ProFootballTalk: Falcons’ Mt. Rushmore

Matt Ryan, Jamal Anderson, Roddy White, and Michael Vick make Mike Florio’s Atlanta Falcons’ Mt. Rushmore. Which Falcons’ legend makes your list?


5 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Falcons’ Mt. Rushmore

  1. Way to totally ignore the Falcons before the 1990s. Claude Humphrey, Tommy Nobis, Steve Bartkowski, Jeff Van Note–do these names mean anything to you?

  2. Ridiculous that Deion Sanders is even on this list. What a sad, sad franchise.

    In his 5 years with Atlanta he was only a pro bowler 3 of his 5 years. Two of those years the Falcons finished 6-10. They only finished above .500 once in his time there, and the year they did, they didn’t even win the division.

    In his 1 year in San Francisco he was the NFL Defensive Player of the Year, a pro bowler, and won a Championship. (still more of a face for the 49ers than the Falcons)

    In his 5 years with Dallas he was a pro bowler 4 of his 5 years and won a Championship. Only finished below .500 once. The exact opposite of his stint in Atlanta. And still has a home in Dallas, where his children live.

    What a joke. He went into the HoF as a Falcon as a pity move to give you guys something to be happy about. To not only include him in your “faces of the franchise” but to give him the most votes, really is a joke.

  3. Deion Sanders did more to help the Braves win in Atlanta than he did to help the Falcons win.

  4. Thanks for that Mike. I doubt that if we’d had a President who was incarcerated and left the country in shambles would we be honoring him alongside men who served our nation well.

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