Carson Palmer: Working with Larry Fitzgerald is “awesome”


Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer says he’s never played with a receiver quite like Larry Fitzgerald.

Palmer said at Arizona’s Organized Team Activities that Fitzgerald makes catches in practice that only he and Detroit’s Calvin Johnson would be able to make.

It’s been awesome,” Palmer said, via the Associated Press. “I threw him a ball today that he and maybe Megatron catch. He’s maybe not one of a kind but one of two of a kind.”

Fitzgerald had similarly positive things to say about Palmer.

“He’s got great touch on his intermediate passes — he can put zip on them or he can feather it in there,” Fitzgerald said. “And then he’s got the intelligence and experience to go out there and make plays. I’ve seen him do it. He threw for 4,000 yards in Oakland.”

After the disaster that was the Cardinals’ passing game last year, Palmer and Fitzgerald are giving Arizona fans a glimmer of hope.

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  1. Bruce Arians is an offensive genuis!!!
    As long as everyone is wearing shorts and T-shirts.

  2. get tired of reading Carson palmer quotes.he’s not relevant why even waste the time to get his opinion ! he would dream to be as good as Kurt warner or Jake Plummer.

  3. With due respect to Megatron, I was left wondering what the big deal was all about when Fitz & Co. stomped the Lions in a mudhole last season…and the Cards were sucking at the time. Fitz always the competitor hasn’t begun to show what he can do!
    In Fitz We Trust:)

  4. Larry was equally effusive about Palmer. “He throws passes that maybe only Skelton, or Kolb, could make. I’m not even sure that Hoyer or Lindley could do it.”.

  5. What are the odds CP throws the same amount of TD passes to Fitz that he throws to opposing Defenses?

  6. I think the league is better with Fitz and the Cards playing well. There playoff run and eventual super bowl game was one of the more entertaining post season happenings i’ve ever witnessed in the NFL.

  7. Fitz is one of the best two receivers in the league. I can’t say he is better than Megatron because he just set the single season receiving record but I would take him second ahead of anyone else. I am a Titans fan but as a football fan I am excited to watch this duo. Palmer isn’t a hall of famer or anything but even mediocre QB performance is enough for Fitzgerald to take over games.

  8. Physicality, unreal body control, not the fastest but maybe the most explosive out of a cut.. CJ is the man but What Fitzgerald has done with scrubs for the most part has been phenomenal. I’d personally pick him over CJ.. Not taking anything away from Megatron.

  9. We don’t know if Fitzgerald is on Megatron’s level or not. In his most productive years–when he could have been fine-tuning his game–he had nothing but below average QBs to work with. He might have been on Megatron’s level, but we will never really know.

  10. Megatron can leap for a pass and go in front of people, has sticky hands, can get free….dang good for sure, but Fitz gets open more often, has great yards after the catch, a great stiffarm, blocks downfield, and still almost got 1000 yards with the circus they had last year. Unfortunately, both receivers would be less than average with the Jaguars last year……

  11. “I threw him a ball today that he and maybe Megatron catch. He’s maybe not one of a kind but one of two of a kind.”


    Hmm.. Sounds like one of those classic Carson Palmer throws that would have gone straight into the defenders hands and been returned for the pick 6.

  12. Fitz has put up good #’s with everything from the likes of pop warner – high school caliber QB’s and he has like 4 drops over the past 5 years… Only a couple seasons with a good QB. Call me when Calvin gets there… Helluva WR but didn’t he have a 5000 yd QB throwing to him and also like 9 dropped passes last year?

    – Niners fan

  13. @Walker615

    Sorry, but you’re wrong. I don”t know what league you’re watching……B. Marshall, L. Fitzgerald and C. Johnson are ALL on the same level, they’re the top 3 WR’s in the NFL. A.J. Green and Julio Jones make a complete top 5.

  14. A glimmer of hope? Yeah right I wouldn’t get my hopes up if I was a Cardinal fan he may put up the yards but there always comes a pick in the red zone

  15. Fitzgerald is a more skilled wr than Calvin…the difference is size and speed which Calvin has over everyone. Cannot go wrong with either guy…great players, even better people.

  16. Palmer may make some great throws in OTAs, but once there are opponents in his face, well, there are reasons why he’s known as “Pick Six Palmer”–and it’s not just the snappy alliteration.

  17. Being a Panthers fan I have an obvious bias towards watching Steve Smith lineup every Sunday. I believe I’d pay to see him even if I weren’t a Carolina fan. His passion for the game is intense, but he brings it on the field. Fitzgerald, much like Steve, has had his bad share of qb’s tossing him the ball the past couple of seasons. In no way am I comparing the two, both are unbelievable in their own right. There still are fans around who believe Larry is still the best in the game. As hard as it is to admit, I am one of those fans.

  18. Hey walker…how many passes has Clavin Johnson caught in the Super Bowl? Fitz is a beast!

  19. If crybaby would have stayed at Cincy he would have been able to throw to the greatest WR in the league. No body will touch AJ when its all said and done.

  20. I think Cardsfan has reason for optimism. It would take much for the Cards to be a much better team than they were last year.

  21. The proper editing for Fitzgerald’s comment would be, “He threw for 4,000 yards. In Oakland!!”

    Even the Arizona Cardinals joke about the Raiders.

  22. These guys will be great fantasy players… But with their supporting cast and the division they play in they won’t win many games maybe 6

  23. With Palmer maybe he’s number three, possibly number 2, but it’s going to be tough for him to put up better numbers than Calvin or Marshall.

  24. I love Fitz and ‘Tron, but I was spoiled as a child. Moss in his prime probably made said catch routinely and effortlessly.

    I wish Randy Moss would have had the work ethic of Jerry Rice.

  25. Wow, so you say Fitz is a great dude, incredible receiver and true professional?

    I suppose you are going to tell us the damn sky is blue next?

  26. Megatron and Fitz are like 1a and 1b. Megatron has stafford to help him put up big numbers while fitz had Warner 3 years ago and they put up good numbers. So if fitz had a great QB he can put up megatron number.

  27. In the back of my mind I think Fitzgerald is thinking… working with a washed up Palmer is the opposite of “awesome”. Palmer was washed up at the end of his tenure in Cincinatti, further proving it in Oakland and will end his career in a short and fleeting tenure in Arizona. Which is home to a very stacked division.

  28. Larry Fitzgerald: Saver of Aging QB’s

    I hope it works out for Fitz. He’s starting to feel a little like the Tim Brown of this generation. Just imagine what he’d do with consistent QB play.

  29. If he wasn’t a whiner and a quitter, he’d be working with a receiver who IS like Megatron. A.J. Green is the only receiver in the league you can compare to Megatron. Fitzgerald can’t sniff at Green or Johnson. I hope he goes down in flames in Arizona as well and then takes his ball and goes home again. Sissy.

  30. Hopefully this means good things for both players and the team.

    Fitz certainly deserves it

  31. Walker you are right, Fitz isn’t on Megatron’s level. he would have to take a few steps down to be that low.
    Now concerning Palmer’s comments, I am sure he is glad to have someone like Fitz to throw to, considering what he has been throwing to the last few years.

  32. “He’s got great touch on his intermediate passes”

    Uh oh. what about the deep omes Larry?

  33. Doesn’t Carson say something like this every year when he’s on a new team.

  34. “…I’ve seen him do it. He threw for 4,000 yards in Oakland.”
    Nice Larry. Nice.

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