Vikings not planning to use Webb to return punts, for now


Yes, the Vikings had quarterback-turned-receiver Joe Webb fielding punts on Wednesday.  No, he won’t be among the team’s potential punt returners in 2013.

For now.

“We’re thinking more wide receiver, potentially kickoff return guy, but not so much punt return,” coach Leslie Frazier said of Webb, via quotes distributed by the team.  “We do have him fielding punts because it’s going to help him with catching the ball, but we’re not looking at him as a punt returner.”

But the door isn’t closed on Webb returning punts.

“We’ll see,” Frazier said.  “If he caught one in the preseason and went 60 yards, we may have to rethink it.”

Marcus Sherels served as the team’s punt returner in 2012.  Despite former Vikings receiver Percy Harvin’s unique skills as a kickoff returner, he never returned punts for the Vikings because he had trouble fielding the ball.

19 responses to “Vikings not planning to use Webb to return punts, for now

  1. Webb is just a wasted roster spot. He’s not a qb or a wr of nfl caliber. Time for him to go.

  2. Hey, look – tokyo said something stupid. That’s new. Tokyo, are you caressing that Lynn Dickey poster?

  3. Did I say they should see if he can punt? What I meant was I like to gaze at my Packer posters, drinking brake fluid through a straw (I like a little umbrella in it), and try to get to be the first one to comment on Vikings stories.

  4. Usually small guys are better on PR. Less to grab. But if he gets defenders to over play to one direction he could be gone with to other direction.
    Webb’s a freak I hope he stays and gets starter reps.

  5. I think this dude has a legitimate chance of contributing a great deal this season… he’s just too gifted athletically to not. He already knows where he’s supposed to be (when running routes) from his time as a quarterback, plus he can communicate with Ponder on what he sees, what the defense is doing, etc… he knows the playbook in an out, and from everything I’ve heard/seen so far this offseason, he’s been catching everything thrown at him (away from his body, with his, you know… hands.)

    I think Webb is a far superior prospect at wide receiver than someone like Stephen Burton – and if Jerome Simpson can’t perform or is still unhealthy – Webb would serve well ahead of him on the depth chart as well.

  6. A team w/ a running QB (Wash., Carolina even Seatle) could use him as a 3rd string. Let him practice that style & he might be OK.

  7. You guys obviously missed me while I was in Italy.

    Oh, and the Packers are better than the Vikings. In the two games at Lambeau, the packers won by more than a TD. With your playoff hopes on the line, at home, it took a last second field goal to win.

    Allen and Williams looked pretty old last season.

  8. Good to see the subculture of grown men who live with their parents is alive and well on PFT. The Vikings tried out a guy who is fast and had never fielded punts before during one OTA. Fire everybody! Seriously though, it kills me that Aaron Rodgers is good enough to keep that locker room full of mouth breathers competitive. I can’t wait for the packer fans reality show. Should make “Duck Dynasty” look like an episode of Ted Talks

  9. It’s a trick. Smoke diversion for the rest of the 31 NFL teams.
    Vikes have something here. Possibly, they could be a Nuclear State. Who knows. Call the Sec. of Def!

  10. Most GM’s would simply cut their losses and move on with a guy like Webb. But not the Vikings, they were proven wrong in the playoffs when Webb was torching the frozen tundra by zipping in 10 yard passes on 15 yard routes so now they are trying to save face (not that there’s much face to save) by finding him another spot.

  11. I’m a Joe Webb fan, but he needs to make the team first.

    We thought T.O. was a Seahawk automatically and his lack of performance got him cut.

    Same with Chad Johnson.

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