McCarthy knows that today’s NFL requires a lot of points


The NFL is changing.  Gradually but definitely, the 100-yard version of the game is becoming more like the 50-yard indoor variety, with plenty of points and yards and defenses that merely hope to make a periodic stop.

The Packers have epitomized that style in recent years, and coach Mike McCarthy embraces it.

“Running the football is important, but at the end of the day, the offense’s responsibility is scoring points,” McCarthy said Wednesday regarding the perceived decline of the run game, via  “You have to score as many points as you can. . . .  I don’t play keep away.  I want to play as fast as we can, throw as many punches as we can and beat you as bad as we can.”

In Green Bay, that approach arguably is a necessity, since the defense has been not so good in recent years.  The emphasis on scoring points arguably has put more pressure on the team’s defense.

“What you do has to complement whatever your team’s philosophy is.  It has to tie in with the head coach’s philosophy.  When you have a quarterback like Aaron [Rodgers], you’re going to try to play to the strength of your personnel,” defensive coordinator Dom Capers said.

And so the goal has become creating turnovers.

“Our No. 1 goal is always going to be to lead the league in scoring defense.  We’ve got to create more fumbles,” Capers said.

Ultimately, they’ve got to allow fewer points.  In so doing, they need to figure out how to stop the read option, which the 49ers used in the playoffs last year to bury the Packers, prompting strong opinions that someone other than Capers should be running the defense.

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  1. The Packers did get embarrassed in the playoffs, true enough. But let’s ease up on the 11th ranked defense a little bit.

    Kaepernick had a great, star making performance, and it was at GBs expense, but to say they were worse than the majority is feeding Viking trolls misinformation.

    At the end if the day, if they can slightly improve, it could pay BIG dividends.

  2. No worries . Nothing ever is a problem in Mamby Pamby land. They have never even really lost a game. Just ask them. Even their players and coach say the same thing. Never a loss, only, they always beat themselves. Biggest self righteous crybabies fan base in sports

  3. When the wildcat was eating up teams like the Patriots – everybody fell in love with it – but soon DC’s figured it out. They will figure out the read option – One thing about these new style running quarterbacks will find out is that they eventually will fail like Michael Vick if they cant pass. Quarterbacks who run to make yards and then get out of bounds or slide will survive. Guys who want to push the envelope like Griffin, Newton, Wilson and Kapernick will eventually get injured. Guys especially like Kapernick who try and run over smaller D Backs will eventually get their come-uppance by way of a few late hits. If you they want to act like a running back they be expected to slide some time and run over guys the next time and not face some sort of consequence.

  4. In other words, he’d rather score more times, more quickly, than burn time off possession and keep his defense fresh.

    I do not believe this adheres to proven fundamentals.

    I also do believe that the reason he is so focused on conserving game clock to score more times goes beyond winning and losing.

    I believe he has a personal agenda to eclipse the records of his former QB. And that that is more important to him than winning Superbowls.

  5. The Read Option is much like the Wildcat, a gimmick offense that in a year or two later will be gone. Once defenses start to crush the QB whether he hands it off or not, that will change.

    The Packers offense will be even better this year with a running game. That will enable Cobb to be a human spark plug that I am really looking forward to. Grab your popcorn…

  6. Maybe the NFL will just fill the endzone with seats and call the 0-25 yard range the new endzone. Then they can phase out Punters from having a purpose to exist. The money saved from that can be spent towards the remodeling.

  7. As a Bears fan, the last thing I want to see is GB’s defense emulating our defense, because if they are successful teams will have to score 50 points a game to beat them, instead of 35…That said, I wish the Bears under Lovie had been smart enough to keep attacking on offense, rather than going into ball-control mode up by 3 in the 1st. quarter.

  8. Tokyo, you were way too kind on the Viking fans. The fact is that the Packers defense was BETTER than the Minnesota defense last season. The stats support it. Total points and total yards were better for GB, what else do you need? The Vikes will hang their hats on running defense, but the Packers had to play twice against the best RB in the league and they didn’t.

  9. Yes, they have to score as many points as possible in the first 3 quarters. Because as Aaron Rodgers’ has proven time and time again, if you’re down in the 4th quarter with him at quarterback, you’re screwed.

  10. Score as many points as they can, play as fast as they can, focus on turnovers on defense.

    In other words, he wants to become the Patriots.

  11. Whew! False alarm. Anyway, back to the subject of trolling, on which I hold considerable expertise. To wit, my thoughtful commentary on a recent story on Joe Webb. Go ahead, check it out. Learn from my wisdom.

  12. The Pack’s D wasn’t that bad last year, and they were a top five D the year they won the Super Bowl. They had a bad game against a hot team in San Fran, but it’s nothing they can’t fix. And, hey, at least GB’s QB doesn’t need a visit from Jeff George to teach him how to play the position.

  13. I like the last paragraph the best.
    McCarthy was not the main goat in this piece.
    It was Dom. Misleading headline.
    I’m still waiting for DeadSpin to release:
    “Packer Coach McCarthy is Long Lost Ugly Triplet to Ryan Twins.”

  14. I am a huge Packer fan , but I do not know if I agree with MM.
    Time will tell…
    The 2 rookie RBs should help the Offense…a healthy D is an absolute need.
    This team can win the Super Bowl…

  15. What he really means is “With a crappy defense like ours, we have to be able to score a whole bunch of points if we want to win the game.”

  16. Reading the comments on the Packers stories I would be sure they were ranked 29th or 30th in defense last year. Than I look and they were ranked 11th. People just remember 2 of the last 3 games where the defense was embarrassed by AP and Kaepernick. The ‘loss’ to Seattle they only allowed 14 pts. Several other games the defense probably won the game as much as the offense – and this after losing Bishop, Perry and Woodson who were supposed to be big parts of the D.

  17. McCarthy is right and its a QB driven league.

    So the Viking trolls can take their best shot but at the start of the season, they will be looking at Ponder at Qb and no chance at a Superbowl, for like the 53rd consecutive season.

  18. very simple, HIT THE QB !!!! erik walden was an idiot in this game, he was trying to read the “read option”. not his job, his job should’ve been to hit the QB, if he hands off, somebody else will tackle the RB but the QB gets hit on every single play ……. like RGIII, he will get hurt and the “read option” will go away.

  19. WHAT?? a defense.. thats a joke. the packers didnt have a defense last season and they have done absolutely nothing to get better for
    this season. the packers win games by scoring points fast in the first half of the game. Rodgers will throw 50 passes in half UNTIL they run into a real defense then they lose the game and make up excuses.

  20. Any NFL fan will tell you, this is not a championship caliber defense.

    Pair a patchwork defense with the fact that GB has lost its most savvy veteran receiver, who was also their star receiver in their Superbowl win 3 years ago, and it is clear this team is basically in rebuilding mode. No clear #1 receiver. Yes Cobb and Nelson are good, but most of that credit goes to Rodgers. They have unproven rookies as RBs (one who is injury prone) and a shuffled around O-line that still has guys that couldn’t get the job done last year. Oh yeah, why is AJ Hawk still in the NFL? Adrian Peterson loves that guy.
    Can’t wait for the season to start! I really, really hope the Packers and Vikings meet in the playoffs again, I just don’t think GB can get there

  21. It’s a one-man team. As long as Rodgers is healthy, the Packers will contend for the division title. Unfortunately, Rodgers’ greatness seems to have created a false impression with the front office that the rest of the team doesn’t need to be upgraded. They traded early draft picks for late draft picks. They drafted a third-round guy in the first round. They didn’t sign any meaningful free agents. Their idea of improving is shuffling people around and changing their positions. They’re resting on their laurels rather than feeling an urgent need to get better. They’ve been blown out in the playoffs the last two years. I don’t see how anyone could think that this team is trending up.

  22. whatjusthapped says: Jun 6, 2013 6:59 AM

    So the Viking trolls can take their best shot but at the start of the season, they will be looking at Ponder at Qb and no chance at a Superbowl, for like the 53rd consecutive season.


    Packer fans seem to forget that Ponder’s last game was a 3 TD performance in a win over the sorry Green Bay Packers. They love to talk history, just not recent history.

  23. Regardless of how many points they score, one thing is a given – the Packers own the NFC North and will have no problems getting into the playoffs once again. Chicago is regressing and will have to learn a new system with a new coaching staff, Detroit is back to being Detroit after their fluke year a couple of years ago, and the vikings… well, they’ve never really been a team to worry about.

    As a matter of fact, that’s probably been the Packers biggest problem over the past few years – they get used to playing the weak teams of the NFC North twice a year and then lose to a team in the playoffs that is better and more physical than the ones that they’ve been seeing the most.

    With the additions they’ve made through this year’s draft, the key players they’ve locked in for the long-term, and with the existing youth and talent they possess in general, the Packers will be fine for years to come.

  24. It didn’t happen in every game the last few years, but there were games when the Packer offense would come on the field, score in 4 -7 plays and be back off the field in 2.5 minutes. Then the defense had to come back in and play 6-8 minutes.

    There’s a limit to how many wind sprints even a pro bowl linebacker can execute in a game. An equalizer is a turnover after a few plays so the defense doesn’t get gassed. Failing a turnover, you need even better conditioning on defense than would otherwise be required at the NFL level.

    I recall the Hollywood movie about the US Hockey team that beat the Russians in the Olympics in Lake Placid. That movie, and several others similar to it, illustrated the extremely exaggerated attention the USA coach paid to getting the conditioning work done.

    That said, I sure won’t mind a few more running plays this season so I can see our offense on the field a higher percentage of the game time. Maybe watching the Green Bay offense would be even more fun if it took a few more plays to score.

  25. bordner says:

    “Chicago is regressing and will have to learn a new system with a new coaching staff…”

    If by regressing you mean a 10-6 team which improved its o-line, upgraded at TE, and installed a new, honest-to-God, offensive-minded coaching staff, then yeah, we’re regressing.

  26. Sorry, I don’t buy the idea that the offense puts pressure on the defense by scoring quickly. If the defense does its job, they only have to be out there for three plays and will be “tiring out” the offense.
    Packer fans don’t like to talk recent history? Where the Vikings are concerned, GB’s recent history is beating them 6 out of 7 times. Vikes won a do-or-die game at home by 3 points on the last play of the game, with Randall Cobb not playing for GB. Good for them, but if you think that’s a trend you probably also think Miley Cyrus really is the hottest woman in the world. When the Vikings need to score quickly they can only hope Peterson will break off an 80 yard run. And yes, he does it occasionally. But not nearly often enough to get them their first ever pro football championship. Sorry.

  27. Viking fans once again riding the coattails of a Packer article. I guess when you witness success you cant help but be enamered.

  28. whatjusthapped says:
    Jun 6, 2013 6:59 AM
    McCarthy is right and its a QB driven league.

    So the Viking trolls can take their best shot but at the start of the season, they will be looking at Ponder at Qb and no chance at a Superbowl, for like the 53rd consecutive season.
    Its so sad that the knee jerk reaction every packer fan has is to somehow involve the vikings in whatever it is.

    Damn, I got a parking ticket…damn vikings and their parking tickets.

    Damn, my leinies is flat, damn vikings…

    Damn, my wife left me for another guy, damn vikings…

  29. Lack of Offense was a problem for the Packers vs. the Niners. The Niners pulled away when the Packers had a couple of very short possessions followed by 49ers scores. The nail in the coffin was deciding to punt down 14 with 11 minutes left from midfield.

    I think the short possessions in the 2nd half also added insult to injury from the 1st half. The Packers only had the ball 8 or 9 minutes in that half. This wasn’t really the offense’s fault it was due to their defensive TD, muffed punt, and two 80 yard drives that spanned only 3 min/ea.

  30. Vikings fans come on Packers articles and say this team in in rebuilding mode and is a team in decline. The same team that went 2-1 against them last year including eliminating them from the playoffs. The game they beat the Packers the Vikings had to play nearly a perfect game at home, while the Packers played like hot garbage but Minnesota still barely won the game. Plus this was a do or die game for the Vikings – the Packers had already clinched a playoff berth, yes they wanted 1st round bye but not same intensity.

    And I’m so sick of hearing about what a huge loss Greg Jennings is. He barely played last year and look at his stats he was pedestrian except for 2 games all of last season. The Packers winning percentage was actually better without him.

  31. @tokyosandblaster:
    Most people call it “the drunk tank”. You call it “Italy”. Very smooth.

  32. I suspect the Packers will continue to score more points than the hapless, tasteless Vikings and Bears twice per season – as they have in each of the last 3 years. Those teams aren’t very good at football.

  33. expertop says:
    Jun 6, 2013 8:41 PM
    Most people call it “the drunk tank”. You call it “Italy”. Very smooth.


    7 Days in and around Florence. Third trip in 7 years. Wanted to get there again before the throngs of Dan Brown fanatics turn out in droves.

    But I did enjoy lots of alcohol.

  34. The Packers were only 4th in the NFL in scoring points last season even though McCarthy never wants to run up the score on anyone.

    They added some good young players in the draft to produce more points.

    The Packers defense was 5th in points allowed last season which is not good enough. They added some good players to improve that.

    Obviously, in Green Bay being top five on both sides of the ball isn’t good enough. They have high standards and they intend to improve.

  35. I’m so tired of hearing how a team that played virtually an entire season without Jennings is going to miss him. How does that work, exactly?

    Oh yeah, the rest of the receiving corps steps it up, and one of them leads the league in TD’s…that’s how.

    Good luck the rest of your career, Greg. Obviously winning more championships is not a priority over more $$ and a real team.

    P.S. – Enjoy catching ducks from Poopder. hahahah

  36. 2011 the defense was awful….

    2010 the defense was great/clutch.

    2009 the defense was good til almost everyone in the secondary wound up on IR – then we started getting sliced up whenever teams went 3+ at WR.

    2012 – the defense was pretty good, for a defense with a ton of rookies and injuries, then late in the year, teams noticed Walden and AJ Hawk both suck, so they ran it at them.

    Everyone yaps about how great the Texans defense has been, everyone ignores the games where elite offenses sliced them up – but with us, they won’t ever let us forget the 2 or 4 games we got sliced up.

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