Jim Kelly’s cancer surgery called successful


Former Bills quarterback and Pro Football Hall of Famer Jim Kelly had surgery today to remove cancer in his upper jawbone, and doctors termed it a successful one.

According to Mark Gaughan of the Buffalo News, citing a statement from the  Erie County Medical Center, doctors removed part of his upper jaw, and reconstructed it with a prosthetic device.

“The surgery went very well. We are hopeful for and anticipate a speedy recovery and successful outcome,” the statement said. “Mr. Kelly is recovering comfortably at this time. He is in the capable care of the great nurses and staff here at ECMC. He will remain here at the hospital until he feels comfortable to go home.”

Kelly announced earlier this week he had been diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma. He admitted the diagnosis “scares the crap out of you,” but said doctors told him they found the cancer in time to give him a good chance for a complete recovery.

42 responses to “Jim Kelly’s cancer surgery called successful

  1. Get well soon sir.. Not known to many people outside of Buffalo, we have some of the best doctors and cancer treatment centers in the world!!
    Hope to see you waving the flag on opening day Jimbo!

  2. Wishing Jim a speedy recovery. Just like those passes you threw to Beebe down the sideline. I am glad they caught it early and I know Jim has many more years to come.

  3. You can call a surgery successful but I’m not so sure I’d ever be celebrating beating cancer if I knew it was in my body at any point in my life.

  4. Who is the one person who went down the list of comments and gave a “thumbs down” to people wishing a cancer victim a recovery? I hope you learn to have love in your heart, and for your sake, I hope karma isn’t a real thing.

  5. declaring a surgery successful, does not necessarily imply cure. it just means that he got thru the procedure, everything went well and tere were no major complications.

    typically, there is a 5 year window that you want to get past before you start declaring yourself cancer-free.

    Jim is going to be one of the poster-children for head and neck cancers that occur secondary to use of oral tobacco. Just a pinch between your cheek and gums can get you tongue, jaw, salivary gland and other wonderful diseases.

    I wish him a full and complete recovery, but hope that people learn about the harm caused by oral tobacco products. If it saves lives then he has done a real service to the community.

  6. I see there is a negativity troll with multiple PFT accounts giving repeated thumbs down to well-wishers of a cancer victim. Either that or there are a bunch of Dolphins fans who lived through the ’90s on this site. Sorry Marino fans, Kelly was the real deal. You’ll always have Isotoner gloves, though.

  7. There is no cure for cancer (or any other disease for that matter). If Jim is one of the lucky ones he will be in remission for the rest of a long life.

    Here is to wishing Jim a long life and success in fighting back against this horrible disease. God Bless Mr. Kelly.

  8. Tough competetor. Always liked watching him play, even though I’m a Pats fan and Bills are were big rival then. Tough on the field; that’s for sure.

    Get well.

  9. I wish Jim the best of luck.

    That was a quick turnaround though from finding it to surgery. Unfortunately, that doesn’t go as quickly for some of the rest of us. I’ve had various people in my life have cancer and too often they have to wait days or weeks to even get in for a test and then wait again for someone to “read” the tests and get back with results.

    Health care in the US is pretty darn good (especially compared to many other countries), but I wish it were quicker, more affordable, and didn’t have all of the rampant waste and corporations making more profit than curing people at times.

  10. My dad had the same procedure. It’s brutal, and disfiguring. My dads cancer was said to be a “success” at first. Just 30 days later, it was back and killed him within a couple months. I hope Jim’s case is different. Good luck’

  11. It’s probably just a group of kids who are trying to amuse their group of friends at someone else’s expense… totally classless and irresponsible of PFT to leave these thumbs on the reponses. Best to just ignore these immature idiots and focus on holding PFT at blame.

  12. Waiting to see if the board administrator deletes my last post like they do all my other PRO-BUFFALO posts !!!

  13. andrewsteindione…
    I’m not totally sure where you’re headed with your comment. It comes off as rather ”snarky”. If that IS your attitude, all I can say is… my work day’s done pal and my time is my own to spend as I please.

  14. I do not understand you people with all your negative comments. You are all kanutz.

  15. Anyone giving a thumbs down to these get well and god bless posts needs to get a life! You better hope that the same cancer doesn’t get to you one day, karma is a big bad bitch!

  16. To all the freaking idiots that thumb down best wishes for a cancer patient, something’s coming your way. It’s called a H1 or H5 virus. You will get it and die from it. Karma suckers.

  17. foranyoneover30….
    My apologies, that comment wasn’t directed at you at all, it was meant to piggy-back off of the comment about the insensitive person who figured out how to give multiple thumbs down (and seemed to be spending a lot of time doing it, on an article about a person with a very bad, very debilitating cancer). When I originally posted it, it was in the right place, but when I returned to the page your comment (and another, I believe) somehow got in between the two. Again, my apologies, that was not directed at you at all.

  18. andrewsteindione…

    Thanks, I appreciate the note. No harm- no foul. Dead issue… I’d still like to know why PFT insists on keeping the thumbs for a story that obviously brings out the immature computer geeks and no-lifes.

  19. Dear SOB’s who run the filtering of comments – do u have ne ability to track a*holes who thumb down on certain stories?

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