Chudzinski statement says little while saying a lot


When it comes to violations of the substance-abuse policy, teams are usually tight lipped.  When it comes to receiver Josh Gordon, a player the current regime in Cleveland inherited via a 2013 second-round pick the old regime used prematurely last July, the Browns are say a little more than nothing.

And what they’re saying arguably says a lot.

“Obviously we are all disappointed in this news,” coach Rob Chudzinski said in a statement released by the team.  “In our short time with Josh, he has done everything that we’ve asked him to do and he has exhibited substantial improvement.  We believe that he will continue to work diligently through training camp and the preseason.  I am confident that others will step up in his absence.”

The observation that Gordon has “exhibited substantial improvement” possibly relates to his performance on the field.  It also possibly relates to the behavior that resulted in apparently multiple violations of the substance-abuse policy.

Absent a violation of the law, a suspension under the substance-abuse policy happens only if a player commits multiple violations.  For players like Josh Gordon and Jags receiver Justin Blackmon, that’s a lot of violations to rack up in only one year.

Once a player is in the substance-abuse program, he knows he’s going to be tested.  To end up getting suspended means that he has continued to test positive even when he knows he’s going to be tested — unless, of course, the subsequent violations come from failing to comply with the testing requirements.

Either way, the Browns undoubtedly wish that former CEO Mike Holmgren, who surely knew that Randy Lerner was in the process of selling the team to Jimmy Haslam when drafting Gordon in July 2012, had refrained from using the pick, which took away the new regime’s ability to select a second-rounder in 2013 and saddled it with a player who eventually could end up smoking his way right out of the league.

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  1. And how many is a few short years? It should be legal already, getting tried of waiting. Leave them alone it doesn’t hurt anyone and is a lot better than drinking.

  2. I would how often, these guys are set up to fail. I know there is a large variance on the half-life of the THC metabolites in your system, (weight, body fat ratio, frequency of use), but if you failed on a Monday and they retested you on a Friday, you’d most likely fail again.

    I don’t have any friends in the league so I’ve never heard more than just what reporters give us when it comes to the collection process, chain of command, follow up, diversion programs, suspensions etc.

  3. Do you have any idea what the hell your talking about???? Sorry but the kid has not failed numerous drug test in the NFL. He failed a few marijuana testing college. You comparing him yo Blackmon just proves what a hack writer you are. Worthless

  4. It wasn’t illegal drugs… it was codeine that was in his medicine prescribed to him by his doctor for strep throat. That’s why he only got 2 games instead of the usual 4 games.

  5. Saying he could smoke himself out of the league is pretty damn biased and disrespectful when he didn’t even get suspended for marijuana, but for codeine in his prescription medication. Do some research before you make comments like that and class up a little bit.

  6. It wasn’t pot. He was prescribed cough syrup with codeine and didn’t notify the league.

  7. Chud’s statement sounds like a virtual copy of the announcement Pete Carroll made after Irvin, tested positive for PED’s. Do these guys buy books of statements for all occasions at Barnes & Noble?

  8. Man the writing is on the Wall. Since this new ownership took over, it has been down hill ever since, I bet by game three there will be much much more to talk about then Josh, Wait and see much more bad news still to happen, Including the 0-2 start before Josh even gets back.

  9. Ah, another lawyer/PR team written statement. For those who fell for the codeine story, well, I have some nice open swamp land I’d like to sell you.

  10. “smoking his way out of the league” ???

    Are you kidding me?

    You have no right to insinuate anything, Mr. Florio. You should not have posted this article. It is libelous, speculative, and unbecoming of a journalist.

    Gordon would have been entered into the substance abuse program because of his multiple tests in college. Testing positive for codeine, not marijuana, that was in prescription cough syrup seems like an honest mistake. Had he been smoking marijuana, he would have been given a four-game suspension.

    This is a really terrible thing to write. It makes me not want to visit this website. It is really irresponsible journalism. Go write for the National Enquirer, Mr. Florio. This is shameful.

  11. “with a player who eventually could end up smoking his way right out of the league.”
    The censors will get me for this, but who the heck made you judge , jury and media executioner? He got a reduced suspension which means he is not a repeat offender in this league, and apparently you know that is wasn’t cough syrup, by the way, the stuff the Dr. gave me for cough syrup has codeine in it to.
    Your comparisons to Blackmon is far to early.

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