Cary Williams doesn’t care how team feels about skipping OTAs

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Eagles cornerback Cary Williams brings a Super Bowl ring to Philly.  Along with a little attitude, when it comes to his decision to treat the term “voluntary” literally.

Williams has chosen to skip multiple offseason practices, which are optional in name only.  He defended his decision during a Friday segment with 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia.

“Teams, organizations, the NFL itself hold players captive over the OTAs,” Williams told Mike Missanelli.  “They say it’s not mandatory but it’s mandatory, you know what I’m saying?  If you want me to be there, if you want me to play football year round, you don’t want me to not have an offseason, you don’t want me to have a personal life let me know.”

As to the team’s potential reaction to his position on that topic, Williams was blunt.

“I really don’t care,” he said.  “I told them what the situation was and we had a communication and that’s what it was.”

Williams also fired back at those who think his salary mandates participation in voluntary drills.

“What kills me is people talk about how much money I make,” Williams said.  “Like that’s still gonna take away from me wanting to be a great dad and a good family man.  I have no off days during the season.  I hope y’all understand that; there’s no off days.  I can’t come to work and say, ‘Oh, my head hurts.  I can’t make it today.’   Because my job requires much more than that.”

Actually, players have at least one day off per week during the season.  They also get multiple consecutive days off during the bye week, and players routinely get an extra day or two after playing a Thursday night game.

But the point for now is that, in the offseason, Williams has no qualms about skipping practice time even when his teammates aren’t.  Until the practices are mandatory, any player has that privilege.

That said, any player who isn’t confident in his roster spot should think twice before skipping work.  He could end up involuntarily missing practice come September.

61 responses to “Cary Williams doesn’t care how team feels about skipping OTAs

  1. “Actually, players have at least one day off per week during the season. They also get multiple consecutive days off during the bye week, and players routinely get an extra day or two after playing a Thursday night game. ”

    Yeah, well that “day off” is sort of like the “voluntary” off season camp. Players go in during those “days off”. I’ve met a few players and for the most part, they go to the facility every day during the season.

  2. I can understand players wanting to handle family matters-but Williams signed a contract because the team wanted to build a defense using his skills. I do not think that Williams has earned the trust of the team after this display. Family matters aside there is also a certain amount of professionalism required to play in this league. When your are making this kind of money teammates will look up to you for that professionalism and leadership. Williams hasn’t earned that trust yet. I am glad the Ravens let him go!

  3. if people are so caught up over this they should just make them flat out mandatory. as long as they are not mandatory then it is a non event.

    if there is a better CB on the roster to take his place now is the time to step up, if not then just deal with it … and that is coming from someone who really dislikes the Eagles.

  4. I’m an Eagles fan, but good for Cary, hang with the family now. This is only news because its the offseason. If he gets it done in September, no one will care if he was there in June.

  5. It is a bit ridiculous that this has become an issue. I’ve only seen this guy targeted by the media and he is by no means the only player skipping OTAs this year. Family obligations are a much better excuse than skipping these as a negotiation tactic.

  6. Instead of bashing players that don’t go to voluntary workouts, highlight the ones that do.

  7. I’m so tired of the “everyday working man” analogy used by sportstalk hosts and media. Not every working man is working 60 hours a week for $30,000 a year and not every working man takes the chance of not walking again or a brain injury on his trip to the restroom while walking through a maze of cubicles like an NFL player takes every snap for 3 hours once a week.

    Now the NFL calls them voluntary workouts so that’s what they are. It’s in the collective bargaining agreement just like preseason games and non-guaranteed contracts and I don’t any organization stopping those anytime soon. So the player is 100% correct to do what he wants in this case.

  8. I listened to this live!! Hilarious!! This is what happens when keepin it real goes wrong *in my Dave Chappelle voice throwing up WuTang sign* Lol

    Seriously though..he made some good points..but the examples he gave made him come off as a jacka**. As a fan of every Philly team except the birds..this guy just rubbed people the wrong way. His honesty is respected but if he doesn’t perform on the field like the next Champ Bailey..he’s gonna get the treatment! Ask Nmandi how it feels when the fans turn in u when u don’t live up to the hype or see the love TO still gets here cause he backed the extra attention up.

  9. Who cares!! If he plays well on Sundays all will be forgotten. But he should realize that many of the guys (like myself) work very hard, put money aside for our season tickets so we can see our favorite team play, we don’t get many days off either guy!

  10. so voluntary really means mandatory, & contracts arent gaurantees?!?
    this man is prioritizing his life in order to fill all the roles that a man (family man…. mr. provider man) faces in a lifetime. is he really being criticised for putting his children 1st during the off season (no less)?

  11. As a Ravens fan, good luck with this mouthpiece Eagles fans. I’m still amazed he didn’t get ejected and cost my team 15 yds for shoving that ref in the Super Bowl. At least he is a good tackler…after giving up a first down reception.

  12. I don’t like him and I don’t like his attitude. He got his ring, he got his check, and now he’s going to mail it in. No motivation to care about the other 52 players on the roster that want a ring for themselves. I really don’t want this lazy clown on my team. I’m ticked that I have to watch this mess.

  13. Voluntary or not, this is a clear signal regarding his devotion to his career, which are very short in the NFL, some a lot shorter than others.

  14. While it probably doesn’t sit too well with the team, good for Williams for wanting to be with his family.

  15. Write about Hakeem Nicks next. If the PO makes Saturday mail delivery “optional” for delivery workers, do you think you will get mail on Saturday? People have lives and choice. Having choice is not news, it’s not even a rumor.

  16. I’m a Ravens fan and I have to say: out of all the Free Agents who have left Baltimore, Cary Williams is the least-cared-about among Ravens fans. Every game, we were relieved he didn’t lose the game for us. Cary never would have been picked up by another team (for good money) had he not been on a SB-winning team.

  17. I like the guy and I like that he’s going to stand up for some decent values, unlike 99.999% of the OTHER players in the NFL.

  18. I don’t care about this guy one way or another. Sounds like a nightmare to me.

    But I love it when the NFL gets called out on it’s double talk and foolishness.

    Whether it’s free agency periods where supposedly no one talks to players before it starts, whether it’s pretending to care about player safety, or whether it’s calling something voluntary that everyone knows is really mandatory, they get away with this garbage all the time.

    If it mandatory, call it mandatory. If not, when someone calls you out on your double talk, eat it.

  19. The bigger issue is that this is his first year with the Eagles in their first year with a new system. If he were a long time Eagle, and Reid were still the coach, this would be a different story. He should be there.

  20. Somehow I bet if we add all the hours he works and all the hours your typical worker works, he ends up with a bit more time off.

    I am glad some players actually do feel voluntary is voluntary. The NFL works really hard to try to make them mandatory but please don’t try to tell me they work so many hours they get no time with their families. Especially after the new CBA gutted offseason practice time.

  21. To quote another Philly legend….

    “We talkin’ ’bout practice? How silly is that?”

  22. Amazing that for the past 4 years in Baltimore he never missed a voluntary OTA. Could it be less about the family and more about the big contract that he just got?
    People like this are a cancer in the locker room. He had problems in Baltimore and there’s a reason they didn’t really try to hold onto him.

  23. My oh my, how fast Eagles fans forget how bad Cary got torched when he played the Eagles last year… Folks, he’s a #2 AT BEST. he was behind Webb before his injury then behind Corey friggin Graham who was backup fodder for his entire career. He’s mouthy on and off the field, can’t stick with a double move, and his penalties have cost games. Enjoy,

  24. He better be an all pro or he’s gonna hear it. It’s “voluntary” but so are things people do on regular jobs to go the extra mile to get ahead Or maintain their position. I’m all about family and as a self employed individual tried to work from home as much as possible when my daughter was young. I also realized that although I maintained I definitely sacrificed $$ to be there for my child. His answers and attitude is what will cost him. Dance recital is one day. He should have shut up and never answered a question and this would have been non issue.

  25. you have to either have zero interest in your career, or be completely lazy to skip these workouts

    maybe 10 years ago I’d agree with him, but now that there aren’t even 2 a days at training camp, you sort of need every practice you can get, even the non mandatory practices.

    this imo is a mistake. I wouldn’t be too happy with anyone skipping these without either a family related excuse, a child being born, something like that.

  26. I dont think the issue is that he took the time out of OTA’s to be with his family. I completely understand wanting to go see your daughters recital. That said the house could have been planned out with the builder at any number of times during the offseason where the team wasnt practicing. Cosmetic surgery at the dentist? really? you missed time with your new team for that? Doesnt matter what his paycheck is like. He prioritized his life and put football dead last, that is what upsets me. If he plays well then all will be forgotten. If he plays poorly then I am going to thoroughly enjoy saying Cary ‘Sconces’ Williams just got lit up again…

  27. “he’s doing family stuff, he went to his daughter’s event”


    so they need MORE time off? really?

    if it were up to me, I’d have it in their freaking contracts that they have to be at the darn facility 5 days a week during the offseason. screw mandatory/non mandatory, they should be there like a 9-5.

    he can’t do 1 practice a day? he can’t work 4 months a year?

    Im sorry, I have no reason to support this waste of space

  28. Who do you think knows more about the in season schedule of an NFL starter, Mike Florio or Superbowl Champion Cary Williams. No meetings or practice doesn’t mean you sit in the couch all day or play with your kids all day. Individual film study, lifting weights, conditioning, rest and treatment probably consume 20 hours of that weekly day off.

  29. Football is an all in type of sport…the guys in OTA’s have families too…there are some guys in there that are away from their wives and kids and making the sacrifice Cary.

  30. With all the players getting arrested during the season, it seems they may get too much time off. Offseason? Wish I could have an offseason.

  31. One day, in the not too distant future, he will be cut by an NFL team. Some other NFL teams, it will happen to be the other 31 teams, will decide not to sign him. For many of these teams, his refusal to participate in voluntary team activities will be the deciding factor. His NFL career will be over. He will have to live with his unemployed status soon enough. It is only for him to decide if it was worth it.

  32. The “leaving Baltimore effect” happens very often. When a player signs with another team, it’s EXTREMELY likely that he’ll never be as good with someone else, nor as passionate or dedicated. (See Chris Mcallister, Ed Hartwell, Bart Scott, Will Demps, Adalius Thomas, Jarrett Johnson, Jamal Lewis, Todd Heap, Chester Taylor, and soon to be everyone who left this year). Sorry, that’s just the way it is.

  33. Yeah, just like I’m sure Crabtree is so glad he went to the voluntary OTAs this offseason. I don’t understand why more veterans don’t sit these non-mandatory sessions out.

  34. I’m quite sure the smile on his daughters face means more to him than some bashing by people he doesn’t know. I’m sure if he was a deadbeat who paid his kids zero attention but showed up for OTAs he’d be the man in Philly..

  35. Being from Eugene and a Ducks fan… Chip doesn’t play games. He has no problem not starting big name players

  36. keep thinking you can miss important practices with your new head coach and you will soon have all the time you need to be with your family. nobody held a gun to your head when you signed a multimillion dollar contract and said “sign this and have no life”

  37. “Voluntary” –so who cares. He’s either good enough to start or he’s not. As long as he’s comes to mandatory training camp in shape who cares. Who wrote this article and why?? Something outta nothing. Offseason–defined……rather him be a good dad and take care of the fam AND YA, his teeth too! He’s not out getting DUIs, shooting up a strip club, using PEDs…..VOLUNTARY….huge eagles fan for life and I support his decision to be a family man. How many guys do we see later in life regret not spending time with their families. And to argue about him saying he does get a day off, maybe a couple at the one, whole bye week….I’ve been fortunate to know some ex-players and be around the locker room during the season….injuries, rehab, studying film…..there are no real days of during the season…. they take a beating. So go find a real story. Stop picking on the good family man. Keep writing about any other story that doesn’t criticize a man for raising his kids and going to the dentist. Bla bla bla.

  38. If you want these guys to show up make it mandatory and negotiated with the players union. he is free to make the decisions he wishes, that being said he better play like the second coming of Troy Vincent/Bobby Taylor or he will be run out of Philly on a rail.

  39. How many days are involved in a 3 day mini-camp and the OTA’s 30 days? and after the mini-camp he is off until training camp…..Many of the people who pay good hard earned money to see him play do not have that many days off during the year

  40. I was with Williams up to the I don’t care crap. Jason Peters is the captain and skipped OTAs. But Jason knows Philly and knows its best to let the media speculate don’t give em ammo bud. U betta play well bro u painted a nice target for us to throw batteries at

  41. There are five months between the Super Bowl and Training Camp. OTA’s, and voluntary & mandatory mini-camps total 16 days in April and May. Awesome dedication to your new team there Mr. Williams.

  42. Whahaha and boohoho. What a real jerk. While most of us in this country are struggling to make ends meet in this economy and wish they had a job, this guy who makes millions is complaining. What a real POS

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