High school coach says Titus Young didn’t know the Rams cut him


E.C. Robinson, the high school coach of Titus Young who has been saying for weeks that Young needs professional help, says that Young doesn’t fully grasp what has happened to him this offseason.

Young was cut first by the Lions and then by the Rams, and he has been arrested multiple times this offseason. Robinson says that he spoke with Young before Young went to jail last month, and that Young wasn’t even aware that he had been released by the Rams.

Robinson also said that when he last saw Young, Young’s behavior was so erratic that Robinson’s family grew concerned about him, and at one point Robinson’s daughter had to grab Young to keep him from wandering into traffic.

He shouldn’t be out on the streets,” Robinson told the Associated Press. “The day he left my house, I was scared. I mean, you’ve got a loose cannon out there that could go off anytime.”

Young remains jailed and is awaiting a psychiatric evaluation. Like Robinson, we hope Young gets the help he needs.

54 responses to “High school coach says Titus Young didn’t know the Rams cut him

  1. Wow. Went from laughing at this guy for his stupidity to genuinely feeling sorry for him.

    What a shame, hope he gets the help he needs so he doesn’t waste his talent.

  2. Wow. Can’t believe the past comments about the poor guy AFTER it was reported he had mental problems.

    Just goes to show … fans are crazier than the mental!! Lawdy have mercy!!

    Judge Judy say, “Looks fade, dumb is forever!!” Amen!!

    Poor guy!!

  3. His family may very well be saving his life by leaving him jail. Other than a mental institution, jail is the safest place for him.

  4. Mental health needs to be more talked about and help needs to be easier to get!! My mother is bi-polar and it
    was extremely difficult to help. Thank god she is better but I feel bad for Titus and his fam.

  5. It’s kind of funny how the first few posts about this young man’s behavior were making fun of him, judging him, and villifying each thing he did. Now every post ends with “And we are prying/ hoping/wishing him the best”. Not judging the authors or posters, just an observation.

  6. It seems that this has switched now to something worse. He was easy to make fun of etc… Now, I’m hoping he gets the help he needs and that he is able to be productive in the years to come as he is still so young…

  7. If the this guy was in the NFL playing he would be making them money. Sad that the NFL and NFLPA hasn’t stepped in and helped him and has allowed it to go this far. This guy needs help.

  8. I must be honest here. When he got cut by the Rams I was one of those who piled on. Now, I truly feel bad for the guy. Mr. Young, I apologize please get well soon.
    Mental illness is a serious problem made even worse by the unnecessary stigma associated with seeking help. Very sad all around.

  9. The worst part of bi polar disorder is people will get help and get on medication and after a few months of medication they are doing great so they think they don’t need it anymore and the disorder comes back worse. He needs to stabilize on medication and stick to it. There’s nothing wrong with utilizing meds if they are potentially saving your life

  10. Everyone keeps saying he needs help, but no one steps up to do it, except the NFL, and he refused that (big surprise). It is no secret those most likely to be successful in intervention situations are his friends and family, yet they keep saying he needs help like it is someone else’s responsibility.

  11. Poor guy … Everything handed to him his entire life yet everyone feels bad because he “needs help.” If you need help go get it. But I have no sympathy for entitled grown men who ruin their lives.

  12. I wasn’t laughing to begin with. His behavior and his interviews are just so opposite that I took the mental health thing serious.

  13. As a Raider fan it kind of burns me that people feel remorse and hope that Titus Young gets help and they feel bad for him.

    When the Raiders Barret Robbins went through his issues that kind of mirror what we are reading now I was cut down and mocked for hopping he gets the help that he needs.

    However he is a Raider and had a meltdown before the Super Bowl so he got cut down and made the trophy for an Al Davis failure at the time.

  14. Is this because Titus has bi-polar type issues, or has it been alluded/ attributed to concussions? I’m just thinking about that now, after months of this.

  15. Titus young has a mental illness problem and really needs help. What he doesn’t need is people leaving sarcastic remarks about his mental health. This man surly has no idea what he’s getting himself into. He needs love and support from his family and friends. What he needs from the public is understanding and prayers.

  16. I’d be inclined to at least consider that he may be using. Wouldn’t be the first, or last. Until I see a diagnosis of mental problems I’ll hold back on the “mental health is…. get help…” type talk. Too many instantly wealthy athletes end up on drugs.

  17. Classic example of a lawyer or agent trying to get the “crazy” angle out there to cover up for the fact that their client is a raging criminal. Enjoy prison Titus. I think you belong there.

  18. He has an illness. Talk all the trash you want about the guy, but be prepared for the inevitable karma that comes along with taunting someone who is genuinely ill and suffering. This is sad. Prayers from Minnesota.

  19. Did Detroit do any kind of due diligence before drafting this guy? No wonder the Loins are always in the tank!

  20. It was a sorry statement about our country that so many people dogpiled on this guy. For all you guys who went from teasing him to being sympathetic I hope this is a lesson in tolerance for you all. There is something seriously wrong with a culture that is so incredibly judgmental and and flat-out discriminatory against those with mental illness.

  21. Lolol it just gets better and better, titus young reallity show please!! And for the chumps posting the “oh its a mental illness god help him” yea he may have mental problems but he was an idiot n an ahole to begin with. I know people who have serious mental conditions and threaten peoples lives.

  22. Why doesnt anyone point out the fact that all things considered titus young was a worst draft choice than any receiver matt millen drafted? Coulda traded back a few spots and snatched randall cobb, whoops

  23. Look up Lionel Aldridge, a Lombardi Packer who was an amazing player. He even started to have a national TV career and then … read about it.

    When people say Titus Young “needs help” what they are saying is that he needs medical care. He “needs help” the way someone with diabetes “needs help.” He needs diagnosis and treatment.

    The issue is … trying to get someone to understand that their brain is no longer working properly and the “reality” that they are perceiving isn’t “normal”.

    You have to agree to receive mental health care. No one, not your family, not your employer, can force you into a psych hospital unless someone can show you’re suicidal or homicidal. So someone has to talk you into checking yourself in … and talking someone into taking a little car ride to the psych hospital ain’t easy.

    The Lions and the NFL actually tried to get him to get help. And his family cares about him deeply.

  24. I know Titus needs help and all, but his help should be that he isn’t allowed outside anymore.

    For all of us.

  25. There is a big difference between having an inappropriate sense of humor and being a mean, evil, wicked, sociopath. It doesn’t take much life experience to identify a couple of comments on here from actual sociopaths who are every bit as sick as Titus Young will ever be.

  26. When I consider how vast and how active our modern police force, I find it easy to conceive that people with problems are routinely put through the justice system rather than any kind of healthcare system.

    There are some really smart, funny people making comments at PFT. I am glad to see them owning up to a mistake. I hope this incident raises the level of our collective conscious.

  27. MajorMeatCurtains obviously has never been around drugs.

    People who live very safe insular lives think that for every bad action, drugs are responsible. The 10-year old throwing a tantrum in the supermarket? She’s on drugs.

    The difference between the behaviour of a drug addict and someone with mental problems is a clear one.

  28. I’ve had my share of mental illness, not to the extent of Young, but just the experience itself sucks to say the very least. I am a lot better now, but it took one wake-up call to do me right. I still believe we (as in America) can do a hell of a lot better when it comes to mental illnesses. No offense to anyone, but I feel like the ones suffering from any type of mental illness would agree, it’s very hard to put in words. Talking about it is so much more different than experiencing it. Now as for Titus, I wish him well. I hope he gets the much-needed treatment to carry on in his life. As fans of the game, we often put football as the focal point & forget that these same player’s (even the superstars of the league) have lives beyond football. Titus, hang in there bro, getting back on the field can wait until your 100% healthy.

  29. Just cause a person says you are crazy doesnt mean you are crazy. The kid needs to held accountable for everything he did. And if this kid is mental then that doesnt say a whole lot about the nfl or the college system today if hes so crazy he doesnt know the difference between right or wrong.

  30. well – fortunately – it now looks as though he will NOT be out on the streets – unfortunately, instead of the Lions or Rams takin’ care of him – WE get to pick up the tab!

  31. To the best of my knowledge there’s been no official disclosure of diagnosis as bipolar and unless his lawyer, if he uses one, states that Dx, then any spec that’s what it is is a waste.
    Based on family and ex coaches description he’s got serious issues which require help if he will avail himself…it is as has been stated his choice unless he’s endangering self or others. Having firsthand knowledge and experience, I know this is difficult for all around but most especially the person suffering. It sucks!!!

    As for the “The people on here who feel sorry for him are weak and lame. Chubby White guys I bet.”
    You are a total asswipe

  32. Jetsclaps said it perfectly, hope he gets help and gets another chance in NFL, not his fault that his brain is out of whack, once fixed NFL should take him back in my opinion, good luck Mr. Young.

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