Rex Ryan praises Geno Smith


The Jets may not be in a hurry to name a starting quarterback, but rookie Geno Smith has quickly made a good impression on coach Rex Ryan.

“Sometimes you want to see when a young quarterback comes in, is it too big for him?” Ryan told reporters on Wednesday, via quotes distributed by the team.  “I don’t think it’s too big for him.  I think because there is a lot on your plate, you come in, you learn 50 plays or something like that, almost immediately – you learn different protections.  I think he’s doing a great job.  He’s on top of that.  I think the way he throws the ball, obviously you notice his physical skills.  He can throw it with anybody and I think that’s been impressive as well.”

Ryan was less effusive about Mark Sanchez, explaining that last year’s struggles spread well beyond him.  “I think when you come back you have to erase the computer,” Ryan said.  “You start all over again and I think Mark’s done that and I think a bunch of us have done that.”

The coach also explained that if, when the time comes to pick a starter “there’s a split camp or whatever, then I will make that decision.”

With Ryan coaching for his job, it’ll be interesting to see whether he sticks with the guy who has been the starter since Ryan arrived in 2009, or whether he’ll go with the quarterback new G.M. John Idzik picked at the top of round two.  It could be better for Ryan’s future prospects to show that he can develop Smith, who if he isn’t the starter in 2013 almost definitely will be in 2014.

22 responses to “Rex Ryan praises Geno Smith

  1. Hopefully Rex will give Smith a chance if he earned it and get over his obsession with Sanchez.

  2. Sanchez thankfully is as good as gone. The sooner they tell him Geno will be the starter the better. The Jets don’t need the distractions Sanchez will bring, he’s never been a quality QB, his best bet will be to carry the clipboard, they don’t have to worry about hurting his feelings, because he’s not only gone at seasons end, but it seems the majority of Jet fans can’t stand the sight of him behind center.

  3. Do we really have to listen to Rex and his opinion of Geno Smith right now? What did he get right last year with his opinions, nothing at all. The Jets
    are a team that need no distractions, and Rex is that. I guess he’s fighting to keep his job, and just praying that Geno turns out alright.

  4. No story here.
    Ryan’s perception & opinions on what a Qb has sailed.
    In fact, everything he thinks can be dismissed.

  5. He said this same crap about Sanchez, actually offering even greater praise for Mark early on. Blowhardy is on his way out in a few years.

  6. Wrecks rushed an immature QB named Sanchez into service too soon so he could establish himself as a head coach

    Now it looks like Wrecks is going to rush an immature QB named Smith into service too soon so he can save his job as head coach

    What could go wrong?

  7. Sanchez needs to go to the CFL or Alaskan League for about 2-3 years and just completely re-program. How many people remember when Pete Carroll even told him that he wasn’t ready to be a NFL qb and needed one more year???

    Well I think the butt-fumble proved him wrong!

  8. @ lawest111…. How in Gods name can you ruin someone or something that never was. This guy was inept from day one, the only reason he wasn’t exposed from the start was the Jets had a good team his first couple of years, when he had to make things happen he didn’t have the skills to do it. The guy isn’t NFL quality.

  9. For the ones who question why Rex is still coaching….its simple really 4 years as HC – 2 AFC Championship games, 4-2 playoff record – with Sanchez, Top 10 D, ONLY 1 losing season…..pretty damn good start if you ask me!

  10. The longer Rex waits, the more difficult it will be for the offense to adjust to the starter.

    This snowball keeps rolling downhill and growing.

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