PFT Live: Shaun King talks concerns in Tampa

Shaun King has been completely honest in his critique of Buccaneers GM Mark Dominik, and he joins Mike Florio to continue his authentic dialogue of Tampa’s management. King doesn’t have anything personal against Dominik, but he is critical of some of the offseason moves, including the compensation given up for Darrelle Revis.


4 responses to “PFT Live: Shaun King talks concerns in Tampa

  1. I dont understand. King from the start has been against the Deal for Revis. Now really if you look at it from the most basic point of view. When you can afford this player with the cap room, and you sign him to a ULTRA cap friendly deal. Then you get a ELITE player at a spot that is your #1 need and you give up next to nothing for that player. How do you not do that deal. It comes down to this. This the text book example, of when and how a elite player gets traded and how all future deals should and will be measured. The only down side for Domick is that his “next deal” will be seen as he paid more or gave up to much. And Sean King will scream Told you so…

  2. again … (my last comment got deleted for some *cough cough*reason) Shaun King has it out for the Bucs front office, has since he was let go. he has been called out publicly on it by other media and players. he doesn’t have much credibility

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