Danny Amendola forming a quick bond with Tom Brady


Danny Amendola walked into the Patriots with a sense of the offense, having been with Josh McDaniels with the Rams in 2011.

But he knows that his success will depend on building a connection with quarterback Tom Brady, and that takes time.

According to Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald, the two have a noticeable chemistry on the practice field, and Brady has hailed his new slot receiver’s work ethic.

We’re trying to get the most work we can in,” Amendola said. “It’s still early. Just trying to go from there and try to be the best we can be in the given time that we have.”

While Amendola’s not necessarily a duplicate of the departed Wes Welker, there’s more similarity there than Brady has found with a new group of outside receivers. So the things Brady’s been more comfortable with in years past figure to show earlier with Amendola than guys such as Michael Jenkins, Donald Jones, Lavelle Hawkins and Aaron Dobson.

That has Brady doing a lot of teaching, and Amendola is eager to learn.

“He’s a legend,” Amendola said. “He’s a football mind. He’s been around the game for a long time, and it’s fun to learn from him and play with him, pick his brain a little bit. It’s going to be a good year.”

“It’s a fun system to be in, and I’m looking forward to it.”

Of course, without full contributions from their recovering-from-surgery tight ends, it’s impossible to accurately gauge where the passing game is at the moment. But if Brady and Amendola are truly on the same page (and Amendola can stay on the field), it’s a good start.

29 responses to “Danny Amendola forming a quick bond with Tom Brady

  1. Niner fan here,

    Glad to have this guy out of the NFC West. Always gave the niners fits on third downs. Always finds a way to make the tough, gritty catches – lot’s of heart too. Has a propensity of getting injured, but when helathy – solid WR that will become one of Brady’s go-to guys immediately.

  2. I say he makes into week 3…
    Amendola is made of glass so as soon as he gets any kind of big hit on him he is done for. If I was the Pats I would keep him out of pre season or he might not even make week 1

  3. It’s funny how everyone makes jokes about how fragile Amendola is.

    He has had the exact same amount of serious injuries as Wes Welker. The only difference is that Welker’s came in the last game of his season, giving him the full off season and preseason to recover. Amendola’s occurred at the beginning of the season, causing him to miss a lot more games.

    Sometimes you need to look a little deeper to really understand what’s going on.

  4. Honestly, Amendola brings more to the table and is a better receiver than Wes Welker.

  5. Well, seems set as #1 target. Thats fine, but where is a legit #2 and #3 WR target on this roster? There is Gronk – injured, Hernandez – injured, Ballard – coming from injury on TE. Then Edelman – injured and Amendola – injury prone.

    I anticipate an 11-5 season with PO (due to AFC East) and then one and done in the PO because the season is long and our bench is short.

  6. I must come to Danny’s defense here. He has never went down from a “big hit”. It has always been from making great diving catches. Brady will love it because he can just he can just fling it out there and Danny will go get it. It’s just that when he hits the ground he is not very good at landing but that is the way he likes to play.

  7. How can you dislike Danny Amendola?? The guy gets hurt because he has stones of steel and goes after balls no matter the consequence. Well, that and he is like 5-5” and goes 140lbs.

  8. Look, there’s no hiding the fact that this receiver corps (including TEs) is a concern whether it be due to injuries plaguing them or lack of experience overall and in the Pats’ offense.

    It’s going to be an intersting year for sure. My favorite years as a Pats fan is when things look dire and they manage to overachieve like 2011 or 06. I’m excited for 2013.

  9. Everyone keep sleeping on the Patriots please. Don’t think about how they went to the superbowl two years ago or the AFC championship game last year. Don’t think about how much better they’ve been than the team you root for these last few years nevermind the last decade+.

    Remember, Brady is old, Danny is fragile, and the Defense is terrible.

  10. To everyone calling out Amendola for being injury prone, look at his history. If he hadn’t fallen awkwardly on his shoulder last year he wouldn’t have missed time at all. Same goes for his broken arm the year before. Or maybe if those injuries had both happened in week 16 no one would be having this conversation regarding his health. If he was having issues with joints: knees, ankles, hips, etc. then I’d be worried, otherwise, his injuries are flukey at best.

  11. Ridley Me This says:

    Everyone keep sleeping on the Patriots please.

    Really? All the media types are picking the Pats to easily win the AFCE and battle Denver in the conference championship game. Pat’s fans are so darn defensive (oops I mentioned defense).

  12. What all these posts SHOULD say is that “I HOPE Danny will be on IR early in the season that way my team has a better chance of not getting trounced when we play the Patriots!”

  13. We REAL Pats fans – because we are such nice (superior) folks – are sitting back, taking a little time off, sipping wine and nibbling cheese, letting all you haters get your licks in until the shooting starts in September.

    At that point our guys will start kicking ass and taking names (again) which will free us (again) to go back to being our old obnoxious selves.

    IOW – we’re still out here we’re just taking our time and letting you have some fun. But we’re STILL HERE.

    You are warned

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