At least 185 of 254 draft picks have signed

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In late April, 254 players were drafted by NFL teams.  In early June, 72.8 percent of them are officially under contract.

Per a source with knowledge of the information, the NFLPA has received and logged 185 contracts.  At least four other players (all Raiders) have agreed to terms, but have not had their information included in the database.

Officially, 45 of 48 seventh-rounders have agreed to terms, along with 33 of 38 sixth-rounders and 32 of 35 fifth-round picks.  The only round with fewer than 54 percent of the players signed is the first round, where six of 32 players have agreed to terms.

The rookie wage scale, launched in 2011, has made the process of negotiating incoming player contracts much easier.  For first rounders, there are only two pressure points — whether “offset” language will apply to the fully guaranteed money for the players taken in the top 10, and the specific point at which the round-one contracts will cease being fully guaranteed.

Only the Rams have yet to sign a single 2013 draft pick.

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  1. “Only the Rams have yet to sign a single 2013 draft pick.”

    The article doesn’t mention the deadline for signing and I don’t recall it offhand, but could it be that Fisher is playing hardball with his draftees to keep them focused on learning their playbooks?

    After seeing how they perform in OTAs and mini camp, and after seeing how they gel with their teammates, he would have a better idea of who he is actually signing.

    Not a bad idea since money is such a strong motivator.

  2. Why give money to young guys who probably havent had much before when they are free to spend it? Pay them when they are focused on football. Good job Rams.

  3. fish commented in a recent presser on not having any rooks under contract.

    (On how he handles the rookies and signing contracts)
    “We just feel like they’ll be better suited if we can take them through step A and B or financial planning 101 before we give them the money. It’s just that simple. We’ll get them all signed and we’re communicating with them. They have a roof over their head and three meals, and they’re doing fine right now.”

    (On if part of it is that he wants to set expectations for them on and off field before signing contracts)
    “Exactly. It’s a life-changing event for them. Try to better prepare them for that.”

  4. I’ve always been impressed by Fishers concern for his players. Any time one of his players is injured on the field during a game He’s right there in the huddle with the trainers.
    And some of the quotes from commentors re-inforces that impression even if they are not accurate quotes.

  5. “Only the Rams have yet to sign a single 2013 draft pick.”

    Given last years class, the Rams are waiting to see which of their 2013 draftees is charged with a crime prior to offering them a contract. This expediency could save them millions.

  6. The Rams did the exact same thing last year. When training camp finally started all were signed. If one of the main reasons is for players to partake in some sort of financial awareness class with how to best save and wisely spend their money they are about to receive, then I am all for it!

  7. “But my Dad says that signed checks ARE contracts!!! Tell those guys to turn their contracts in, or I’ll fire them, sue them AND make them move to LA!!!”-Mark Davis

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