Falcons’ Mt. Rushmore honors past, present, future

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Through the first seven Mt. Rushmores unveiled on NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk, the official show selections (i.e., mine) meshed with at least three of the PFT Planet choices.  For the first team unveiled on Thursday, the Bucs, we agreed on all four.

For the Falcons, we agreed on only two:  Matt Ryan and Jamal Anderson.

Still, the full range reflects a blend of players from the past and present and, given that Ryan is still on the front end of his prime, the future.  My other two were Roddy White and Mike Vick; you went with Deion Sanders and Jessie Tuggle.

A seven-man race for two spots as of Thursday in PFT Planet voting eventually resulted in Ryan and Tuggle getting separation, leaving Andre Rison, Steve Bartkowski, Arthur Blank, and Roddy White behind.

Deion finished on 72 percent of the ballots.  Next was Anderson at 48 percents.  Ryan and Tuggle each showed up on 36 percent of all ballots.

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  1. It should have been Vick and Blank. I mean I can see why people might leave Vick off, though I think it’s misguided, but how do you skip Arthur Blank? Really?

  2. This franchise has had no hall of famers and doesn’t merit a Mount Rushmore. I really like the city of Atlanta and like the Falcons, but I’m not seeing anything here.

  3. Amazing that Vick – someone with a QBR that is one of the worst in the league annually was even considered here. SMH

  4. Mike Vick? Why would we have a man who never fully lived up to his hype then left us how he did? He tore the franchise apart single handedly, it was built entirely around him then we all know what happened. No. It’s an idiotic idea to put him there.

    I agree on Tuggle and Ryan but any Falcons Rushmore needs Tommy Nobis on there too. He’d be a sure fire HOFer had he played somewhere more successful but he never did, he was a Falcon through and through. Larry Csonka once said he’d rather face Dick Butkus than Tommy, and for him not to be recognised on this list is ridiculous.

  5. You poked fun at Carolina for having John Kasay on their Mt. Rushmore and Florio decides its a good idea to put a convicted felon, animal killing, no defense reading Vick on the Falcons’? Riddle me that Batman?

  6. True Talker:

    I will take that challenge. Simply go back and watch film of Vick playing against your Panthers.

    Dog were not the only thing he was killing.

  7. Well Deion considers himself a Falcon so I have no problem with it. I didn’t for him but I can see why some would. But Jamal Anderson… really? I would take William Andrews and Gerald Riggs over him. But I was born in the 70s and clearly most people on here were not.

  8. This shows the age of the fans on here. How can you not have Tommy Nobis or Van Note? They are two of the best players in Atlanta I story and it is not debatable. They were just on very bad squads.
    Tommy Nobis joined the Falcons for their inaugural season in 1966. That season he won the league’s NFL Rookie of the Year, was voted to the Pro Bowl and amassed an unprecedented 294 combined tackles which still stands today as the team’s all-time single-season record,[1] and is unofficially the most tackles ever credited to one player, in a season, in NFL history. In eleven professional seasons he led the Falcons in tackles nine times, went to five Pro Bowls (one in 1972 after two knee surgeries), was named All-Pro twice and was chosen for the NFL’s “All-Decade Team” for the 1960s. Miami Dolphins great, running back Larry Csonka commented, “I’d rather play against Dick Butkus than Nobis,” and Falcon’s coach Norm Van Brocklin once pointed to Nobis’ locker and proclaimed, “There’s where our football team dresses.”
    Nobis is a member of the Atlanta Falcons’ Ring of Honor and his #60 was the first number retired by the team. No other Falcons player has ever worn the number.[1]

    Seriously 294 tackles in a 12 game season is ridiculous!

  9. Matt Ryan?!!!! The guy who’s one like 2 playoff games is on their Mt Rushmore?!!!

    Who came up with that?!

    As an animal lover (and thus a vegtarian), i despise Vick as a person, but i’d him up there over Ryan to this point.

  10. Why should Roddy White be on there he drops to many balls should be Dieon Sanders or Andre Rison i dont under stand this MT Rushmore they put alot of dome players on them

  11. Ryan? Seriously? That is a pathetic franchise that a won nothing QB would be elected for its Rushmore, and an even more pathetic fanbase that would pick him.

    Lame. Too lame to put into words.

  12. Putting Vick on the Falcon’s Mt Rushmore is like putting Jefferson Davis on the real one. (Although the sculptor probably wanted to)

    Vick nearly destroyed the franchise, his name being mentioned is an insult.

  13. No Billy “White Shoes” Johnson?
    I’d go, White Shoes, Bartkowski, Rison, and Deion. Putting current players on there just means you have no history to be proud of i guess.

  14. Holy hell.

    Jamal Anderson?!

    Michael Vick?!

    Are you [b][i]high[/i][/b]?! You and Michael Vick must be sharing water bottles.

    Tommy Nobis
    Jesse Tuggle
    William Andrews
    Steve Bartkowski
    Mike Kenn

    Hell, I’d take Tim Mazetti or Mick Luckhurst before Anderson or Vick.

  15. Tommy Nobis, Jeff Van Note, Jessie Tuggle are instant no brainers if you know NFL history; Vick has NO PLACE on the list nor does Deion. The 4th spot is a tough one though, Bartkowski was amazing QB, Jamaal Anderson was a pure superstar cut down by injury (man if they had the surgical techniques of today for him then); i would probably have to go with Mike Kenn over the rest of the listed players, Ryan is current and not considerable as he is still playing and yet to be seen if he will reach that pinnacle.

  16. This is argueably the worst list I have seen and i saw the Jaguars list. For everybody about to bring the hammer down on me im a Raven and Cowboy fan so bring it on.

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