Eli: Duke workouts “not a substitute” for Nicks and Cruz


Giants quarterback Eli Manning was careful to hold his tongue in the early stages of Victor Cruz’s absence.

But now that it’s taken up the whole OTA season, and fellow wideout Hakeem Nicks has missed it all as well, Manning sounds less ambivalent.

The Giants quarterback last saw his top two receivers when he was working out at Duke with his brother Peyton, but said those were “not a substitute” for what’s happening now.

“You got some work, but I was really hoping that would be a little starter course to the spring and not a substitute for what we’re doing on the field right now,” Manning said, via Mike Garafolo of USA Today. “This is the stuff where you’re getting to go against cornerbacks. You get to work your technique. You get to practice those things we’re gonna do in the season.”

That’s about as expressive as the younger Manning gets, so it will be interesting to see how the message is received.

Unlike Cruz, Nicks is under contract at the moment, so he’s obligated to be at next week’s mandatory minicamp, and coach Tom Coughlin is looking forward to their talk.

“There’s no change. I have not spoken to him,” Coughlin said of Nicks. “We have a mandatory [minicamp next Tuesday through Thursday]. I would expect he’ll be here, . . .

“I don’t know any more information than I did the day he went home for the weekend.”

That was a month ago.

Coughlin noted that “Cruz is in a different category,” but added “I’d like to have him, don’t get me wrong.”

So would Manning, it seems, although he’s been more subtle than his coach throughout the process.

22 responses to “Eli: Duke workouts “not a substitute” for Nicks and Cruz

  1. Considering how weak the Giants are, I understand why their overrated, mistake prone QB is desperate to get his regular WRs back, even though neither of them would be a full-time player with a high quality team.

  2. Quiet logical

    Your qb would be converted to a wide receiver on a team as great as the giants because he couldn’t even play qb for such a great team.

    P.S. he wouldn’t be very high on the wr depth chart either

  3. logical, you trippin…LOL Im not a Giants fan but Nicks and Cruz are 2 of the best in the league at their positions….I would gladly take both of these dudes on my team… They also have SB rings…IJS. LOL

  4. Easy for Eli to say, he has never had to worry about his contract and never will. But I do understand his sentiment. I just want both of them HEALTHY come Week 1.

  5. It’s too bad Eli doesn’t have “high quality receivers” like Pierre “One Leg” Garcon and Leonard “Who?” Hankerson. Let’s not forget Santana “The Jets didn’t want me” Moss. Inept receivers on an inept team. #BurgundyandgoldSubStandard #RGIIIMrIrrelevant

  6. Giants are in a mess. Cruz holdout is about to become a big distraction and the Giants are not going to cave, neither is Cruz. Could go well into August and holdouts usually end up badly with NYG.

    Now you add in Nicks no show, also unhappy. No chance that the Giants are going to pay him when he could not stay on the field last year.

    Because the NYG are stubborn and you have 2 guys both WR’s holding out this may have a disasterous ending…

  7. I couldn’t be happier with them not showing up. OTAs are dumb. We won the SB without them. Just be ready for Dallas.

  8. “logicailvoicesays says: Jun 6, 2013 2:46 PM

    Considering how weak the Giants are, I understand why their overrated, mistake prone QB is desperate to get his regular WRs back, even though neither of them would be a full-time player with a high quality team.”

    See folks, this is a person that only watches football one day a year, and that’s just to get the snacks his friend provides at the Super Bowl party.

    Eli has won 2 rings with completely different teams. He’s made average players look great, see Kevin Boss.
    Eli will win with Randle if Cruz and Nicks don’t come back.

  9. This is how important OTAs are….

    The team needing them the most (the Jets) are using their last OTA day to play paintball.

  10. Eli has made many a WR look great and can do it with a new batch

    Eli is the only QB in the NFC East worth any money at all.

    RG broken is just that broken

    Romo is a choker when the heat is on

    Vick is going to lose his job to Nick somebody or other

    Eli is Elite the best of the best in the NFC East give him a fast guy who can catch and he will make him a star

  11. Hey logical, correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t it Eli and Cruz that beat your skins last year on a 77 yard TD with about a minute to go in the game.

    I get that you see the world through burgundy and gold glasses but when you make comments that are so ridiculous it just makes you look silly.

    By the way, you can keep up the talk about RG3 because he could end up being a great one but calling Garcon the best WR is just plain stupid.

  12. All this drama is leading up to a losing season for the giants. Behold the “super bowl host curse”. Each team that has hosted the big game has had a terrible season leading up to the big game. Look at New Orleans. Last year, Indianapolis before that, Dallas before that etc, etc…

  13. thats because nicks is a tar heel,he
    would never practice at duke..cruze
    thinks hes better then what he is..

  14. well at least while they are at Dook they will be focusing solely on football. The women over there would make any man rather stay in a closed off gated football facility, catching balls, hanging out with other dudes, and catching more balls from more dudes… than hang with them.

  15. As usual, tons of jealousy aimed at Eli Manning. You can cut the bitterness with a knife, Giants fan must love it, tbh.

    Cruz and now Nicks are going to be a problem. Real shame with the SB at MetLife this year.

  16. once again the only explanation for logicalvoice is consuming one diesel blunt after another

    I am a EX cowboy fan …out of pure embarrassment

    however I have high respect for the giants and there organization as you can not argue with 2 SB victory’s in 5 years

    both Nicks and Cruz are top quality receivers

    Logical ur skins are garbage and backed into there first playoffs in 20 years or so

    go roll another as the one ur smoking is about to burn ur finger

  17. It’s too bad the giants cheated in the Super Bowls against the Pats (both times), They video taped NE practices but of course the nfl buried the issue bc good old roger is best buds with John Mara. See: eli trade, giants scheduling, official help, etc

  18. Why are you responding to this clowns comments..stop and maybe he’ll go away,or just wait to the midway point of the upcoming season when bob is on the sideline and the skins are back where they belong 2-6 or 3-5.. On another note its great to be a giants fan looking at the NFC east,eagles should be bottom feeders again,skins were a fluke last year,Dallas and romo..if the giants don’t win the east easily this year I’ll be shocked

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