Penn State athletic director: Bill O’Brien will stay “years and years”


After five years as a Patriots assistant and a good first season as the head coach at Penn State, Bill O’Brien is viewed by many as a future NFL head coach. But Penn State Athletic Director David Joyner says O’Brien will remain at Penn State for a long time.

Joyner said he talks to O’Brien regularly and that the two of them are on the same page about O’Brien staying at the school for the long haul.

“I can tell you we talk in terms of years and years. We make plans for years and years,” Joyner told the Associated Press.

Of course, plenty of college football coaches have signed contracts to remain at a school for “years and years” and then walked away with “years and years” left on that contract. And Joyner seems to understand that it’s at least possible that some NFL owner will decide to pay O’Brien’s buyout and lure him away from Penn State. Joyner just doesn’t think it’s likely to happen any time soon.

“First, of all I think we’re going to have this guy for a long time. I truly, truly believe that,” he said. “But whenever the day comes that Bill may chooses to leave — if it’s five years from now, if it’s 10 years; he may never choose to leave, this may be his last job, I certainly hope so — then we’ll adapt and deal with it.”

The bad news for Joyner and Penn State fans is that O’Brien leaving for the NFL may be a problem they have to deal with sooner than they think. The good news is that if O’Brien is fielding NFL offers, it will be because he’s winning at Penn State.

15 responses to “Penn State athletic director: Bill O’Brien will stay “years and years”

  1. hopefully after years and years in charge, its a clean safe program. last guy there for ‘decades and decades’ destroyed faith in people and children’s lives.

  2. Years. As in, ” when I leave this gutless puke of a university in a YEAR I’ll get a job in the NFL”

  3. sad to see 60 thumbs down to murraysons and myself while slamming Penn State. Sandusky was convicted on 52 counts of child abuse. Grow up people. Loyalty to a university or team should never come before child abuse.

  4. Joynor is a moron if he thinks that. How dose someone like him become an AD at any school.

  5. Can’t blame PSU. Keeping the last guy for “years and years” worked out really well for them. Didn’t it?

  6. As Penn State Alum, I met the guy and he was very open and engaging. He’s tough on his players but fair and he’s giving them football teaching that they can’t get in other places. UNFORTUNATELY, I know he won’t be there years and years. One guy said it, once the buy out drops a bit he walks for sure, especially with powerful negative forces in his own community working against him and the school at every step. Coach O’Brien is a good guy and I hope he stays but he won’t, too many bad coaches in the NFL.

  7. Gone as soon as he gets a serious offer from the NFL. Penn St. was becoming a relic before they became the Catholic church.

  8. I think he’ll be there for 3 more years tops. He’ll get them through the probation…and win/lose/draw he will come out of it looking like a saint, and get a TOP TIER college job, or a pro HC job on credit. Very honorable what he’s done, and should be commended, but he won’t be at PSU for the long haul.

  9. Great, it sounds like my alma mater is giving its football head coach another blank check

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