Brandon Weeden thinks the Browns can be “really, really good”


The Browns have finished either 4-12 or 5-11 in each of the last five seasons. But Cleveland quarterback Brandon Weeden thinks he and his teammates can change that in a big way this year.

I think we have a chance to be really good,” Weeden told the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “I’m speaking about the whole team. Guys are flying around on that side of the ball just like we are. I think we have the potential to be really, really good.”

Although Weeden still has to show he can be good enough to be the starting quarterback for this “really, really good” team, Weeden has been working with the first-string offense and expects to stay ahead of Jason Campbell and Brian Hoyer on the depth chart.

“I don’t want that to change,'” he said. “Oh,that would be tough. . . . Overall I think my progress was pretty good. Each practice got better for myself, not only for me for the offense. I’m pleased with it. Am I satisfied? Absolutely not.”

Weeden won’t be satisfied until the Browns’ record matches his opinion that they’re really, really good.

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  1. I think they could be really good if they had a really good QB. The rest of the roster isn’t that big of a drop off from the Colts, Redskins, Steelers.

  2. Weeden thinks the Browns can be “really, really good”? Why? Is he retiring?

  3. The Browns’ leadership (Haslam, Banner & Lombardturd) aren’t real high on Weeden. That probably means that Weeden’s law abiding and pretty good! So maybe the team can be good also.

  4. Weeden’s quote was that they “COULD be really good”, not they “ARE really good”. You quoted him correctly and then took it out of context just so you could deliver a little sarcasm and skepticism? Yes, he has a lot to prove and so does everybody else in Berea but you can’t blame him for being optimistic.

  5. Everyone in the NFL is Really, Really Good. You have to somehow be more than that.

    Good luck to him, seems like a nice dude. But I am a skeptic.

  6. The Browns are a horrible franchise. It’s great this young kid has a positive attitude but Cleveland somehow has a way of sucking the life out of players.

  7. So a guy who would not be the starter for any of the other 31 teams in the league thinks that the Browns will be “Really Good”. Firstly, the Browns practice against the Browns, so they almost have to be good there. Secondly, they are holding on to an enormous amount of cap money instead of using it to make the team competitive. Even when they spend money they don’t do it wisely. They paid a ton for Krueger, who had one decent season for the Ravens (his contract year, can you imagine) and while the Ravens signed Dumervil, a proven commodity, at much less. Tim Couch was a better QB than Weeden. And imagine having “Ham Hands” Little as your #1 WR.

  8. Not going to happen. They don’t have the supporting cast nor the QB. They traded the wrong QB to SF.

  9. Last year the Browns lost a lot of close games. They had the youngest team in the league, with the worst coaching staff(all of them being in lame duck status, with Haslam taking over). They most likely will be a much improved team this year. Looking at about 9-7.

  10. The coaching changes made from last year are enough to make a huge improvement over the last couple of years of bumbling mismanagement. On top of that, Heckert’s draft picks will be coming into their own this year and will play very well. The Browns will be competitive on the field this year and starting next year, will dominate the division.

  11. Is he saying the right things, yes.
    Is management behind him 100%, no.
    Will his receivers have less drops this year, maybe.
    Can his main running back stay healthy, we’ll see.

    With last year’s squad, he beat the Steelers and kept his team close in almost every game. But the big step this year is having improvement with the running game and his wideouts, then his predication will be true.

    Still, with the Ravens, Steelers, and Bengals trying to make a McCoy out of him every other week, he is going to have a really hard time.

  12. And Weeden is going to be “really really disappointed.”

    …but seriously, the Browns could be aight this year, and that would certainly qualify as the best they’ve been in yonks. “Really really good” may be pushing it though. I’m going with a more conservative “kinda good” to “pretty good”, with an option on “not too shabby.”

  13. He’d really be motivated if they had brought in a GOOD veteran quarterback to push him.
    I don’t think Campbell scares anyone.

  14. I hope so. I am tired of my Browns always at the bottom of the league. When they lose, and they do lose often, I don’t feel like watching the second half of the double header on Sunday Ticket. I want to enjoy football again. I want the Browns to win.

  15. Not real sure what else you would expect him to say.

    “Oh, I think we’ll be pretty mediocre again, probably finish 5-11 so we can have a top 5 pick and replace me with a rookie QB!!”

    Ya, that’s what a QB who wants to start would say. I guess only time will tell. It wasn’t too long ago that the 49ers and Seahawks were pretty terrible and now look at them. Stranger things have happened……

  16. I never really “feel bad” for guys who make millions playing a game, but as an attorney I don’t envy their media obligations.

    What is he supposed to say to these stupid questions? “Yeah… I think with some lucky bounces, 8-8 will be considered a successful year for us as we fill in the pieces.”

  17. We should be more excited but I don’t think most Browns fans don’t realize exactly how good Chud is on running an offense. He made Derek Anderson a freaking pro-bowler for crying out loud. AND we put him together with Norv Turner?… All I have to say to our opponents is: You better score more than 28 points a game or you will lose. Period. Weeden is also better than people are giving him credit for. He had better numbers than Bernie Kosar did his rookie year. I haven’t been this pumped up about the Browns in 25 years.

  18. Why are all of the ‘negative nancys’ here getting down on Weeden, because he didn’t do well last season in an offense that wasn’t suited to his skill set? Give the guy at least the upcoming season to see what he can do in an offensive scheme that’s better suited to his skills. And, if he still can’t perform the way mgmt. and the coaches expect, then go for a new QB.

  19. “You know, I probably wouldn’t get my hopes up for this year if I were a fan. We’re a fodder team, that’s just how it is. Our ceiling is probably 5 or 6 wins like always, maybe 7 or 8 if we really catch lightning in a bottle. But honestly, that’s about all you can hope for. Is anyone else thirsty? I’m thirsty.”

    -Brandon Weeden, immediately after receiving 20 cc’s of sodium pentothal.

  20. Craw before you walk. Walk before you run. Run before you start talking about you being really good. How about going 8-8?

  21. Steelers suck, Raven have Super Bowl hangover. Browns are going to the playoffs… Wildcard?

    Unless you are playing cards ped head you won’t see a wild card. Browns are getting better, but not yet.

  22. Weeden deserves at least another 6 games to show he’s capable of being their starting QB. I personally don’t believe he’ll succeed, but he deserves the chance.

    What I would like to see is Brandon Weeden traded to the Jaguars, where I think he could be successful throwing the ball to Justin Blackmon. Probably save both of their careers.

  23. They could be but likely not this year or the next. Why trade this year’s draft picks for future year picks unless you expect your rebuilding process will take several more years until you really compete?

  24. At some point the law of averages will favor the Browns to win 8-9 games. And once you get to 8 win quality you could win more if breaks go your way. Then again they play with the Bengals Ravens and Steelers. 10 wins in that division will be tough for anybody.

  25. ” Browns will be competitive on the field this year and starting next year, will dominate the division.”

    Thanks brownspower I needed a laugh this morning.
    Williams they be better this season? Maybe

    Will they dominate their division? Not any time soon

  26. He sounds like Eric Zoolander I wonder if he links he’s really, really, ridiculously good looking too!

  27. They never played to the kids strengths last year. The good teams adapt the system to highlight player strengths. The shot gun will be a HUGE help. The defense will be really, really, good. I think the offense will be much improved. Is he the right quarterback. Maybe. I know he can sling it, unlike McCoy who had no arm for the deep pass.

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