Dip in market complicates Spencer’s talks with Cowboys

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Cowboys linebacker-turned-defensive end Anthony Spencer pounced on his $10.6 million franchise tender once it became clear that the free-agent market would be drier than a Mormon martini.

Both sides are interested in a long-term deal, but as Mike Fisher of FOXSportsSouthwest.com explains it, the recent dip in the value of veteran contracts has complicated the conversation.

Typically, the franchise tender becomes the starting point for the multi-year deal.  For Spencer, the market realities make a contract premised on $10.6 million in year one an impossibility.

There’s no reason, then, for Spencer to replace one-year, $10.6 million for two years and $15 million or three years and $20 million.  Instead, he’s better off pocketing the $10.6 million and becoming an unrestricted free agent, able to land a new deal during the brief slice of time when the money flows.

The franchise tag will be out of the question for the Cowboys in 2014, since using it on Spencer for a third straight year would require them to offer quarterback money.

The Cowboys and Spencer have until July 15 to work out a long-term deal.  After that, no new contract can be signed until after the final regular-season game.

12 responses to “Dip in market complicates Spencer’s talks with Cowboys

  1. his two best years came in those franchise tender years. he is a contract player. let him play out this year and let him walk. i have a feeling if you pay him what he isnt worth then we will have another doug free. he is close to 30 years old and is truly only worth
    about 6/7 mil a year. dude has been over payed the past two years now, him getting dware money is absurd.
    i like him but not for over 10 mil per. noooooo way!

  2. Unintended consequences of the labor agreement ….by not having to fork over ever increasing sums of capital on unproven talent the players negated the incentive for owners to have a bidding war on PROVEN NFL talent i.e. (Veteran Players in FA) and instead made it easier for them to take chances on high potential low wage guys …essentially sucking the life’s blood from the free agent market…Players have very little leverage now and only elite guys at critical positions will get any real dough now … The new norm is one or two years as a franchise player then on to the next because unless you can deliver a few games singlehanded and you put butts in the seats it just doesn’t make economic sense to sign “Franchise players”

  3. Apparently he’s looked pretty good at DE in OTAs. I’d still like to see him prove it one more time before giving him a big contract.

  4. In response to calizcowboyz:

    “his two best years came in those franchise tender years. he is a contract player.”

    Two things, Spencer was franchised last year and this upcoming year, so unless he’s played this upcoming season already in advance without us noticing somehow, he’s only had one year as a tendered player. I assume you meant his contract year before last year, so you are saying when he’s under pressure (and in line to make big money) he performs. But the past two years have also been the past two years (which are in his prime), so why wouldn’t it just be that he’s grown as a player and now is in his prime?

    I agree that Spencer has stepped up in contract years, that’s obvious. But how can you separate those years from them being the past two years? It’s not like he played well in a contract year, then didn’t play well when he was signed, and then came back again and played well in another contract year.

    The boys need to sign him for less (like you said) and lock him in for the rest of his prime.

  5. “There’s no reason, then, for Spencer to replace one-year, $10.6 million for two years and $15 million or three years and $20 million.” Good thing you aren’t an agent, Mike. I think the player might disagree. Getting a longer term contract with some guarantees provides an insurance policy for greater money. It isn’t always about getting the most money right now…some people actually have, you know, a longer view.

  6. Funny reading comments from non cowboy fans. If you were you would know spencer is a very good player who plays the run and coverage better than d ware and can rush the passer almost as good but he doesn’t get to. D ware was the rush olb and that’s how it was last year it changed because of the injury to dware and look what spencer did. Spencer will now show that he could have been a perenial double digit sack guy who has a better all around game than dware

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