Barkevious Mingo not being handed a starting job


The Browns think Barkevious Mingo is going to be a special player one day.

But today, the sixth overall pick in the draft isn’t in the starting lineup

At the moment, Mingo is working behind free agent pickup Paul Kruger and Jabaal Sheard, and the Browns aren’t offering anything on a platter.

Right now, the other two guys are better,” outside linebackers coach Brian Baker said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “So, yeah, whether I’m supposed to say it or not.

“Every place I’ve been, I’ve always played the best guys and played those guys in the best positions. So if Barkevious beats one of those guys out, he’ll be a starter. Until then, they’re the starters.”

Of course, Mingo’s still learning the position, as well, adding drop and coverage responsibilities to his pass-rush talent. He had 23.5 tackles for loss the last two years at LSU, and has the tools to become that kind of threat at the NFL. But he has to learn where to go to get there.

“I’m very determined,” Mingo said of winning a starting job. “That’s the goal. That should be everybody’s goal. You want to play, you want to help the team win, but you’ve got to put in the work.

“Those are some big-time guys. It’s a learning curve. I’ve been thrown into a different position. Time will tell what the coaches think.”

Mingo’s long arms and fluidity should serve him well in his new role, and he’s apparently impressed in practice by batting down a number of passes.

But the Browns are going to keep pushing him, and keep the carrot of a starting job hanging out there, until he shows more.

24 responses to “Barkevious Mingo not being handed a starting job

  1. He is not going to beat out Kruger or Sheard, so I don’t really know why they picked him. You would think you would want the #6 overall pick to start. Even the coach says the other 2 guys are better. By the end of the year, they will wish they took a QB.

  2. “Starter” is nothing but a label. With Horton’s varied packages, Keke will see plenty of snaps. Can’t compare this to, say, a starting OL or QB.

  3. Seriously – take a QB with the #6 pick? Are you smoking something? NONE of the QBs in the draft were worth more than a 3rd round selection.

  4. This Guy will be a bust as all other draft picks this front office has made, Mark my words Cleveland by the 3rd game of the season you will begging for new ownership and Banner and Lombardi run out of Cleveland, I have been doing it since day1 but been blasted by you, But see in the end I will get the last laugh at all you HYPOCRITES!!!!!

  5. richheddleson, what QB do you think the Browns should have taken instead of Mingo? None of them them were first rounders, especially not Gino Smith.

  6. I can’t wait to see my Browns in action. It should be noted that Aldon Smith of San Francisco did not start any games his rookie year in the bay area, yet he registered 14 sacks in a completely reserve role. Both were DE’s in college and switched to OLB in a 3-4 system in the NFL. I’m not saying that is what he will be, but I surely hope so.

  7. Part of the browns problem for the past 15 years is due to high draft picks and expensive free agents being handed a starting job because they were paid a ton of cash… That list is too long to even begin to mention names. Hopefully, that too is part of the past. I would hope the vets are ahead of mingo at this point simply because of the experience factor. No worries, this kid will get plenty of snaps if he can play, starter or not. Who cares who starts… Lets just win for a change.

  8. thats a tall order going against those two…sounds like he should give it his best shot and if it doesnt work out ball out like hell on special teams and try to get in the game on special packages or 3rd and longs

  9. As you can tell by my name, I expect big things from this guy. Starting in the NFL is just a label. Like godofwine said, this model worked out pretty well for SF with Smith. Only time will tell if Keke is any comparison to Aldon but you gotta like this kids mindset of wanting to be great. I think the combo of Sheard, Kruger and Mingo on passing downs will be something fun to watch for once. Being a Browns fan my whole life, I honestly can’t remember a defensive front 7 player I’ve been excited to watch since they came back to the league. This guy’s got me excited to see how Horton can use him. GO BROWNS!!!!

  10. “Weeden still having issues with batted balls I see….”
    Yeah…a couple did get batted down but he also had more beautiful completions than that one batdown from today.
    It’s preseason…they’re not in pads…it’s about learning new schemes.

    I’m with Godofwines…Aldon Smith is the reference model for Keke.

  11. Kaz says:
    Jun 6, 2013 2:09 PM
    Weeden still having issues with batted balls I see….

    You must not have read the article. He isn’t a starter, and is therefore probably not playing against the starters. So he’s batting down the balls of Campbell, man. Logic – use it.

  12. First round picks that aren’t ahead of the starters is a problem that usually only good teams have. I look at this as displaying that depth has greatly improved. I hope this translates into success on game day.

  13. Per the Plain Dealer, it wasn’t Weeden’s passes that were being batted down. Mingo batted down a Campbell pass and later deflected a Hoyer pass that turned into an interception.

    I don’t mind the Mingo pick through my first choice would have been a trade down to the the 10-15 range. I like having the depth though. What a new concept. We switch to a 3-4 and, after concern about personnel, suddenly we’re stocked.

    We need someone to emerge in the secondary but with what we have up front on D, and with the move to Air Coryell, I like where we’re headed.


  14. bigtime1957 says:
    Jun 6, 2013 1:30 PM
    This Guy will be a bust as all other draft picks this front office has made, Mark my words Cleveland by the 3rd game of the season you will begging for new ownership and Banner and Lombardi run out of Cleveland, I have been doing it since day1 but been blasted by you, But see in the end I will get the last laugh at all you HYPOCRITES!!!!!
    You do realize that none of the draft picks that THIS front office has made have yet to play a game, right?

  15. I have no problem with picking Mingo at #6. As said above, “starter” doesn’t mean what it used to, when it comes to defensive line and even linebacker. There will be so many substitution packages and various lineups, whomever is having a bigger impact will play more snaps one game, and possibly another guy the next.

    Also, don’t focus on sacks so much when talking about pass rush. You have to consider forcing the QB to throw it where he doesn’t want to throw.

  16. Browns fans getting their panties in a bunch over Weeden. So were talking about Bark’s play against 2nd and 3rd stringers.

  17. As a Browns fan, I like the approach. I also liked the pick because they thought he had star-potential. I’m sick of seeing the Browns trade down as they’ve done several times in the past and missed on some stars. Whether they are right about Mingo remains to be seen, but I’m glad they took him and I’m glad they aren’t handing him the job.

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