Roddy White, Richard Sherman still unimpressed with each other

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After the Atlanta Falcons and Seattle Seahawks met in the Divisional Round of the playoffs last season it became clear that Falcons receiver Roddy White and Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman don’t like each other very much.

White thinks Sherman talks too much. Sherman thinks White isn’t very good. Both players won their fair-share of plays in the playoff meeting. Sherman swatted away a handful of passes toward White but White also caught a 47-yard touchdown pass over Sherman. Five months after the Falcons earned a last-second win over Seattle the feelings between the two haven’t seemed to improve.

The latest war of words came courtesy of the latest edition of the NFL Network’s countdown of the “Top 100 Players of 2013.” Sherman said White wasn’t deserving of a place on the list at all after White was listed at No. 39 on the countdown.

White was a guest on the show and had his own comments to share about Sherman in return. White said Sherman “talked his way into being an All-Pro” and that he doesn’t lose sleep over having to face Sherman on the field.

He would actually be the first guy that I would want to face,” White said, via Dan Hanzus of “Frankly, I watch film and I know what I can do. I know what my ability is, I know what his ability is. I sit there and watch him and I’m like, OK. I’m not sitting there, losing any sleep getting ready for Richard Sherman.”

White was more complimentary of Sherman than Sherman was in return. He said Sherman is a Top 100 player in the league but just doesn’t like how much Sherman talks. At least one thing White says is correct – as much as Sherman has talked himself up this offseason he’s going to have a spotlight on him to prove he can live up to his own billing.

“He’s a front-runner. When things are going good, he’s all good,” White said. “When things ain’t going his way, he has nothing to say — that’s just how he is. You let him talk in the offseason because that’s what he likes to do. You let guys like that talk, but at some point when September rolls around, you gotta come play football.”

The rematch between the Seahawks and Falcons in Week 10 this season should be fun.

90 responses to “Roddy White, Richard Sherman still unimpressed with each other

  1. Can’t stand Sherman. Even though I’m not a fan of Skip Bayless, no one could possibly be correct telling anyone else that they’re better at life than another person. Pathetic

  2. And you are nothing without Julio Jones, Roddy. I’ll take Dick Sherman any day over all but maybe one other CB in the NFL.

    I’d take a dozen WRs before I even THINK about choosing you, Roddy.

  3. Yawn.

    For a period of time I, and I think most people, had some respect for Richard Sherman. Then he kept talking. Only person to ever make me feel some sympathy for Skip Bayless.

  4. Sherman is a tool. Loved watching Trent Williams punch him in the face.

  5. I like how good Sherman is, but does he really have to be a jerk to everyone?

  6. Sherman is such an loud mouth. He needs to shut up and let his play do all the talking. It’s great to have confidence but he always sounds childish.

  7. Roddy, stop talking. Sherman talked all season while he was shutting people down, so I guess things were good. If you watched tape, you would know he more than backed his mouth up with his play. Roddy sounds like a bitter female holding onto a grudge over nonsense.

  8. white caught a deep bomb over sherman. the falcons beat the seahawks. why is sherman still talking?

  9. Before any moron NFL or Falcons fans comment about Roddy White or Julio Jones and their proformance against the Seahawks.

    JULIO didn’t do squat, didn’t even have 80 yards and I believe he had 60 something and no touchdowns…. And Roddy had only a few catches and a TD for about 70 something yards which most came on a nearly 50 yard reception while Sherman AND Chancler were covering a seem slow go.

    Considering the chuck it around offense of the falcons, for neither star receiver to do very much in a playoff game is pretty impressive. And based on stats they obviously struggled for what they are use to doing. Usually atleast one of then goes off, neither did.

    Also the season before the CB’s for the seahawks were different when the teams played which holds no bearing.

    I hope no stupid fans come out and claim any beat down or any idiotic statement about how Roddy white killed it against Sherman, bc that’s not only false but retarded..

    RODDY is deserving of an top 100. SHERMAN is as well, Sherman is top 3 at his position and Roddy is barely top 10 at his .

    These rankings are an joke seeing how many people on the show admit to not even they voted ..

    I’ve never understood how player rankings for a year are always related to previous seasons. That contradicts it’s own title of being best player of 2013..

    People who don’t play ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE VOTED ONTO THIS LIST… Ex Revis, or Manning before. If you don’t perform you don’t qualify, simple as that, I wouldn’t want my teams IR player on this list over another player who played.

    Sherman wins no popularity contests, this show and list is exact that. And that’s why he’s #50 instead of atleast top 20.

  10. Lol! White dont argue with this bum. How can he say roddy isn’t good when the guy is one of only 3 players in the league to have 6 str8 1,000 yrd seasons. C’mon Mann if not 4 a very late throw boy Matt this guy gives up 14 pts in that gm by himself. Not very lock down when he plays real RECIEVERS …

  11. Roddy White is wrong about Sherman “talking his way into an All-Pro.” Last time I checked, if you can back it up, you can talk all you want. That’s exactly what Sherman did. He had 8 picks, 24 pass deflections, 3 forced fumbles, and a touchdown.

    You can talk when you have numbers like that.

  12. I’m going to kill 2 “BIRDS”with one stone… YOU BOTH LIKE TO TALK A LOT!!! Was Sherman on the list if so what #? I did not see the list.

  13. For a guy with relatively few accomplishments in the nfl Richard Sherman sure does talk a lot.

  14. How can Sherman sit there and talk trash after his team lost to Matt Ryan of all QBs? Dude couldn’t win a playoff game to save his life and then you’re going to dog his #1 guy?

    Please. I think everyone in the league is a little tired of the ringless dog and pony show up there in Seattle flapping their gums with an empty trophy case.

  15. I’m a Seahawks fan but does Sherman talk too much? Yep. Did he limit Roddy White to the least catch percentage of any receiver on Atlanta’s team? Yep. White only caught 50% of the passes thrown to him–the worst on the team. However, there’s no getting around it: White did catch a TD pass in the game. It should be a good rematch. I can’t wait.

  16. Even after the dude roasts you for a td, still dont give the dude any props. I think thats the true definition of a sourpuss. Sherman has played balls out last year, but this time you look like a whiny kid. Roddy has been a threat in the nfl for at least 5 or 6 years. Earn your stripes Sherman, dont tell others they need to give them to you.

  17. I’m honestly not sure how I feel about this whole top 100 thing – it seems like most players are never actually polled and its more used as a tool for the NFL to push out public portrayals of players as they see fit.

  18. White did NOT catch “a 47-yard touchdown pass over Sherman.” He wasn’t even Sherman’s responsibility on the play. Since Sherman had shut White down one-on-one, the Falcons moved him into the slot on the play in question. Kam Chancellor had deep zone responsibility but he bit on a play fake and vacated the deep middle. Sherman was lined up outside, saw that Chancellor was out of position and tried to get over to help but just missed getting there in time. If White “beat” anybody, it was Chancellor, not Sherman, and in reality all he did was run to an open spot in the zone because of Chancellor’s mistake on the play.

    All you have to do is watch the NFL Replay version of the game to get your facts right.

    PS – It was a catch. Seahawks 14, Packers 12.

  19. More evidence of why the video clip of Trent Williams slapping Richard Sherman is probably on the favorites list of many players throughout the league. It’s got to be therapeutic to see that given Sherman’s apparent inability to stop running his enormous mouth. In fact, let me pull up the clip … “SERENITY NOW!!!”

  20. biggest difference between the best players ever and players like Sherman, best players ever never had to bring attention to themselves by running their mouth. T.o. part 2. This dude is a one year wonder just like the Seahawks are, they will talk themselves back into mediocrity. It’s a shame too, Wilson is a good kid, wish he was drafted to a team that had respect.

  21. That 47yd td should be all the talk white needs. I coach kids and tell them everyday “you got something to say, do it with your play”

  22. Roddy white is a darn good reciever with a mouth. Richard Sherman is an elite all pro statistically proving dominant cover player with an even bigger mouth. Get a life pft, this is a non story.

  23. Are you sure they’re “unimpressed with each other,” or are they just playing hard to get?

  24. Is there anything funnier than two guys who BOTH talk too much bitching about each other talking too much? 😀

    Both of them should be seen and not heard, but I am old school and think trash talking belongs on the field, not in the media. So I don’t think it’s “fun” to hear it. Ribbing is one thing, talking trash is another.

  25. Not a fan of either team (or player, for that matter), but Sharod is right. Sherman blabbed his way to the position that he’s in now… and it all started when he got into Tammy Barbie’s face.

  26. Sherm may talk to much from time to time, but he backs it up. He will no doubt dominate Roddy White, and the rest of the league, again. And the Seahawks will have their revenge on the Falcons. Can’t wait!

  27. Whites TD wasnt even on.Sherman. it was the safety in the middle if the field and Sherman was just fast enough to get back to be close in the play. He knocked the pass down in the first quarter. It was a duplicate play. Sherman is better then Roddy and deserves to be higher in the list. Trust me he is even better this year!

  28. Sherman is a very good player and being the loudest talker is not new for a db. White did burn him for a long TD in the playoffs so we will see the rematch week 10

  29. O well atleast in week one, we will see how he fairs against Roddy White greatest rivals Steve Smith… he better watch that trash talk there… Steve Smith is not no punk

  30. Sherman has done a great job of promoting himself into one of the most unliked players in the game. Well done! The NFL is hard enough without having thousands of fan waiting for you to fail.

  31. Atlanta fans aren’t going to side with Sherman, and Seahawks fans aren’t going to side with White. It will be a battle won or lost by either side, on the field. Obviously there is no love lost for the Falcons by the Seattle faithful.

    But being the genteel and mild-mannered Seahawks fan that I am, allow me to add that when we play them in a few months, we ain’t gonna be lookin’ to have no fun! This’ll be about revenge!!!!!

  32. Take away the after the whistle cheap shots and PEDs and Sherman is just a guy.

  33. I’m not a big fan of trash talking, but if you are facing an idiot like Roddy White, you have got to talk smack. It will probably ruin his entire season.

  34. White vs Sherman will definitely be fun to watch again. However, with the scorecard at 2-0 in favor of Roddy, week 10 may be time for Richard to put up or shut up.

  35. When Roddy White, a guy who never shuts up, thinks you talk too much, you need help.

    By the way still waiting on that “Adderall” investigation to start, Goodell…

  36. Richard Sherman is the best CB in ghe game. Roddy White is about the 20ish best Wr.
    The Seahawks are going to dominate the next decade and will be in the next Super Bowl.
    Atlanta will not.

    Bottom line….. Sherman is better than Roddy…..Seattle will be in the Super Bowl, and Atlanta will not.
    Seattle has the better QB, Wr, DBs, head coach, fans, rb

  37. Man these dudes are TOUGH. I mean, hearing them TALK about each other it’s just like, WOW SO TOUGH. It definitely DOESN’T feel like two little girls pulling each others pigtails…NOT AT ALL

  38. Sherman needs to shut up!!!! How does he think Roddy shouldn’t even be in top 100 when this guy has had 6 straight years of over 1300 yards. He talks himself into the spotlight every year. We’ll see week 10 in ATL…………..

  39. This Sherman kid came out of no where…the way to stop Sherman? Run right at him 25 times per game and lean on him with guards and tight ends. If you let him latch on to you on obvious passing downs he’s going to take you out of rhythm, gotta find a way to run the ball against that team.

  40. Well White has a much better, longer track record. And isn’t a complete blowhard. So I’ll take him.

  41. Sherman is a joke. Most of the time there isn’t any truth to the crap he talks. He’s just spewing BS 90% of the time. In love with his own voice. I’ll give him one thing though. He has talked himself into media relevance.

  42. Sherman is a Top 5 CB in this league in there with Peterson, Revis, Tillman and Cromartie. But I get so, so, SOOOO sick of him talking so much. And this is coming from a guy playing in Seattle. Imagine if he played in a media market such as New York or Dallas. It would make me sick(er than I already am of all the talking).

  43. Not a fan of either team but R.White has proven it for several years…..R.Sherman did it for one year using PED’s…….I think I’ll take White’s word on it.

  44. “…You let him talk in the offseason because that’s what he likes to do…”
    So basically what you’re saying is: Richard Sherman is a raiders fan.

  45. The Redskins weren’t impressed with Sherman either. Their other corner was better. Trent Williams wasn’t impressed either and He told Sherman so after the game. Bahahahahah!

  46. For all you non- educated football fans, if you actually watched the play he was “burned” on, you would see that that was Kams guy and he blew assignment so Sherm tried to pick him up. Bottom line is Sherm talks a lot, but he backs it up. This year he’ll prove he’s the best CB in the league. GO HAWKS!!!

  47. i love how richard shermans has one good year as a result of his PEDs.,, then he wants to call out a perenial top 5 receiver,,

    that dude needs to put together a few good years before he pops off like he done something.

  48. Both players talk and are confident they can beat each other. That’s expected. Both are top 100 players. Both are confident and talk.

    Bashing one and not the other for talking trash or for self promotion would be crazy. I choose to let all the talk in the off season to fall to the side and just consider it to be fluff.

    I do agree with the last comment that week 10 should be a fun game to watch.

  49. Sherman is arrogant, but that is because he is good. He talks, but he can back it up.

    If this year he performs anywhere near where he did last season he has to be considered the best corner in the league, hands down.

    I think he is funny, and the only people who seem too offended by his talk, are fans of the teams that he has shut down.

  50. By the way, Sherman should have been rated much higher than 50. His mouth is what brought his rating down that low. He is definitely a top 20 player.

  51. Roddy White in 2 games vs. Richard Sherman – 10 catches, 154 yards, 1 TD with a 2-0 record

    Richard Sherman in 2 games vs. Roddy White – 1 tackle, 3 pass breakups with an 0-2 record

  52. Umm how is Sherman is overrated or not good? Over 40 pass break ups and 12 INTs in a year and a half. I know people don’t like him, but that doesn’t mean you can’t admit he’s really good. Roddy had like 70 yards receiving and only 20 yards and a catch against sherm. I think roddy should be more focused on how his team doesn’t have a top 100 corner and how in the hell will they stop Percy Harvin next year? Oh gosh the Seahawks are going to absolutely steam roll the falcons gonna be hilarious.

  53. I think that Sherman is a good football player, but not as good as he thinks. I am a die-hard Seahawks fan, but I wish Sherman would just shut-up and play football. He is being paid to be good, so just do your job and have some class and not talk about anybody.

  54. Uh, Titus Young was a slot receiver. Richard Sherman never lines up on the slot guy.


  55. Sherman is doing his teammates a disservice by being so outspoken and controversial. Teams are going to be very fired up to play the Seahawks this coming season, partly because they are seen as a contender and partly because they can do a lot of talking, especially Sherman. Every completed pass over Sherman is going to seem like a victory. He is a solid player, but he is no Deion Sanders, who shut down one half of the field and was also amazing on special teams (in addition to being a major league baseball player). Deion like to talk, but it was mostly humorous self promotion and he handled being beat on plays with more much grace and respect than Sherman. Kind of crazy, but Sherman is making Primetime look like a really classy player 🙂

  56. Roddy White is a punk, he’s everything he claims Sherman is. At least Sherman is man enough to give guys props when they beat him, he claps tells them good job then shuts them down the rest of the game. Roddy is just pissed because Sherman locked him down the whole game, and the only time he beat him was because Sherman tripped in the end Zone. Even after that Roddy was bumping his gums and Sherman just clapped, gave him his props then shut him down the rest of the game. The guy may talk but it’s just him playing chess with the other team and Roddy White is reacting exactly like Sherm wants him to.

  57. I loved this game so much better when players just played the damn game and didnt ran off their mouths. Like really, what are you a 16 year old girl in high school??? Just play the damn game!!!

  58. Are we really debating both of these scrubs. Not like it matters since neither of them will be in a Super Bowl this year, nor are they the best at their position. This stupid pathetic article will be the most attention these scrubs get all year.

  59. Richard Sherman has no class. Win first and then talk your smack buddy. You lost in the playoffs and you’re still crying about the ppl who beat you. SMH.

  60. Lol to the guy who said adderall makes you talk to much. If you ever took it you would know it actually does the complete opposite!

    In regards to these two getting into with one another, I think it’s fairly comical. I’m a huge hawks fan and love Sherman’s game, he is actually one of my favorite players. But he definitely goes overboard at times. In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with trash talking to get into your opponents head, especially for DB (example: Deion Sanders) but for the most part players should leave it on the field. Sherm just has massive chip on his shoulder so he tends to talk a little more than he needs to. I can’t wait till the season starts and it will be very interesting to see how this matchup plays out in week 10! Should be a doozy for all

  61. You know you would love to have Sherman on your team! He backs up his talk. Everyone is going to get burned from time to time. Go Hawks!!!

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