Ravens get their rings Friday

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There could be tears.

Yes, it’s a big week for the defending Super Bowl champions.  After visiting the White House today, they’ll receive their Super Bowl rings on Friday night.

Setting aside for now the philosophical question of whether the obsession with the Lombardi Trophy and the jewelry that goes to every player on the team who wins it encroaches on golden calf territory, the rings reflect the ultimate NFL accomplishment.

Unfortunately, it happens four months after the team reaches the top of the mountain, and three months after the team has begun to disband.  Safety Bernard Pollard has said he won’t be present.  Safety Ed Reed and linebacker Ray Lewis presumably will be there, since they’ll join the team for the trip to D.C.  As to cornerback Cary Williams, attendance isn’t “mandatory,” so there’s a chance he would be doing something more pressing, like getting a jump start on winterizing his attic.

Receiver Anquan Boldin, who skipped the White House visit to participate in 49ers OTAs, could in theory attend the ring ceremony.  We’re told that, indeed, some of the players who couldn’t make it to Washington will show up on Friday night.

We realize that it takes time to build a golden calf, but it would be nice if the team could celebrate the achievement as a team, before the team no longer is truly a team.

UPDATE 1:48 p.m. ET:  A prior version of this item said the ring ceremony is tonight.  I wrongly assumed based on prior comments from Bernard Pollard that both events would happen the same day, and I didn’t read the press release from the team carefully enough to see the two-day gap.  Further proving correct those who love to tell me on Twitter, “Your [sic] an idiot.”

54 responses to “Ravens get their rings Friday

  1. Ravens have already posted photos with Reed in them… so yes, I’d assume he is present because he is joining the team for the White House trip.

  2. The Superbowl rings should be made before the game for both teams so they can be presented to the winners after the game.

    The Superbowl rings for the losing team should be sent to a poor country in Africa along with those ugly t-shirts.

  3. As an act of goodwill, the league should designate one fan (the 13th man) to receive a ring along with the Super Bowl team each year.

    I bet that guy would be there to get his ring.

  4. it would be nice for the team to get their ring’s as a team but unfortunately, it just doesn’t happen that way! One thing for sure is they (the players) will always be linked as Super Bowl Champions!

  5. Why the Ray Lewis pic though? It was a team win highlighted by the final coming out party of Flacco. Or you could have attatched a picture of Jacoby shaking the 49er’s secondary out of their jerseys. Ray has been quiet and out of the news, like most non-Ravens fans wanted. His last peep was about a charity climb of Kilimanjaro, yet we still have to deal with the sarcasm about his emotion for the game? That’s in bad taste.

  6. hedleykow says: Jun 5, 2013 9:47 AM

    As an act of goodwill, the league should designate one fan (the 13th man) to receive a ring along with the Super Bowl team each year.

    I bet that guy would be there to get his ring.


    Umm wouldn’t that be the 12th man??

  7. “Are you crying? Are you crying? There is no crying in baseball ! ”

    That should apply to the NFL but Ray brought crying in sports to an all time low.

    I agree with the comment above. That pic makes me want to puke.

  8. They better enjoy those rings, they won’t see any more for a long time. It will be great to see the skins own the state of Maryland as well as Va and DC

  9. Mike Florio, your underhanded snide comments are only laughable. The Champs are in the big house to meet the POTUS.

    if we were to give a ring to a Fan, i vote for my self. after me Captin Defense get it.

  10. It’s been months and you people just can’t get over it. Ravens are World Champs! I understand that every team has their critics, but serious. What did these guys personally do to you? Other than ruin your day when they likely eliminated the team you cheer on in the playoffs? And they didn’t beat YOU, rather the team you support.

    And talk of criminals and murderers. The real criminals are the people the Ravens organization are visiting today.


  11. Funny, I don’t see any tears in that picture. Probably because it’s fake like the rest of his pathetic emotional actions while the camera was on him.

  12. I love the haters… the only fanbase that should hate is the Steeler fan base…and maybe now the Patriots.. Our neighbors to the South, the Redskins haven’t been relevent in 20 years and aren’t our rivals. Never will be..

    Congrats to the World Champs!

  13. Give it a break! Don’t you trolls have anything better to do than rehash a bunch of B**s**t that was over years ago. The jury ruled Self Defense. The dead guy brought a gun to the bar and used it. Lucky for Ray he couldn’t hit anything. But of course the PFT trolls have seen more evidence than the jury did.

    The guy was the best there ever was at his position. (Unless you want to vote for Lawrence Taylor, the self confessed pedophile). He played 17 good years. He gave back to Baltimore more than any other player ever has. He has walked the straight and narrow the whole time.

    If you really want to whine about injustice, how about Roger Maris, the real home run king, is not in the HOF.

  14. The 2012 season was one big crowning event for the Ray Lewis era Ravens. Oh how that must burn the ignorant and the haters. Stay mad fellas no one cares

  15. I love all the hate. We as ravens fans love the hate. It makes this championship that much better. Us against the world. You guys keep hating, we’ll keep winning championships.

    Best franchise in the league. World champs


  16. You better get used to these “Ratbirds”, their cool as a cucumber QB is just reaching his prime & the D should be nasty for the next 3 years. They are not going anywhere but up.

  17. I am sick and tired of Skins fans commenting on every Ravens article about owning MD. The last time they won a Super Bowl was 1991. The top ten things that have transpired since the Skins last won:

    10. The Skins moved from DC to Maryland and built that awful stadium.
    9. Three Presidents held office, two with 2 terms!!!
    8. The Ravens have won 2 Super Bowl Titles.
    7. The stock market has raced from 3,000 to 15,000.
    6. A new Millenium has begun.
    5. A Napoleon ancester has bought the Skins.
    4. The IPhone was invented.
    3. The Blue Ray was invented.
    2. The DVD player was invented.
    1. And the NUMBER 1 thing that has happened since the Skins won a Super Bowl,
    the invention of Viagra!!

  18. im sure we will be having this same discusion after this season..get used to it!!!!
    GO RAVENS!!! [trolls always bring up lewis,get over it,found NOT guilty]

  19. Who cares. Nobody will even notice and then they’ll be back to mediocrity again in a few months. Sorry, not hating but its the truth, B-more won’t win this year. Enjoy this one, its almost over.

  20. Ravens won’t win again for 30 years and they’ll know what it feels like. I went to college with tons of Ravens fans, they’re all front runners and will disappear when the franchise doesn’t win anymore.

    Also, Redskins beat the Ravens this year, so Skins fans certainly aren’t complaining about the Ravens “beating them”.

    Redskins are on the rise and Ravens are on the fall.

  21. NFL Super Bowl XLVII Champions! Goes down in history. Nothing changes that.

    Ok, now back to work in B-more and “the Castle” with the players who weren’t on the championship team but are a big part of the future. 2013 is a new season.

  22. Putting Ray Lewis’s pic on anything is like putting Bernie Madhoff’s pic on Forbes list of best investors.

  23. Ravens will be forced to care about their franchise’s history someday. That time’s coming fast.

  24. I see nothing has changed on this web site. All it takes is a semi-positive article about the Ravens and all the haters come out quicker than the Brood X cicadas we’ll see here shortly.

    Like the 17 year version, the haters can make all the noise they want…but it won’t diminish or drown out the fact that the Ravens are Super Bowl Chanmpions!

  25. gotta love all these redskin fans coming on our board and making noise. i can understand the steeler fans, at least there is a rivalry.

    there is no rivalry between the redskins and the ravens. the redskins have been irrelevant since the early 1990’s and the Ravens have won the SB twice since 2000.

    We have a much better owner as well as a better coaching staff. Our QB is in his prime where yours is still a maybe, as in maybe he can stay healthy this year.

    Your stadium is a dump and everyone knows it. There is concrete falling from the rafters.

    Gimme a break. Ravens and Redskins rivalry. They aren’t even in the same conference let alone division.

    The only reason the Redskin fans show up here is pure jealousy. They haven’t won in years and if you go by NFL stats they will not win a SB with their current head coach. No HC has won SB’s with 2 different teams. That is in over 40 years. There is a lot of power in that stat.

    Rivalry? What rivalry? We are the SB champions and the Redskins are a JV team.

  26. Haters is such a pathetic term, used widely by Skins, Ravens, Jets, Falcons fans.

    Grow up please. You sound stupid and juvenile.

    Good teams with true fans can handle criticism and now worry about what others are doing, since it doesn’t have any sort of effect on their teams performance come Sunday.

  27. Florio, I would love it if you would stop deleting my comments since they aren’t very offensive at all.

    I think it’s better for this comment section to have something written by someone other than a fan of the Ravens or Redskins. They have no rivalry so I don’t really get it at all. Skins haven’t been relevant since 1991, until their 9 big games last year. They won’t be relevant this year since the division comes down to the Giants as it has in the past few years, and maybe the Cowboys could finally turn 8-8 into 9-7, but could just as easily by 7-9. I see the Skins finishing 6-10 or 5-11.

    Ravens are rebuilding but still probably squeeze into the playoffs if someone can catch those passes that should have been INT’s that Boldin got last year. Torrey Smith is sorry excuse for a #1 WR, even worse than Garcon in my opinion.

    Both cities have a losing culture with a giant napoleon complex. Congrats Ravens on a SB that nobody will remember in 5 years because it came in a season with replacement refs and a QB only slightly better than Trent Dilfer.

  28. chut26 says:

    “Umm wouldn’t that be the 12th man??”

    Thanks for having my back on that, chut. 13th man makes the idea seem not all that good.

  29. bigbenh8tr says:
    Jun 5, 2013 12:53 PM
    Haters is such a pathetic term, used widely by Skins, Ravens, Jets, Falcons fans.
    it’s a pathetic term and yet you use it in your handle???
    If T Smith is sad excuse for a #1 WR then what do you call Sanders???

  30. It would be nice to get the inside story about how the trip goes – what got said, what people did, individual pics the guys take with their pocket digital cameras.

    The last two Presidents have been sports fans, and so the players have enjoyed these visits. The previous three or four presidents … not always the case.

    It’s basketball, not the NFL, but Isiah Thomas famously outed (on Leno) the the George H. W. Bush White House for using Dominos to cater the Pistons White House lunches. (I wish I was kidding)

  31. si1m says:Jun 5, 2013 10:44 AM

    The 2012 season was one big crowning event for the Ray Lewis era Ravens. Oh how that must burn the ignorant and the haters. Stay mad fellas no one cares

    And yet, you took the time to log in and reply, which clearly indicates you care. Nice try though.

  32. crownofthehelmet says: Jun 5, 2013 11:00 AM

    Will Rahim Moore get his ring too?

    Players make mistakes, get penalties, are out of position, miss tackles etc. quite often in every game. If the Raven’s special teams didn’t give up not one but two TD’s, then it’s not even close. Ask Peyton Manning about making mistakes or Lee Evans on the Raven’s last year. Your crown is too tight on your noggin. Your post changes nothing. Flacco made the play. Get over it.World Champs!

  33. Why don’t they have the WH ceremony a week or two after the SB? It would be nice to have it while everyone could participate.

  34. That’s a great picture of Biz Markie – I remember that dude from back in the day. “YOU … YOU GOT WHAT I NEEE-EED. BUT YOU SAY HE’S JUST A FRIEND … “

  35. Ray Rays shoulda been prison pic, after first night in Pokey. On a serious note: Ravens should be still contending for a ring for a few years to come even with the loss of some leaders of the team.

  36. It hurts huh Ray the greatest ever went out on top!!! You all said they were the worst playoff team and then they won the Superbowl!!! Then they let players leave and reloaded in order to stay competitive for years to come while your teams get old and deal with cap hell!!! Secodary Webb (top 5 corner) Graham and Smith with Huff and Elam in center field and rotating Ihedigbo. Linebackers 100% healthy Suggs and Dumervil on the edges with Smith, Brown, Bynes in the Middle and Canty, Ngata, and Spears across the front!!! Our backups are better then your starters guys like Arthur Jones, McPhee and Upshaw. On offense the same team minus Boldin and his 4 touchdowns…younger, quicker, better…sorry for yah!!!

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