Panthers, Saints get their Mt. Rushmores today

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We started the Mt. Rushmore process with a quartet of longstanding NFL franchises.  On Wednesday, the teams on which we’ll focus will both be relatively more recent.

The Saints, founded in 1967, and the Panthers, who joined the NFL in 1995, will see their four most significant persons in franchise history named on Wednesday’s Pro Football Talk on NBCSN.

You can still vote on your favorite Saints, but if it were an election we’d officially call it.  The Panthers are the only team that has generated fewer than 50,000 votes, which has allowed a kicker to claim a spot.  For now.

Maybe the Panthers haven’t accomplished enough to justify four non-kickers to make it.  Maybe a kicker truly deserves it.  Either way, vote now or forever hold your peace/piece/pee.

9 responses to “Panthers, Saints get their Mt. Rushmores today

  1. Nice to see two teams younger than I am.

    Regarding the Panthers, since neither Kerry Collins nor Steve Beuerlein is on the ballot, let the kicker in. He’s a great one.

  2. How embarrassing to have a kicker on the list not to mention probably the most deserving,

  3. Anyone who doesn’t understand why Kasay should be on the Panthers’ Mount Rushmore has never been a fan of the Carolina Panthers.

  4. #1 John Kasay is a must. I don’t care if people don’t think kickers are players or not…go ask the Patriots, Eagles, Bills, Carolina, and any other team that was robbed by a kicker or won a championship because of a kicker and see how they feel about their man with the golden shoe.

    #2 I’m surprised more of the originals aren’t on here…I went to 2 a day practices in 1996 at Wofford College and met the whole team, the original guys were great! Except Collins, he was an a-hole.

    #3 Sam Mills had better be front and center of that Mt Rushmore…with Smith, Muhammed and Kasay right next to him. Walls was a HUGE piece for that team, but Smith Mushin Sam and John were the building blocks.

  5. Really sad to Jake the Fake on this list and not more people from our first four years. Then again this is what happens when PFT lets non panthers fans nominate.

  6. I picked but they are not my favorite team but I was just wondering why people think kickers are not part of the team. oh my! I hate when people think that. They win most of the games for the team. Look at the superbowls. If you blame them for losing them at the end like we all know who the kicker who lost the buffalo sure kick at the end against the giants then you should remember the ones that won like the kicker from the patriots. Some kickers even tackle the dudes who the dumb special teams can’t tackle sometimes. I have not a kicker in the family. I am not a kicker, I just know they deserve to be part of the team since they usually win or lose it for them a lot of the time. One kicker I think scored 6 field goals in one game last year. so I just don’t get that the kicker isn’t anybody.

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