It’s Bears Mt. Rushmore voting time

On Tuesday, the Mt. Rushmore process for the first time has only one team on the docket.

And it’s one of the most storied franchises in all of sports.

So have at it.  Pick four from the list of 12 finalists.

Actually, the first two will be easy.  As to the second two, it’ll be easier to dislodge a sausage from your throat.

115 responses to “It’s Bears Mt. Rushmore voting time

  1. I went with Butkus, Sweetness, Singletary, and Sayers. I was torn between Ditka/Singletary/Urlacher.

    Even to this day, I think Ditka, I think Da Bears, I just can’t help it, so for me, he’s on there.

    So between Urlacher and Singletary, I look at it like this. One has a ring, one does, I have one spot.

    Sweetness, Sayers and Butkus require not explanation

  2. I wanted to put Ditka on this list so bad, but how can I with George Halas sitting there? I cant have two coaches so its Halas joined by Iron Mike, Payton and Butkus.

    I would be willing to drop Halas and replace him with Sayers though. I have no problem going all players on this one.

    Sayers, Singletary, Payton, Butkus….

    Wow. That’s a good one.

  3. Without question, this is the most difficult Mt. Rushmore to choose from (aside from that Dam Hampton). This is ridiculous. Seriously, just put the entire group up there.

    LB = Butkus, Singletary, and Urlacher!!!

    RB = Red Grange, Bronko Nagurski, Walter Payton, and Gayle Sayers!!!

    QB = Sid Luckman (only 4 NFL championships)!!!!

    Defensive Line = Dan Hampton and Richard Dent (#1 Pro Football Defense)!!!

    Tight End/Coach = Ditka!!!

    Coach/Owner = Halas!!!

    Choosing 4 of these 12 is an affront to the other 8. They ALL deserve to be there.

  4. Dan was only ‘DAM’ Hampton to opponents…you might want to correct this blatant typo…This is the toughest team in NFL to choose the top 4…

    Payton (best of all time, HOF, numerous records, Super Bowl winner)
    Halas (Charter Franchise owner and Football savant)
    Ditka (HOF, last retired # as Bear; Super Bowl winner as player & coach)
    Red Grange (changed way pro football was marketed and sold and was legendary player)

  5. This to me is the hardest one yet. I put papa bear, ditka, sweetness and Butkus, but that means no Sayers, or no Singletary.

    This is the hardest one yet, by a lot.

  6. Votes from a Packer fan who has always respected these guys, but hated the bears: Halas, Buttkiss, Payton and Singletary.
    Singletary’s face has to be modeled after a pic of him while playing, just before the snap of the ball, when he had those “Deacon Jones” eyes.

  7. Anyone who votes mike Singletary is out of town stupid. Wilbur was the best linebacker on the 85 team. Urlacher was a better player then samurai mike. if it wasn’t for hampton commanding double teams at DE or DT . coach drop ur pants would have been getting blown up by offensive lineman. Hampton was the best defensive player on those 4-6 defenses.

    Halas, Hampton, Payton, Urlacher

  8. Luckman, Sweetness, Hala, and Butkus.

    Anyone who doesn’t vote for sid luckman is clearly unaware of their history. For example, if he’s good enough for #33 on NFL’s top 100, he is DEFINITELY good enough for a spot on the Bears Mt. Rushmore.

  9. It may anger some Bears fans, but no Ditka in my top 4.

    Halas – owner, coach, helped the league be what it is today

    Grange – First college star willing to play pro ball. Pro football was nothing back in the day, it was all about college ball.

    Butkus and Payton – Don’t think I need to defend those to any Bear fans.

  10. Halas, Payton, Butkus were easy. Went with Sayers as the fourth but could have easily gone with a few others.

  11. I hate the Bears as a Packer fan, but they have several players worth a Mt. Rushmore sculpture that need to be left off. I went with Payton, Sayers, Butkus and Halas, but Mike Ditka and Singletary are painful to leave off. Sid Luckman wouldn’t be a bad choice, either.

  12. Thought it would be hard with all the history in Chicago but then thought about it and it was easy. Halas, Ditka, Butkus, Payton

  13. Can we remove kingpel’s vote? This clown knows Ditka as only a coach and not a Hall of Fame tight end.

  14. Anyone who doesn’t list Halas is, quite frankly, a fool. He would be on the NFL Mt. Rushmore as a co-founder. His family STILL owns the team and they wear his god damn initials on their uniform. Get with it, people.

  15. Sweetness is an easy no brainer. Frankly, he should have his own mountain.

    And anyone who has ever read The Princess Bride (a book that is, believe it or not, even better than the incredible movie) absolutely and utterly must vote for Bronco Nagurski.

  16. For those who think Urlacher should not even be in the conversation, you must have only been looking at him from 2009 on. Before then, he was a fearsome linebacker. Not as good as Butkus or Singletary, but those guys set the bar out of reach.

  17. You have to go with championship guys.

    Halas, Grange, Nagurski, Payton.

    By now it ought to be obvious to any NFL fan that very few teams even deserve a Mount Rushmore.

    The Bears are one of them along with the Packers and well the Giants too. The rest haven’t even won more than a half dozen championships.

  18. Dent, Halas, Payton, Urlacher.

    1. Sayers and Butkus, storied players, but zero playoff wins. I don’t want to enshrine that.

    2. Can we please stop pretending that Mike Ditka took the Bears to a different level with his coaching in the 1980s? He was 6-6 in playoffs with 3 wins coming out of that 1985 team. They never made it to another NFCCG besides that one

  19. It’s a putt-in: Halas, Ditka, Butkus and Payton

    Iconic Bears figures that are all easily recognizable – and outside of Butkus – have all won championships.

  20. You must put Halas on this. He created the NFL and the Bears. In addition, he was arguably the greatest Bears coach of all time. Obviously Payton will be a lock for everyone but imo Halas should be too.

  21. Halas, Butkis, Ditka & Sweetness

    Urlacher nowhere near & leaving out Red Grange is probably a shame or perhaps I blame my own naïvety

  22. Vikes fan here. I’m not that old, but ya’ll need to look up Red Grange. Halas is a lock because Halas was brilliant enough to sign Red the day after his last college game to an unprecedented contract. He barnstormed the country and drew crowds of 50, 60k. This was the germination point of professional football in America. They’re both locks to me because of that. Payton is a lock. My last spot went to Ditka because he played and coached; although leaving Nagurski, Luckman, Singletary, and Sayers off of any list pertaining to football seems absurd. Great, storied franchise. When my team can beat a great team like the Bears or non-70’s/80’s Packers, it’s an accomplishment. Without great rivals, it wouldn’t be fun.

  23. followme2boston says: Jun 7, 2013 11:19 PM

    This to me is the hardest one yet. I put papa bear, ditka, sweetness and Butkus, but that means no Sayers, or no Singletary.

    This is the hardest one yet, by a lot.
    Exactly. I voted the same way and felt the same way.

    “I’m leaving out Gale Sayers? Mike Freaking Singletary? Red Grange? Bronko?”

    The only one I felt comfortable leaving out was Urlacher.

  24. Finally a team worth respecting. Somewhat.

    Too bad none of them are currently able to help their team conquer the mighty Packers.


    Just when we thought you couldn’t get more annoying

  25. Halas has to be on there. Payton too, being one of the best 5 players ever. Gets really tough after that. I had to put Grange in there too. No Grange and there’s literally no league. Him playing and barnstorming was a huge, huge reason professional football took off, and was literally the first star football player at a time when pro football just wasn’t something anyone cared about. And had to have Butkus in there since they invented the MLB position, and he was the top in history.

    That means leaving off anyone from the 85 defense, a top 10 RB in history, the team’s last icon, the best FB ever, their all time leading passer who also changed the way the game was played, and a certain te and coach with a glorious mustache. You could do two Mt Rushmores and it’d still be tough.

  26. followme2boston says:Jun 7, 2013 11:19 PM

    This to me is the hardest one yet. ………

    I thought the same thing when I saw the list.
    The only one of the 12 I might leave off the list is Urlacher and thats just because he is not quite “history” yet.
    That said, I ‘ll take Butkus, Halas, Nagurski and Payton.

  27. Us Packers fans have no end of jokes for the stupidity of Bears fans, but it’s all in good fun- I seriously doubt any team’s fans are significantly smarter or dumber than any other team’s.

    But reading some of these comments makes me think my insults may have been true all these years. How do some of you Bears fans not include Halas?

    Shaking my head. It’s like if a Packers fan left out Lombardi…

  28. Halas, Ditka, Payton, Hampton

    Hampton best defensive player for Bears period.

    How did Doug Atkins and Bill George not make this list though? Straight beasts.

  29. Halas and Payton have to be on there. No discussion. And there is little discussion that Butkus is on there. There’s really only 1 spot to decide.

    Since this is about being an icon, i’d go Ditka over Sayers and Singletary.

  30. Wow, the Bears have had a great history of running backs. Unlike some other teams, this list was hard to choose from.

    Payton, Red Grange, Luckman, Halas.

  31. Butkus. Ditka. Urlacher. Payton. Singletary. such a storied franchise we need 5 spots

  32. Every single one of those players listed makes me beam with pride. But with every ounce of my 20+ years of bears fanhood, I’ll have to go with Butkus, Payton, Sayers, and Halas. Goddamn, when it’s all said and done, Bears will have some fancy names on our rushmore. Such a cool city and franchise to be a part of… Bear Down.

  33. This one was easy for me.

    Butkus, just the true the epitome of a bear.

    Sid Luckman, 4 NFL Championships

    George Halas, the papa bear

    Walter Payton, was all-time leading rusher for years after he retired.

  34. The NFL history mt. Rushmore has a representative here in Halas thus he should be the first one in Bears team history to be carved in.

    Halas, Lombardi, Lamar Hunt, Lewis

    Now thats a mount Rushmore 🙂

    (Ray Lewis of course!)

  35. I voted Halas, Payton, Grange, Butkus. Love Iron Mike, Luckman, and Sayers, but they just do not rate higher for me than the other four. People like Dent, Urlacher, and Hampton look a bit silly on this list.

  36. Halas (FRANCHISE FOUNDER, better coach than Ditka)
    Sweetness (maybe the best RB ever)
    Butkus (top 3 MLB)
    Grange (LEGEND, basically created interest in pro football).

    Ditka doesn’t get ahead of them on a good TE career & one great coaching year half-formed on Buddy Ryan…he doesn’t even get ahead of Singletary, Nagurski, Sayers, or Luckman…

  37. Along with the Panthers the easiest of all the mt rushmores to vote for but for different reasons. Panthers don’t have the talent but the bears have tons but only have 4 truly elite guys,Butkis,Singletary and 2 of the greatest backs ever Sweetness and Sayers

  38. Payton




    Those 4 are all locks

    After those 4 Sayers would be up there but he did not play long enough.

    Those 4 are well above anyone else on the list.

  39. Oh my, this is like Noah saying to the animals only 2, only 2.

    Have to go with the founding father of the NFL and Chicago Bears Papa Bear George Stanley Halas.

    Sweetness in my opinion still the best at his position, a gentle giant, proud to have him as a neighbor many years ago.

    After Papa Bear and Sweetness it was tough decision as only history references remembers some of these players, I chose the Galloping Ghost Red Grange, a charter member of both the pro and college football Hall of Fame. Lastly Super Crunch #51 BUTKUS! Growing up it was fun to watch him dismantle opposing teams players.

    Difficult to leave Bronko Nagurski, Sid and Gayle off the list. Could we have a 7 or 8 headed monument please?

  40. Toughest one yet! I surprised myself in knowing all of the group except Hampton who I googeled.
    Did not see Refrigerator Perry on the list. Must have been an oversight.LOL

  41. Obviously Halas and Payton.

    Then comes down to Dent , Hampton, Ditka, Grange & Urlacher.

    Had to go with Hampton who was the best player on maybe the best and definitely most dominant defense of all time.

    Last spot was rough and ended up going with Ditka. The edge being he had great contributions as a player and as a coach ( obviously debatable how good of a coach he actually was)

    Grange Urlacher Dent and Sayers on the back of the mountain.

    And hopefully Trestman, Marshall, Cutler, Tillman sneak their way into the conversation next time by winning some titles!!!

  42. Halas
    Ditka or Grange

    The only way you could leave off Halas is if at the end of all the single team voting, the NFL Mt Rushmore INCLUDES Halas! If that’s the case, you can put Grange in there (it hurts not having him in there, being from his hometown and all…)

  43. First this should be broken down to 3 eras but that’s not the game so….
    1. Halas – one man two reasons owner and coach either one would have got him in.
    2. Ditka- once again two reasons- HOF TE and Da coach. I would have put Sid or Red here if it wasn’t for Coaches dual threat.
    3. Payton- enough said
    4. Butkus- Any argument for best LB ever he would be in the top.

    In the modern era the only guy we have had is Brian and if he hadn’t just retired we have no one.

  44. Easily the hardest one to choose, so far, only 4 out of quite possibly all 12 being good enough to get their faces on a Mt. Rushmore somewhere.

    There sure has been some great Bears throughout football history.

    Peyton, Butkus, Halas, Grange

  45. halas, butkus, nagurski & payton

    So many worthy candidates, but an NFL founding father and arguably three of the 20 greatest players in NFL history just demanded inclusion on the Bears’ Mt Rushmore.

  46. You all do realize that although Butkus is a very recognizable name he is considered very overrated by his contemporaries?

  47. So hard to pick 4. Gotta go with guys that built the franchise, Halas, Nagurski. Then guys that epitomized Bear toughness, Sayers and Payton

  48. It should be called Mt. Ditka….and there should be five of him.

    Papa Bear
    Da Coach
    The Kansas Comet

    …any group you can identify solely by their nicknames is legendary.

  49. So, I am a Vikings fan but not trying to play spoiler at all with the history of other teams.

    Sweetness is a given.
    Ditka because he was the only coach to win a Super Bowl and is synonimous with the Chicago Bears
    Red Grange was one of the original legends of football
    George Halas Built the team

    but that leaves me upset that I don’t have Singletary or Butkis on there.

    So I vote again, leaving off the coach and the patriarch.


    But how do you leave off Sayer and Dent…Tough vote Chicago.

  50. Halas, Hurricane Ditka, Payton, Butkus. Easy choices IMO. Ditka makes it over Singletary, sorry. He was a HOF player AND an outstanding coach. Anyone who leaves Ditka off should be ashamed.

  51. Not a Bears fan, don’t know if that means I shouldn’t vote or not but I really know alot about the Bears because some of my favorite players are on this list…I went with Payton, Ditka, Halas, and Singletary….In my opinion those are the 4 most important people in your history….It’s sad that Sayers’ career was short lived and I REALLY didn’t wanna leave him and Luckman out but these 4 are not just historic as far as “Da Bears” go but the entire NFL as a whole…Hope I didn’t piss anyone off lol.

  52. This was tough. I went with Papa Bear, Sweetness, Butkus, and Sayers. The first three had to be there. I went with Sayers, since I loved to watch him run. Cannot complain about anyone going with Ditka, Luckman, Grange, or the Bronc.

  53. The NFL (and this website) doesn’t even exist without Halas –

    Halas, Luckman, Butkis, Payton

  54. Gale Sayers is an interesting name on this poll. Much like Terrell Davis, Sayers couldn’t continue what could have been a long and great career due to injury. My dad, an avid Bears fan, said that Sayers was the best running back he ever saw in person and on tv. Unfortunately he shouldn’t be involved in the Mt. Rushmore discussion though because with all these other players, and coaches, or both (Ditka), longevity was such a key cog in the Chicago lore.

    Ditka, Butkus, and Sweetness are locks. And in order to appease all the Bears fans in my family, I’d say Papa Bear Halas is deserving of a lock as well.

  55. This is the toughest list by far, but in the end, picking my top 4 was the easy part, leaving off guys like Grange, Nagursky, and Luckman was the hard part.


    Ditka makes it more for his HOF playing career than for his coaching, despite winning so dominantly in
    ’85…I hate to say this for fear of pissing off the Ditka-philes, but with the talent that ’85 team had there is no excuse for them only making one SB during the Ditka era…Da Coach’s ego got the best of him, and it rubbed off on the team.

  56. butkus,grange,halas, and payton. look up red grange, holy crap he was football for a long time at a high halas-no bears. you cant leave off butkus or walter. sorry everyone else but there is only room for 4. i did’t make the rules. any other four would be UNCIVILIZED.

  57. Anyone who leaves Halas off this list is a moron. Period. Paragraph.

    Wow, tough list. I’m surprised at the little respect Nagurski is getting. He is the only man to be All-Pro at three non-special teams positions: fullback, offensive tackle and defensive line. He played for the Bears from 1930 to 1937, leading them to 2 NFL championships.

    He retired in 1938 only because he could make more money in pro wrestling. After being retired for six years, George Halas asked him to come back to the Bears in 1943 because WW2 had depleted their roster. Bronko played as a lineman because he had gotten older and slower, but injuries to the backfield corps led to him carrying the ball again. He scored a TD in the Bears’ NFL championship win over Washington.

    Grange was a great drawing card that gave legitimacy to the NFL, but he didn’t that many games for the Bears.

    To me, it has be Halas, Nagurski, Luckman, Payton. It kills me to leave off Butkus and Sayers.

  58. Probably ten of these choices would be considered automatic for most teams.

    Halas is an automatic choice; founder, owner, 6 NFL championships.
    Ditka-HOF tight end, probably the first of the modern TE’s, SB winning coach, an Icon.
    Butkus-Best and fiercest MLB of his era, maybe ever
    Payton-Probably the best all-around player of his era.

    I hated to leave off Sayers, my all-time favorite player. Younger fans, who haven’t seen him, give yourself a treat and go on youtube or NFL films and check out the old films.

  59. Nothing but respect for the pack bears rivalry so the bears mt. Rushmore I think should be halas ditka payton and butkus. Great players on a team I dislike but respect

  60. I think Payton comes in ahead of Sayers (what a choice!!), and most fans today never heard of the Galloping Ghost or Bronco Nagurski.

    It is possible that Sayers makes it ahead of Luckman only because most fans today do not realize who Sid Luckman was (incredibly, he was a QB!!!! — yes, that is not a misprint — we are talking about a Bears QB). Luckman won FOUR NFL Championships in his FIVE NFL Championship Game appearances!!

    And how do we leave off Ditka who is the epitome of Da Bears.

    And how do we leave off Singletary who most people think of only as an unsuccessful head coach. Singletary only made the Pro Bowl 10 times, made 1st team All-Pro 8 times, was Super Bowl Champ, was on the 1980s NFL All-Decade Team, was named NFC Defensive Player of the Year 3 times, and was named NFL Defensive Player of the Year 2 times. My how we forget. This Bear Mt. Rushmore needs to be a mountain range.

  61. Halas

    Very hard to leave Ditka off this list but I just think Sayers was so good in the short time he played.

    And rob1boy, what are you smoking? No way was Butkus considered overrated by his peers. he was feared by his peers!

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