Chad Johnson “at peace,” but wants another chance


As it turns out, Terrell Owens isn’t the only former NFL wide receiver having a hard time coming to grips with the reality that teams don’t want him.

Former Bengals standout Chad Johnson said on ESPN’s “First Take” that he was hoping to get back into the league at some point, even though he hasn’t found a home since his lackluster 2011 in New England.

Johnson’s next date is a court date, as he has a probation hearing next week connected to last year’s assault charges regarding his former wife.

Johnson called a missed appointment with a probation officer a “miscommunication,” and said he will accept whatever consequences are coming.

“I’m going to be OK,” Johnson said. “I’m OK now, but I put myself in this situation and I have to deal with everything. With life, I’m at peace with everything.

I would love to finish my career off the right way. If it happens, I’m not sure. But I would like to.”

The 35-year-old wideout hasn’t been productive in some time, and many teams won’t view him as being worth the sideshow.

But he thinks he deserves another chance.

“I’m in a position where I have to prove myself again that I can still play,” Johnson explained. “Can I still do it? I’m at the bottom again, like having to prove myself when I first came in [to the NFL] and I was hungry. I got complacent at some point in my career. I thought I had it right. I thought I had made it and figured it all out. I lost the game that I loved and played for years.”

It’s hard to not have a measure of sympathy for Owens and Johnson as their chances for comebacks fade, but ultimately, they’re responsible for their own unemployment.

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  1. Not mentioning the shot he had with the Dolphins is irresponsible journalism. It hasn’t even been a full calender year since that. This post makes it seems as though he had been campaigning for a shot since 2011..

  2. I’m so glad that these DIVA football players are slowly being weeded out and never implanted into another NFL stadium again.

    Goodbye TO, 85 and Titus Young…the shield doesn’t miss your antics.

    B. Marshall was almost a member until he got his act together. If Dez misfires again in Dallas, he won’t last long either.

  3. Football players don’t have a long shelf life. Wide receivers have a shorter shelf life. Wide receivers who think they’re the center of the universe have an even shorter shelf life.

  4. Is it national “Washed Up Reciever Day” or something?

    You should taken the TO story and just Substituted Chad’s name, and see if anyone noticed.

  5. Owens was always productive no matter where he went. Even in buffalo with brian brohm throwing him the ball. Chad made himself a HOF jacket and believed it was real.

  6. You can only tell a guy to shut up so many times!! Now you are finding out you should listen with your ears not your mouth! You blew it!!

  7. Try as I may, I cannot feel a bit of sympathy for Johnson.
    Head butting your wife gets you released!
    Demanding the ball and the attention gets you
    a bad rep.
    Chad Johnson has created his reputation as well as his destiny.
    He alone is reaping what he has sown.

  8. “I got complacent at some point in my career. I thought I had it right. I thought I had made it and figured it all out.”

    Ya Think?

    BINGO……ding-ding-ding we have a winner!

    I can’t believe the light bulb is now just going off, unbelievable.

  9. Chad was spoiled in Cincinnati. Never really had to learn the playbook. He went to New England and HAD to learn a playbook and couldn’t do it. He definitely had some decent years with the Bengals but let his ego get in the way.

  10. Chad, Tiki, TO, Titus each made their beds by crapping all over teammates, coaches, writers, fans, GMs, and owners. Teams endured their antics as long as they could produce. They can still produce, but the sideshow isn’t worth it. Teams want the noteriety for winning, not the media circus or the Tebowmaniacs.

  11. Option A you have:
    Jerry Rice
    Calvin Johsnon
    Tim Brown
    Andre Johnson

    Stellar WRs who realize it’s a great job, they put in the effort and they do it well. They ride off into the sunset and/or HOF.

    Option B you have
    Ocho Cinco
    Andre Rison
    Moss (to an extent)

    Talented but attitude drives them from team to team and they flame out unfulfilled.

  12. Dude, you and Owens are done. You made a lot of money for awhile but you wasted it. Now it’s time to just go away. Were done too.

  13. I would like to be sympathetic to their plight, but these guys for a long time acted like jerks and thought they were untouchable.

    Life has a way of beating you down.

  14. twilson962 says:
    Jun 7, 2013 4:49 PM
    Who would you rather have on your team?

    Thumbs up: TO
    Thumbs Down: Ochocinco
    You didn’t get a lot of votes because there was no option for neither of these two.

  15. I am sad that Chad’s stories are going to be on the Pats board. Does his time with the Pats really count? Mulligan, please.

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