Ahmad Bradshaw visiting Colts


During April’s draft, most of the teams that had been linked with free agent running back Ahmad Bradshaw selected younger backs.

The Steelers, Packers, Broncos and Bengals all picked up backs expected to play big roles for them come the fall and there wasn’t a peep about interest in Bradshaw from anyone else during the month of May. It’s June now, though, and Bradshaw’s back on the radar screen.

PFT has learned that Bradshaw will be visiting the Colts in Indianapolis on Thursday and it looks like a pretty decent landing spot for the former Giant. The Colts have talked up Vick Ballard as their lead back with Donald Brown in a change of pace role, but Bradshaw has shown the ability in the past to be both a grinder and a threat out of the backfield. He’s also knows how to protect the passer after years of playing with Eli Manning, something that would come in handy in Indianapolis as well.

The presence of Ballard and Brown means that Bradshaw would have complements in the backfield to keep him from putting too much stress on the foot that has been operated on multiple times and kept Bradshaw from being a workhorse during his career. If Bradshaw’s foot is sound, it wouldn’t be surprising to see this visit end with a contract offer.

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  1. I’ve never thought that he was nearly as good as the NY media portrayed him, but he’s not bad, and in a limited role he could be a major asset.

  2. Colts/whoever picks him up will be getting good value, if he can stay healthy. Was productive last year and of course his pass blocking is as good as anyone’s. Love the way he plays. Hopefully he can stay healthy, he’s only 27 years old.

  3. Please make this happen! I like Vick Ballard fine but he’s not an every down back, and Donald Brown is a total bust. Bradshaw would help the Colts offense tremendously and really give them the kind of back that they haven’t had since Addai was in his 2nd year.

  4. *IF* he is healthy, he’d be a solid vet pickup for a young Colts team. He’s a fiery dude.

    But when the Giants are done with you, there isn’t usually much left in that guys tank. Reese is Kenny Rogers. He knows when to hold em, when to fold em, when to walk away and when to run.

  5. mazblast says:
    Jun 6, 2013 11:35 AM
    I’ve never thought that he was nearly as good as the NY media portrayed him, but he’s not bad, and in a limited role he could be a major asset.


    I’m not sure where you’re getting your info from, but I never thought the NY media portrayed Bradshaw as anything other than what he is. He’s a really good back in a 2 RB system. He could never carry the full load week in/week out, due to injury issues. But he blocked well, caught the ball well, ran tough between the tackles & had decent break away speed. Plus he’s tough as nails & brings an energy to a team that’s going to be hard for us to replace. Any team would be wise to gamble on Bradshaw for a year.

  6. As a life-long giants fan, this kid is all business when he gets on the field. He has a history of even staying in a boot all week, then go out on Sunday and look like he always does, tough, excellent blocker, gives all he has to get that extra yard.
    Even though he’s not in NY YORK blue, he sure could be a real asset with a young team like the Colts.

  7. mazblast, maybe he wasn’t a frequent presence on the weekly “Top 10 Plays” but any Giants fan will tell you Bradshaw is far from overrated. For years, we watched an undersized, 7th round pick run between tackles, stand up guys like DeMarcus Ware in the backfield on passing downs and show fire and passion that got his teammates fired up.

    I went into SB 42 not believing the Giants were going to win. I remember watching the Patriots need three defenders to bring Bradshaw down on a carry for 3, maybe 3.5 yards, while he was fighting tooth and nail for any positive gain he could get. I remember then thinking “Damn, they’re gonna win this thing.” That’s the kind of stuff Bradshaw is capable of bringing that might not be apparent unless you’ve watched him every game.

  8. Looks like Colts’ brass finally got around to reading the comment that I posted the day AB was released. He’s the perfect veteran fit for that young team and can keep Luck upright.

  9. If the Colts sign Bradshaw they would have 9 RB’s/FB’s on their current roster. Assuming this happens I think the obvious choice on offense would be to have a Center, a QB and 9 running backs. They could call it the “triple wishbone” or “trishbone”. How do I know it will work? Well, I came in 7th (out of 10) in my fantasy football league last year. Do you really wish to challenge that level of football IQ? Didn’t think so.

  10. He will be a good fit in Indy. Ballard is a decent RB but nowhere near the complete story. Brown is always injured, so Bradshaw will be a very welcomed addition.

  11. @tonyugoh
    Your comment about Donald Brown is way off base. Coming from a guy who’s career didn’t turn out quite like every one expected, you should be very careful dropping the “B” word on a fellow Colt. Timing is everything and I believe he just hasn’t been in the right spot at the right time. The Colts gave up a lot for you and while I wish things had worked out better, I have never considered you a bust. I think you owe DB an apology and then we can all get back to what is important. Cheering on the boys in blue. Go Colts.

  12. As we know, all good GMs make their personnel decisions based on the message board posts on sports-talk websites.

    justintuckrule says: Jun 6, 2013 12:49 PM

    Looks like Colts’ brass finally got around to reading the comment that I posted the day AB was released. He’s the perfect veteran fit for that young team and can keep Luck upright.

  13. he would be a great signing and would motivate ballard and brown even more to do better cause they have competition, if we sign him, we will release a back or fb

  14. @blitzinc43

    I wish I had drafted Fitz! I went with Dean Biasucci. My buddies warned me about picking a kicker that retired in the early 90’s but I had a hunch…

  15. @p31squared – I know it might be a difficult concept for a non-NY educated fella such as yourself to do anything more than read a comment literally, but what I was trying to accomplish and what was understood by many other posters as evidenced by their “thumbs up” to the comment was point out “what took the Colts so long” if non-GMs such as the rest of us recognized this perfect fit eons ago.

    @ddogdaddy – what do you doubt? That AB’s not a good fit? That dude is your Day 1 starter for the vet minimum. Ballard is your change of pace and Brown will be covering punts (he’s terrible). When your team makes the playoffs this year, wins that drek division, wins its first home playoff game vs. Cincy and then has a date with the evil genius in Foxboro, one Mr. Ahmad Bradshaw is THE guy you want in your lockerroom for that one. Doubt that?

  16. Why would anyone want to play for this loser franchise in this loser city? Poor white trash. HTTR

  17. @justintuckrule
    Easy big fella. I agree 100% with you about AB being a perfect fit on this team with this offense. If I remember correctly, there were quite a few Colts fans that were saying the same thing when the G men let him walk. The I doubt it part was in response to your comment that the Colts brass got around to reading “your” post about signing him.

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