L.T. would have put Carson on the Giants’ Mt. Rushmore

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For plenty of NFL teams, it’s been difficult to whittle their all-time greats down to four people.

The Giants were one of those teams.  Lawrence Taylor was the only consensus member of the franchise’s all-time greats, showing up on 96 percent of the ballots.

So who would L.T. put on the mountain?

“I would have to go with Harry Carson,” Taylor told Erik Kuselias on Tuesday’s Pro Football Talk on NBCSN.  “Harry was a stellar guy, stellar player for a lot of years and he was the Giants for a long period of time.  He carries himself well and he’s doing very well now and he’s a New York Giant through and through.”

It’s pretty clear that L.T. would be on Parcells’ Mt. Rushmore for the Giants, based on the story Taylor shared on Tuesday.

“He used to always call roll call like when we doing away games, when we do an away game he’d call roll call on the bus and make sure everybody was there and before we go. I mean, he used to say, ‘L.T.!’ and I said, ‘I’m here, Coach.’ He said to the bus driver, ‘We can go now, we got all we need to win.'”

Taylor also was asked to describe his career-ending hit on Joe Theismann in one word.

“Unfortunate,” Theismann said.  “It was unfortunate.  I think, hey, he did well and well, he was on his way out anyway so he’s not really mad.”

Taylor laughed as he said it.  You’ll laugh once or twice if you watch the whole interview.

20 responses to “L.T. would have put Carson on the Giants’ Mt. Rushmore

  1. Just awaiting logicalvoice…at least if he has a reply it will be about when the skins were relevant…

  2. I’m starting to think this entire Mt. Rushmore gimmick was just a way to sell 30 second video ad space …

  3. Hate him all you want, he’s still by far the greatest OLB this game has ever seen.

    As talented as he was, he was just as nasty.

    What a player, whew!

  4. Harry Carson used to leave his paperboy (me) tix to every Giants home game in his mailbox on Sunday mornings. Great guy. Good tipper too every Christmas.

  5. Im not defending what LT did but it always cracks me up that the players aquited of crimes always catch more flack than players who actually get convicted of crimes.

  6. 4 Super Bowl rings in the last 27 years and the greatest defense football player of all-time……….It’s good to be a Giant fan

  7. Who in their right mind would leave Lawrence Taylor off the PFT-promoted Mt Rushmore? Self-riteous posters with a hypocritical moral claim?

  8. Taylor said “unfortunate” not Theismann. Well I’m sure Theismann said the injury was unfortunate among many other things at some point, but he wasn’t interviewed here.

  9. How did you have LT on the show and not ask him a single question about Deacon Jones?

  10. I’ve struggled with this. Is a M.R. about the 4 best players? Is it about what people epitomize the franchise? Is it a mix of both?

    When I think of the New York Football Giants, the first two people that pop in my head are the venerable Wellington Mara and the fiercest defender to ever don a helmet, L.T. The other two, I have to say Huff for sure and either Gifford, Grier, Tunnell or Tuna.

    I love Eli but he’s more “cult hero” than all-time, epitomy of the franchise type.

  11. NYG MT. RUSHMORE should be Roger Goodell, the officials, a lucky rabbits foot and George Young (who was given to the giants by the league bc they were awful for their first 50 years)

  12. Mel Hein and Lawrence Taylor were the two Giants that absolutely had to be on Mt Rushmore. The fact that Mel Hein wasn’t even an option in the PFT poll was laughable.

    Very disappointed PFT isn’t taking this opportunity to educate people about players from earlier eras. “The Internet skews young” is quite the kop out.

  13. @bigblue5611
    I’d be happy too if the NFL was in my teams back pocket. That team get EVERY call. Lucky play after play. Ad have 4 Super Bowls in like 200 years of existence. If my team was around since the 1800’s I would like to think we would have more than 4 SBs. The good news for those of us who hates the giants is this team is an absolute circus right now. No money left. Two average WRs looking to break the bank, JPP is shot, Osi is gone, no LBs, awful secondary, best RB gone, below average OL..things are about to get good. Maybe after you guys are awful for the next 50-60 years, the NFL will hand you another GM

  14. A “cult hero” does not win his franchise two SBs and SBMVPS. C’mon now. Eli Manning is a FRANCHISE hero that belongs right up there.

  15. @spedman24

    The first SB was held in in 1967, before that there were only NFL Championships.

    The NYG have 4 NFL Championships which ties them for 3rd overall.

    While in the first ~20yrs of the SuperBowl era the NYG didn’t win a Superbowl, in the following 38yrs they won 4 SBs.

    This puts them in a tie with the Green Bay Packers for 4th place in SB victories

    The 3 teams ahead of them:
    Steelers(AFC team playing in a inferior conference).
    The Cowgirls(respect).
    The 49ers(Playing with 2 of the greatest players to ever step on a field)

    So I think we’ve done alright

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