Bears have no plans to sign JaMarcus Russell

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Quarterback JaMarcus Russell had his workout with the Bears on Friday, but he isn’t going to be signing with the team.

That’s the word from Chris Mortensen of ESPN, who reports that the Bears will not be signing any of the three quarterbacks they had in on Friday. Jordan Palmer and Trent Edwards were the other two quarterbacks who worked out in Chicago.

According to Mortensen, Russell weighed in at 267 pounds on Friday. That’s just about what he weighed when he first entered the league and it’s way down from the 300-plus pounds Russell was carrying when he started his comeback effort. At the very least, that shows Russell’s serious enough about his efforts to resume his professional career to get into the necessary physical condition.

The same could be said of Russell’s reported willingness to play in Canada if he can’t convince an NFL team to bring him on board. Jeff Garcia, who has been working with Russell, says that going north of the border is something Russell would do if he finds an interested CFL team.

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  1. While I’m not a fan of JaMarcus, I think the CFL would be a great fit for him. Pass heavy league for a guy with a big arm.

  2. They had no intention to sign him in the first place. They worked out the 3 QBs to have information about them if someone goes down.

  3. Bears need to keep a good list of QBs to sign. They will need replacements after their games against the Lions front four.

  4. I’m a die-hard Raiders fan to have been since 1972 and there’s only one guy that ever played for the team that I really don’t like.he is nothing but a bum that collected a check. piece of crap

  5. I have mixed feelings about Russell. On the one hand, he came into the NFL with a sense of entitlement and was extremely lazy. Add in a codeine addiction, and of course he was gonna be a HUGE bust! It’s hard not to be disgusted with someone who had the opportunity of a lifetime and pissed it away. On the other hand, people can change. God knows, I’m glad that I’m a different person at 40 than I was at 20 or 25!! Maybe Russell has learned a valuable lesson. Hopefully he’ll continue to make better choices, whether he gets another chance to play football or not.

  6. Of course he wasn’t going to get signed, this however is the first step of teams taking him seriously. I want to see him do well. He was thrust into a bad situation with bad factors (yes men and depression) trailing him. Obviously his failure is his responsibility however the other variables involved weren’t positive, variables like..the raiders.

    I hope he does well, it’ll be interesting that and a lot of the people that have been clowning him and still are will have to eat some serious crow.

  7. maybe this guy could sign with the raiders, where he pays them back about 10 mil per, until he proves he is worth getting paid.

  8. He is a fat slug with no passion for the game. He has no pride in himself, and can’t even get motivated by the money because he stole so much already. He will end up broke, if he is not already. He deserves no second chance. I wonder if he is still wearing the stupid fur coats and all the diamonds. I bet he hawked them already

    Good job by the bears, I just hope it was stupid rumor and they really did not consider this loser.

  9. “JaMarcus is a great playaaa. Get ovah it” Coach Davis….

    Guessing unlike Coach Davis. The Bears were not impressed with a QB who has nothing it takes to be successful. But can throw a football 65 yards from his knee……

  10. Canada would be the perfect place for JM to go. That way he can get his drugs in person instead of getting inundated with Canadian pharmacy emails online.

  11. I dunno why he has never really done anything to deserve it but for some reason I hope he gets a contract and a chance to work his way up a depth chart to revitalize his career and alter his legacy.

    Look what happened with Mike Williams. He was a laughing stock one of the biggest bust in NFL history and the pinnacle low light of the Matt Millen era in Detriot. But then he got his chance in Seattle and completely changed his legacy. He was still a bust in Detroit but was no longer an NFL washout who took the money and ran. He now gets respect in some NFL circles something that never would have happened if he played his last game all those years ago in Detroit.

    I hope the same thing happens for Russell. He will still be the biggest number 1 overall draft bust in NFL History to date but he could earn the respect of some that at the moment he simply doesnt have.

  12. You do know Williams was cut the next offseason dont you? Not sure what legacy you say he rebuilt.

  13. If the NFL does not work out then the CFL would be a wonderful place to revive Russel’s career. Several good to great quarterbacks came from Canada.
    Doug Flutie
    Jeff Garcia
    Warren Moon
    Dudley Do-Right, oops he was a mountie.
    I hope that he succeeds. People should be given a second chance especially if his biggest crime is loving jelly donuts. Heck I enjoy indulging in them myself.

  14. The problem with Russell is that he lacks two huge components – smarts and accuracy. He does have a cannon, but I think his career long ball connection % is something like 10 percent. The fact that he can’t make a 80 man roster is damning.

  15. I swear, this guy is getting more ink now trying to come back from being the poster child for the rookie wage scale than he ever got during his playing career, including the being the usually hyped up number one pick. Seriously, do a search on his rookie year and compare how much he’s been talked about here then vs. now.

  16. I am a die hard Raider fan, and I have one thing to thank JaWalrus Bustell – thanks to him, a rookie wage scale was implemented to avoid teams being taken for a ride. Unfortunately, it had to happen to my team… 😦

  17. Lets be honest here. The Raiders have never been known to be a great organization to play for. Al Davis drove that franchise into the ground. As far as Russell goes, he was a 22 year old kid with a bunch of money, tons of pressure, and no guidance. He also lost a couple of his uncles who helped raise him and that ultimately led to his drug use and depression. Raiders fans do have a valid reason to be upset but the problems in that organization go much deeper and to put all of the failures of the Russell era on that one young man is completely ridiculous.

  18. If Garcia says so, that is enough for me. That guy is the greatest QB ever. Just ask him.

  19. So once again we have cutler haters spouting off! When you make comments about him, how about listing a few examples about why he is a quiter. From what I have seen, he is one of the toughest QBs in the league.

  20. leanback360 says: Jun 8, 2013 1:29 PM

    “Still better than Cutler!”

    At what, exactly?

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