Change was the hardest thing for Peyton Manning in 2012


The signs were emerging early last year.  With coaches and executives leaving Indy, Peyton Manning became frustrated with a disrupted routine.  His routine would end up being shattered when the Colts cut him loose and he landed in Denver.

More than a year after the fact, Manning explains that change was the hardest part of a 2012 campaign that ended with a great regular season but a disappointing loss in the playoffs.

“I think the hardest part was when you’re so ingrained in one place, embedded in the city and in the community, and all of a sudden it changes,” Manning recently told Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports.  “[Some of] these players that change teams and coaches a lot, I mean, they kind of get used to it.  It’s probably not what you want to do as a player, but you kinda know how to do it.”

For Manning, it meant only the fourth new offense since his days of Friday night lights.

“It’s not only just one uniform and one city; it’s one offense. Up until that point, I’d played in three offenses — one in high school, one in college, one in the NFL,” Manning said.  “I think Alex Smith has played in [seven NFL] offenses, which is not what he wants — I know he’s said that before — but you probably learn a little bit how to [adapt].  Unlearning an offense is very difficult.”

As a result, Manning said he felt “like a rookie in some ways” last year.  Which means that this creature of habit will be feeling like anything but a rookie in 2013.  Which means that Manning could be even better than he was during his first season in Denver, during which he led the team to 11 straight wins by seven or more points.

“This year, I have more of an idea of what to go off of,” Manning said.  “I can say, ‘Boy, this is better than last year,’ or, ‘Hey, I know I can do this better ’cause I did it last year [when it was harder].’  I did play at a high level last year, and we really had a chance to win the whole thing, but there were obstacles.  I certainly feel like I should be better this year.”

If so, Peyton could be crashing Eli’s stadium in February, two years after Eli won the Super Bowl on Peyton’s home field in Indianapolis.

23 responses to “Change was the hardest thing for Peyton Manning in 2012

  1. Scary for not only the AFC west, but how do you not think this guy isn’t going to set defenses on fire? With the additions of Welker and defensive youth. It’s kind of scary considering what he did last year.

    Let me pre-empt this by saying, EVERY player is one hit away from going down for games/the season.

  2. Blaine Gabbert has had four different head coaches, four different position coaches, three different offensive co-ordinators, and three different offensive systems to learn before he starts his third season in the league. He isn’t complaining, old man.

    Someone moved Peyton’s easy chair. Gadnab it!

  3. I will allways be a Colt fan and will root for my Colts when Denver comes to town but I still love Peyton and wish him nothing but the best.He is the greatest and we miss him.

  4. Many of us didn’t realize how bad change would be until he didn’t play 2 years ago. As fans, when you have a superstar QB behind center for so many years you forget how bad things can be when you don’t. I couldn’t be happier with our team and the direction it is going with Andrew Luck at QB, Peyton Manning will remain my favorite player of all time.

  5. Peyton will always be my favorite Colts quarterback, until maybe Andy gets our 10 Super Bowls for us. 2nd Jimmy Harbaugh and that’s about it, wasn’t around for Unitas but from what I have read and seen on old videos he was definitely a great one. Wish Peyton woulda left on better terms but thats the business I guess. Good luck to Denver until we play them!!!

  6. Good for Peyton, but there are some in the AFC West who would feel smug satisfaction if Denver never sees the post season again.

  7. joetoronto: yep Manning wasn’t in the top 3 in deep ball completion percentage last year, oh wait he was. I’m sure your DBs will be able to read the back of Thomas’ and Decker’s jerseys plenty of times this year as they abuse your rebuilt secondary. Enjoy the offseason it’s the last time the Raiders will see first place this year.

  8. “I think the hardest part was when you’re so ingrained in one place, embedded in the city and in the community, and all of a sudden it changes,”



    I love how Peyton glosses over how he forced his way out of Indy in refusing to take a pay cut by saying ‘all of a sudden it changes’.

    If staying in Indianapolis was important he wouldn’t have INSISTED on getting paid every dime on a contract he didn’t deserve and had no capability of earning.

    Once again, good riddance… and Go Colts FOREVER!

  9. If thegreatgabbert really just made a comparison between Peyton Manning and Blaine Gabbert, you need to stop watching football and maybe try ping pong. That was just about the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Gabbert not complaining??? Maybe he should be. All those coaching and scheme changes might have something to do with him being the worst QB in the NFL other than Sanchez. C’mon man, you can do better than that!

  10. the higher altitude must make it slightly more easy to hold up that massive head at least..

  11. Greatgabbert,
    Blaine has showed little to no promise with any of those coaches to this point. He sucks, as will the Jags as long as they stay with him. On a side note, thank you for firing del rio.

  12. @therealbleedcoltsblue

    The Broncos gave him the same amount and so far he has earned every penny, so maybe the Colts were wrong. Manning left because the Colts were taking Luck, period. You should be thanking him for what he did for the city of Indianapolis not dogging him for the way he left.

  13. tdshouldbeinthehall says: Jun 7, 2013 10:56 AM

    The Broncos gave him the same amount and so far he has earned every penny, so maybe the Colts were wrong.


    Actually the Broncos paid him about 8 million dollars less than the Colts would’ve had to if we kept him in 2012.

    Andrew Luck got paid 4 million in 2012. The Colts won 11 games and went to the playoffs and lost a game that was not his fault.

    Peyton Manning got paid 18 million in 2012. The Broncos won 13 games. They went to the playoffs, Peyton Manning failed to run out the clock in the 4th qtr. and promptly threw a stupid pick in OT that cost the Broncos the game.

    Bottom line, the ONLY way Peyton earned his money is you’re paying for the failures as well.

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