his argument for Walls that used, you know, actual facts and accomplishments to make his convincing case.

  15. Even though I voted for Wesley Walls over Kasay I could see why he was voted on. He’s 14th overall in points scored in NFL history. I also would’ve put Mike Rucker ahead of him in the poll but, he wasn’t on the list. You could even argue for Kris Jenkins or Mark Fields. Either way Carolina hasn’t been in the league long, so everyone needs to settle down and stop hatin on John Kasay

  16. Julius Peppers should not be there. As a true Panther fan who grew up right a couple of miles from the stadium in Dilworth, I say yes..he was good and even at times great when he would put forth an effort. However, you can’t put someone on the teams Mt. Rushmore who desperately wanted out of Carolina. It was clear, and he even expressed verbally that he did not want to play for the Panthers any longer. Would you put Carson Palmer on the Bengals Mt. Rushmore?? Case closed. Now on the Jerry R; he certainly deserves to be on there. He is the only reason we are even having this discussion. Without him, there would be no Carolina Panthers. He brought the whole team, stadium, and budget to Charlotte with the plan of having professional football in the city. True, he may not have always made decisions that everyone agrees with, but what owner has never made a decision the fans weren’t happy with? He wants to do the right thing and he wants his teams to win. You can’t blame him for some of the crazy personnel moves made by the likes of Marty Hurney either.. J.R. is a business man, he is not a scout. When he played football wayyyyyy back when the game was completely different. He knows that, and leaves it up to his GM and coaching staff to make personnel decisions (Michael Jordan should take note.) So yes..for all of you saying J.R. shouldn’t be there, remember without him this entire page wouldn’t even exist.

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