Greg Little: It’s always been Brandon Weeden’s job


Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden has only taken snaps with the first team this spring, which suggests that the starting job in Cleveland this season is his to lose despite talk of a competition with Jason Campbell and Brian Hoyer.

Weeden said at the end of this week’s minicamp that he hopes that never changes and it won’t if wide receiver Greg Little has anything to say about it. Little said he’s always viewed Weeden as the starter and that his work this offseason has only made it more clear that he’s the right man for the job.

“I just feel like it’s always been Brandon’s job,” Little said, via Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon-Journal. “He’s always done the right things as a quarterback, and he’s taken his position to another level as far as being very outspoken and just being a leader, being the first guy in the building and being the last guy out. And I think he commands respect now.”

There’s no reason to think Little’s off on his read of the situation. Weeden’s gotten high marks from coach Rob Chudzinski and offensive coordinator Norv Turner all offseason and appears to be a much better fit for this year’s offensive system than the one the Browns ran last year. The biggest question he has to answer now is how good he can become and the only way to find that out is giving him the job and letting him run with it.

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  1. I certainly hope the Browns are headed in the right direction. I will remain cautiously optimistic. Every time I get too excited about Cleveland’s chances, I suffer through another 5-11 campaign where the diehard fans say “next year is our year.” The only talk that matters to me, in regards to Cleveland, is the talk done with their play. Anything less than a playoff appearance is another epic fail for a franchise that constantly claims to be on the right track for next season.

  2. I love hearing stories about my Browns. We weren’t this excited during the Magini regime or the Shurmur regime. This coaching regime seems to know what it is doing, and other than hiring Norv Turner’s son as WR coach instead of a former NFL receiver (although he was a college QB), I think it is doing a great job. I can’t wait to start the season, and I cannot remember when we began the season with such potential that didn’t have the expect the worst kind of mind set. Can’t wait.

  3. If Weeden is going to shine, this is the offense to do it in. This season is going to say a lot about his long-term status with the Browns (and probably NFL in general) and in his second year he will probably still have to go through some growing pains. But I’m just hoping Lombardi’s boner for Hoyer won’t force the coaches to give up on Weeden only a week or two into the season.

  4. Everyone will continue to make fun of this because it’s the Browns and that’s easy. And they’ll make fun of Weeden because he’s an older QB. But really, guy has the skills and players around him to succeed. And this year he will actually get coaching. Can’t stress enough how bad of a coach Shurmur was.

  5. Sure, I was critical when they (meaning Mike “QB guru my foot” Holmgren) took him where they took him.

    But once he was taken, it was a done deal & I was in his corner. I hope he’s hands-down THE man & succeeds w the new regime.

    I feel very confident that Pat “another horrible Holmgren pickup” Shurmer was a major factor in Weeden’s rough rookie season.

  6. Weeden had some rough moments but anyone who really watched also knows that he had some flashes of very good play as well.

    The Browns can’t keep swapping out QB’s without putting talent around them – at some point it’s not the QB.

  7. they stopped all the competition talk once the coaches got a look at the film of the game campbell started for the bears last year and not what he did 2 years ago with the raiders. and then they got to see him up close once the OTA’S started so end of that talk.

  8. Weeden did alright last year I think he will improve especially with Little coming on strong and hopefully a healthy Richardson.

  9. Many Lifer BrownsFans Did not much like MikeHolmgren stepping in yet again, and pushing TomHeckert to over draft a soon to then be 28 year old Quarterback, but BrandonWeeden has skills. Were they #22 overall draft pick skills? Maybe so. Without question, the rookie was not put into a position to succeed last season. PatShurmer may be a hard working, nice family man, but he was not an effective head coach. MrHolmgren’s nepotistic hire of MrShurmer was a horribly blunderous overreach. Their dink and dunk version of the BillWalsh/PaulBrown passing game was a painful disaster. The current Cleveland staff appears to be putting MrWeeden’s true skills to best use; all players for that matter. Cleveland is exceptionally young, but talented, and apparently hungry and coachable. True foundation building appears to be finally at hand. A mere 15 years into this painful expansion reboot following Art’s gutless and unforgivable theft of OUR team. Hey BrownsFans, get ready my friends, This looks to be real.Stay injury free, and the team will take a strong step forward. GoodTimes.

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