Vick pushes for starter to be named before training camp


George is getting upset.

On the same day Eagles quarterback Mike Vick told reporters he doesn’t like splitting reps with quarterback Nick Foles in practice, Vick separately told Geoff Mosher of that the incumbent starter wants a decision to be made on who the starter will be before training camp opens.

“Hopefully, Chip [Kelly] makes a decision before training camp and we won’t have to answer that question, so we can go out there as quarterbacks and just focus on this season and not answer questions about competition every day,” Vick said.

Vick acknowledged that, if the competition lingers into camp, tension could rise between Vick and Foles.

“Yeah, but hopefully we’ll have an answer by then, so I’m not going to answer that,” Vick said, not realizing that he already answered that.

He added that he eventually won’t answer any questions about the competition.  Told that he’ll be criticized if that happens, Vick was pragmatic:  “Why not? Who cares?  Y’all [in the media] kill me anyway, whether it’s right or wrong.”

It’s clear that the pressure is getting under Vick’s skin.  Given Kelly’s unconventional methods, there’s a chance that he opted to defer naming a starter to see how Vick would respond.

If that’s the case, he’s not responding very well.

81 responses to “Vick pushes for starter to be named before training camp

  1. “Vick acknowledged that, if the competition lingers into camp, tension could rise between Vick and Foles.

    “Yeah, but hopefully we’ll have an answer by then, so I’m not going to answer that,” Vick said, not realizing that he already answered that.”


  2. Just name Foles the starter then. Let Vick beat him out in training camp. Problem solved

  3. Y’all [in the media] kill me anyway, whether it’s right or wrong.”

    Geez I wonder if that could have a little something to do with all the dogs you tortured and murdered, the ensuing felony convictions and time you spent in prison and the fact that you just aren’t a very good quarterback. I could be wrong though.

  4. Fantastic! As a huge Eagles fan and and huge Vick hater I absolutely love this! The only reason he wants the starter named before camp is because as soon as he is named #2 he is going to ask to be released. Chip isn’t just going to say “OK, Mike. You’re right! This whole QB competition was a dumb idea”.
    I hope Kelly keeps Vick around a couple weeks into training camp, long enough to embarrass himself further, then cuts him when it is way too late for him to get another job… not that he has earned another job.
    This is just another step in the rapid unraveling of this completely overrated career.

  5. Vick acknowledged that, if the competition lingers into camp, tension could rise between Vick and Foles.

    I’m guessing that the coach wants to see which qb handles this well…so far, one has not.
    Vick needs to focus on what he can control, picking up a new offense, and forget about what he can’t.

  6. No need to worry if he’s out performing. If he is not, then it is time to start worrying.


  8. Vick proving that again he isn’t a smart QB. Wouldn’t be surprised in the least if this isn’t in part all part of Chips test. See who has the mental makeup to withstand adversity and competition to go with skills. Vick surely isn’t winning any support griping like this so soon.

  9. Listening to this guy talk makes me think that all those people who say RG3 is the next Mike Vick just think all black people are the same. I can understand comparing their athleticism but RG3 farts more articulately than Vick speaks.

  10. I’d be a little antsy too if I were interviewing for my own job. Vick just needs to smash up Kelly’s copy machine, relieve some stress. And maybe stop talking to the media sooner rather than later.

  11. No Vick fan, but I have yet to hear how Foles is answering these questions.. is even being asked the same things or are these just “gotcha” questions for Vick?

    Even God wouldn’t have been able to be a decent QB behind that O-Line. The few games I watched pieces of, the D was in his face on ‘HIKE’..Vick had no chance.

  12. As a Skins fan Vicks 6td performance on Mon night several years ago was a low point. But without it, the Eagles wouldn’t have signed a below average convict to $100 million contract and set their franchise back for the next decade…guess it was worth it lol.

  13. Can’t wait to destroy him on MNF. He’ll be lucky to walk off the field. HTTR

  14. When the pressure is on, what ever you’re made of comes out. Mike’s just starting to show his true colors, you can’t hide who you really are when the pressure is on. Smart move by Chip!

  15. This team is revealing how mentally weak they have become over the past couple years. I give credit to this college coach. He is exposing their weakness in the off season which gives them an opportunity to recognize and correct it. He is playing Vick and D Jackson like a fiddle and they are whining on cue.

  16. The iggles are going to be terrible. So glad the browns were turned down by Kelly and instead got the great next head coach in this league Chudzinski.

  17. For somebody who murdered helpless animals, this dude sure plays the VICTIM card. He’s in his 30’s and still acts like he is in his early 20’s as far as attitude goes. Wouldn’t want this douche on my team.

  18. r104671word says: Jun 6, 2013 8:09 PM

    Listening to this guy talk makes me think that all those people who say RG3 is the next Mike Vick just think all black people are the same. I can understand comparing their athleticism but RG3 farts more articulately than Vick speaks.

    Well said.

  19. fearthehoody says:
    Jun 6, 2013 7:59 PM
    You can say Mikes gotten quite…..Chippy?


    Sounds like a guy with a Chip on his shoulder.

  20. You would think after his performance last season and trying to impress a new HC Vick would shut the f****k up and play for his career. I wish Al Davis was still alive so we could get a first round pick for this ass clown.

  21. And here i’ve been worrying about Vick being the QB again this year. Thank God he’s so ignorant of reality, gonna force Kelly to pick Foles

  22. Maybe Vick knows something we don’t, like Chip is leaning towards Nick and Vick is trying to talk his way into an early release. Seems kinda odd for Vick to all of a sudden to have a couple bad reports about him today of him being displeased in some way. He has been pretty good so far with holding these dumb remarks in. Now he can’t stop blurting them out.

    I figure that he would lose his job to Foles anyway, because Vick just isn’t a good QB, and at 33, he ain’t getting any better. Might as well happen sooner than later.

  23. Chip Kelly needs to grant Vick his wish and name him the starter for the Philadelphia …Soul (or the Hamilton Tiger-Cats)…Mike’s choice. Chip Kelly: diplomacy in action.


  25. I think Vick is responding just fine. He’s Michael Vick. It’s Nick Foles. Eagles should either cut Vick & have a competition or give Vick the job. He ain’t holding a clipboard this season for that money on this team.

  26. “Why not? Who cares? Y’all [in the media] kill me anyway, whether it’s right or wrong.”
    Exactly Vick & it’s not getting under his skin…he’s just hip to you leeches aka the media

  27. This response shows that Vick doesn’t get it. A completely classless answer. Explain why things would get tense? I thought Vick was supposed to be maturing and thankful to have another opportunity to play in the NFL. Vick’s response shows he is not a mature leader but still thinks like a hoodlum. This is not the answer of a mature leader. Maybe Vick only says the right things when someone is writing the responses for him. He needs to sit down and have another heart to heart with Tony Dungy. Maybe Dungy can help Vick understand about leadership and character. He obviously needs a refresher course.

  28. these posts are the same people who thought kolb was going to be a starter lol… napolean dynamite is not going to be starter its vicks team this yr enjoy the ride

  29. When is the NFL going to allow us to order Ron Mexico jerseys again, without censoring the word “Mexico”??

  30. It’s called competition Mike and if you think your going pressure Chip Kelly into making a decision before he is done with his evaluations then forget it. No one Should rule out Mat Barkley and this entire QB thing won’t be decided until the pads go on.

  31. I hope Kelly understands what a mistake he made keeping that locker room cancer on the roster.
    Mike Vick needs to go.
    He is a detriment to the team and vastly overrated to boot.

  32. I don’t have a dog in this fight….but to be fair it sounds to me like he is responding to direct questions. Like Ketch said earlier I would like to hear Foles’ responses to the same questions. Is he saying he doesn’t want to be the starter? Is he saying he would be fine being number 2? We don’t know because apparently only Vick gets asked the question.

  33. I hope he doesn’t get cut. Dude has a lot of lawyer bills and restitution to pay. I know “restitution” is a big word for you Vick fans but you’ll just have to trust me on this one.

  34. He has never responded very well when things were rolling his way. Ms. Vicky has her panties in a bunch again. Bless her heart. “ya’all in the media kill me whether it’s right or wrong” it just breaks my heart that he has never been given a fair shake. I suppose you all have never done anything wrong in your entire lives?!?!?!? sigh, what is about to happen next with him is so predictable is BORING. I will still enjoy every minute of it. Gordon Shell is waiting Victoria….Vegas has put up nearly 8 million, c’mon now, I bet your homies can convince you that you might actually win….

  35. This reminds me of a woman repeatedly asking a question you DO NOT want to answer. If asked enough, you’ll get an answer, but the odds are you’re not going to like it.

  36. Y’all [in the media] kill me anyway, whether it’s right or wrong.”


    Geez Michael, you act the the media has been hooking your testicles up to a car battery.

  37. I don’t like Vick as a QB and normally am the first to bash him for his play, or lack thereof, on the field.

    However, I agree with him about the media. Nothing but a bunch of hacks who wait for someone to say or do anything that can be misconstrued, twisted, and turned into a piece about how they are “cracking under pressure” or whatever else fits their motive.

    Half truths and innuendo from uninformed people with a pen and soapbox is something to be very selective as to what is to be believed when reading.

    Is Vick cracking? Maybe. Is he just tired of answering the same question like he is constantly surrounded by a 2 year old? Most likely.

    Either way, he’s still garbage as a QB and Foles was more impressive as a rookie with less weapons, more injuries around him and a team of quitters.

  38. Is Vick out of his mind? All one need do is look at the example of the Seahawks last year to determine if competition at the quarterback position is healthy. The fact is that competition at every position is healthy for the team.

    If Vick cannot deal with a new reality; that he is no longer an entitled icon then he needs to find a new line of work. He has not been particularly productive over the past few years. People are sick of a quarterback who cannot stay healthy. Vick needs to face reality and accept the fact that he will face competition every year for the rest of his career. If he cannot deal with it then his career will be over prior to the start of the 2013 regular season.

  39. What a cry baby. “Waah I have to compete, waah I have to show coach I can handle pressure of competition, waah I have to show coach I am mentally tough leader! Waaah waah waah. Doesn’t he know who I am? Waaaaaah!”

    Man up or baby down.

  40. Guess it’s not easy when you actually have to earn something for once, is it Mikey? Never has one player in the modern era done so little yet been lauded so much.

  41. This is psychopathy 101.

    Look up the definition of a psychopath and you’ll see, Vick fits the description perfectly.

  42. we only scored over 20 points 5 times last season lol Foles did it 5 times and Vick only did it 2 times. Foles did it in 5 of 7 games and Vick did it 2 of 9 games in my opinion theres your QB compitition who puts the points on the board and remember Shady was hurt D-jax was hurt when Foles was at QB and the line started out the year with 4-5 starters and Vick still put up less points then Foles

  43. Vick is STILL the best QB on that team. Vick is the reason the stands
    will be full all season, and Vick gets paid to much money to be a back up. so start him or let him go.. Vick will be a starting QB this season for somebody

  44. What rimes with Vick
    Answer Brick

    What do they have in common
    They have the same IQ

  45. Why, so he can walk out of camp if its not him? Just compete, collect your $8M in lame duck money and be a good example for whomever wins the job. Sometimes its not about you dude.

  46. But, he’s the fastest QB. Isn’t that how you pick who starts, rather than ball security and completing passes? I am guessing Vick thinks that is the criteria.


    and it’s not like he was a probowler in 2012..

    in the past two years, this man has more turnovers himself then the entire patriots squad combined.

    Yeah,, lets hurry up and make you the starter…

  48. I don’t want Vickie as the starter. I want one of the other QB as a starter. Cause I know their not gonna run and my team can Blitz them all day for 2 games. I will even predict my team will knock those QB out as well.

  49. The Dog Killer should just be thankful he is still being considered. If Kelly ran his team like Vick ran his dog operation, Vick would already be in the process of having his head bashed in.

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