Jason Peters is done talking about his injury

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We’ve heard Eagles offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland say that tackle Jason Peters looks like he never suffered an Achilles injury and guard Evan Mathis offered the same review of Peters’ play this week.

That’s good, because Peters is tired of talking about the injury that cost him the entire 2012 season. Peters told reporters that he won’t be talking about his Achilles any more, saying “point blank” that it is a non-issue because he is practicing every day and isn’t hurt. Beyond that, Peters believes he’s lost nothing from his game as a result of the lengthy absence and vowed to simply stop playing football if he’s proven incorrect.

“No doubt,” Peters said, via Jack McCaffery of the Delaware County Daily Times. “The injury didn’t set me back at all. I’m out there, and I am going to play just like I have been playing. If not, I’ll just hang the helmet up.”

Mathis, guard Todd Herremans and center Jason Kelce are all practicing alongside Peters and rookie right tackle Lane Johnson, giving the Eagles the kind of complete and cohesive unit that they never had last season. If that quintet remains together all year, Michael Vick or Nick Foles is going to have an easier time of it than they did last season.

10 responses to “Jason Peters is done talking about his injury

  1. If that’s the truth, The Eagles will be in the playoffs. Remember this, Foles did a respectable job last season considering he had a off. line about 20% as good as the above mentioned! Many in the know said, it was the worst off. in all pro football!

  2. As a Bills fan I always liked Jason Peters. He played on Special Teams for a bit for the Bills, Kickoff Coverage, and rushing punts, he even blocked a punt! Crazy Athletic for a man that big!

  3. ManBearPig.

    god i hope this dude is right.
    I have never seen a man that size move down the field as he does.

    The only people i saw give this guy a hard time were 49ers Smith & Hiloti Gnata… The two meanest power pigs in the NFL..

  4. What injury? Peters already admitted that he could have played last season. That’s why he doesn’t want to talk about it anymore.

    He didn’t want to risk injury playing for that pathetic excuse of an NFL team last season so he played the “injury” card for all it was worth.

    You can’t handle the truth eagle fans.

  5. Peters is one of the most overrated OT in the league. What has he really done after getting 10M plus a year, the guy is a liability for the QB. Peters, is one of the rare player that get passes and even pro bowls without earning it. Do me a favor instead of doubting it watch him play. You will see he needs help on half the plays. Pro bowl players dont need help. They play one on one so other players can get help.

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