Report: Ravens have interest in Daryl Smith


The Ravens have made a couple of moves to round out their inside linebacking corps since the departures of Ray Lewis and Dannell Ellerbe, but there were snags with each one.

Rolando McClain was signed after his release in Oakland, got arrested again and announced his retirement from football in order to focus on getting his personal house in order. Arthur Brown was drafted in the second round, but will be out until training camp after sports hernia surgery.

With Jameel McClain coming off a spinal cord contusion that sidelined him 2012, it’s not all that surprising to learn that the Ravens are still sniffing around for more assistance at the position. Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun reports that the team has interest in former Jaguars linebacker Daryl Smith and that Smith is interested in joining the defending Super Bowl champions.

Smith joined the Jaguars as a second-round pick in 2004 and missed just four games in his first eight seasons before being sidelined for the first 14 games of last season with a groin injury. The timing of the injury was terrible for Smith, who turned 31 in March, and is likely the biggest reason why he’s still unemployed in June after nearly a decade of solid play in Jacksonville.

That works out well for the Ravens, who could add Smith as insurance against Brown not being healthy and/or ready without spending much money or taking a risk like the one they took on Rolando McClain.

15 responses to “Report: Ravens have interest in Daryl Smith

  1. Ozzie is always finding great bargains. That’s why the Ravens are World Champs.

  2. What would they want with him? He was in a 4-3 for years and the Ravens run 3-4. Just trying to use some of everyone else’s logic that they used with the Bengals signing Harrison. Sounds as if this BETTER defense is getting desperate.

  3. I read this article and Aaron never said that the Ravens were interested. He said that they SHOULD be interested, a complete non-story.

  4. So Guy Whimper was a waste because he played for the Jags but Daryl Smith who played for the same team but is still around is a great bargain? I will never understand you Ozzie Newsome worshipers.

    Also, great picks in Upshaw and Jimmy Smith. They have been getting nothing but praise this offseason…

  5. Maryland’s number two team looks for castoffs as usual. That’s one of the many reasons they get stomped on and off the field by the Redskins. #RedskinsnumberoneteaminMaryland.

  6. Great bargains to make up for his draft shortcomings. No one in the league is better than Ozzie Newsome at bringing in other teams drafted players to hide his failures.

  7. Would be adding an insurance policy and another level of competition to what has now become a deep position. It McLean’s job too lose – Raven’s have said he’ll return to his role as starter unless he gets beaten out. Brown probably wins the second. That still leaves like 4 or 5 guys to compete and probably an UDFA we don’t know about who will rise up.

  8. Sorry, McClain, not McLean. Confusing the city in Virginia with the Raven’s player

  9. Why is it when other teams pick up guys like this, the consensus is “Whoa…that is a stretch” or “Another pathetic signing” but when the Ravens pick up guys like this or think about picking up guys like this, the consensus is “In Oz We Trust” or “What a bargain!” ?

  10. and no one is better at posting complete nonsense he knows nothing about than jb. hey jb….spaeth buress and cotchery..nice signings to cover up deficiencies

  11. i mean seriously jb…do you have any idea how idiotic you sound. and lets just say you were right, which you arent. the ravens are the champs, been in 3 of 5 afc championship games, and 5 straight playoffs with at least one win, all with ozzie running the show. seems to me like he knows what hes doing. enjoy another mediocre steeler season.

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