John Harbaugh: Courtney Upshaw eats too much junk food

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Ravens outside linebacker Courtney Upshaw admitted recently that he’s overweight, saying he had some “personal issues” that had prevented him from working out this offseason. But Ravens coach John Harbaugh says the issue is simple: Upshaw eats too much.

“He’s working really hard, [but] Courtney’s weight issue – which he does need to lose some pounds – is that he doesn’t eat right,” Harbaugh told the Carroll County Times. “Courtney eats too much, and he doesn’t eat all the right foods. He knows that’s something that he’s going to have to get a handle on or he’s not going to be the best he can be. He’s aware of it. We have everybody in our building involved in it. He’ll be in fighting shape. I promise you that.”

The 6-foot-2 Upshaw wasn’t exactly skinny during his rookie season, when he was playing at 270 pounds, and he now says he weighs about 285. So he’s clearly got some dieting to do, but if he does slim down, Harbaugh sees big things ahead for him.

“My first thought is that he is playing pretty well,” Harbaugh said of Upshaw. “That’s my first thought. He understands the defense exceptionally well.”

Now he needs to gain an understanding of proper nutrition.

45 responses to “John Harbaugh: Courtney Upshaw eats too much junk food

  1. If I’m having trouble making a decision, I like to go with my gut, because I have a lot to go with.

  2. A guy that size that’s an athlete can lose 25-30 pounds of fat in a month. Just takes a little discipline and the ability to not obsessively indulge every impulse you have…which is NOT something many elite athletes are taught to do.

  3. 285 pounds for Upshaw is pretty funny considering Matt Kalil played at 290 at USC and in the 290’s some games last year for the Vikings.

  4. Bruce Smith laid off cheetos & become one of the great DE’s ever, just saying.

  5. I turned 26 about 6 months ago.. the day of my birthday, my metabolism peaced out. I used to be able to eat anything and I would never weigh above 175.. Now if i look at a can of soda, I instantly gain 5 lbs. That said, I recently stayed at an all inclusive in Costa Rica and actually lost weight(ate fresh food, drank lots of water).. Came back to America, first stop Mickey D’s, put the weight on instantly also have been drinking left over soda from the wedding. Although my metabolism is now gone, Eating right is more important than exercise, when wanting to maintain a certain weight

  6. If it were only that easy coach! I cooked a healthy meal Sunday, it was supposed to last me until Wednesday, I jumped ship Monday night because I had a craving for a burger, pathetic. This is a 23 yr old man with a large bank account, lol, he eats what he wants when he wants.

  7. Man I am the worst for candy. I’m actually not eating candy all this month while my wife doesn’t drink soda. It isn’t easy, but I bet this month will be the hardest.

  8. If I made my living as a professional athlete, I’d probably pay a little attention to my fitness.
    You get paid a ton to be in shape but don’t do it?
    Kids these days don’t know how to work…

  9. Americans in general have poor eating habits. It starts with our parents taking the easy way out & sticking fish sticks or chicken nuggets in the oven instead of cooking a proper meal.

  10. Courtney needs to be playing at 260-265 pounds. I hope he gets himself a diet plan, nutritionist, etc. because he would be much better than he already is. If he could get his weight down that would help him be more effective as a puss rusher. And he is smart and strong enough to still be a force in the run game at that weight. Also he could be playing some ILB along with rotating in at OLB, so he will need to get down into the 260s with his weight to do that.

  11. I can only imagine how big these guys will be when they retire and stop working out everyday.

  12. Here we go again… another Bryant McKinney! The personal issue is he just doesn’t know how to push away from food. with the money he makes he can hire a nutritionist!

  13. Sad part is He can afford to hire a nutritionest and a chef unlike many other folks. Harbough sent a shot across the bow that if you keep eating you gonna eat yourself right out of the league! You’ve been warned!

  14. Another great draft pick by “the wizard of oz”!

    My prediction is coming true…He’ll replace the big tub of goo cody at nose tackle when they let that bust roll out of town next year.

    As the Nest Burns…


  15. you make over a million a year.

    hire a nutritionist and stop making a excuses fat boy.

    you didn’t have knee injury, you could have mixed in a few jogging sessions.

    sub 8-8 for 2013.

  16. It continues to amaze me. Professional player, whose ENTIRE job revolves around his body, with access to the best fitness equipment, sport specialists in the medical field, trainers, even PERSONAL trainers, nutritional experts, personal chefs, and he is a PANTLOAD. I think coach H. has not put his finger on the REAL problem. It is not simply that his player eats too much,
    though this is obviously part of the situation. The root problem is simply that Upshaw is just plain LAZY. Guys with this kind of mindset and approach to their job, will let their mates down in crunch time due to their total lack of discipline.

  17. Courtney, I feel your pain. Now, please pass me one of your three twelve pack orders of double decker tacos and one of those 24-ounce Dr. Peppers.

  18. Where are all the idiots who were railing on the Andre Smith story. Andre loses 20-30 pounds in the offseason – and he’s a disgusting glutton. This guy puts on 15 pounds in the offseason and no backlash?

  19. Fructose from processed foods and ethanol from alcohol have one thing in common…90% of the substance gets processed in the liver. When you have too much it overloads one organ. All other food materials disperse to other organs.

    Courtney if you read this…take some milk thistle, stop drinking alcohol, stick with berries, whey, and a plant/legume based diet. You will 20 in a month.

  20. If the millions of dollars that he has already received and which could potentially come with a new contract in 2 years aren’t sufficient motivation not to eat junk, then I don’t see much hope for him. The Ravens have not had much good fortune in drafting pass rushers. After Suggs, they drafted Dan Cody (bust), Paul Krueger (nothing for 3 years and then decent contract year), Sergio Kindle (bust) and Upshaw, now eating himself out of a job. And these were all pretty high picks. Ozzie should stick to FAs for this and WRs. Torrey Smith is the only WR he has drafted that may turn out. We’ll see.

  21. LOL, remember the tantrum Mel Kiper Jr. threw when the Jets didn’t draft this guy?!

  22. st1llerz1 says: Jun 7, 2013 9:38 AM

    As the Nest Burns…
    This term reached it’s temporary peak after the March purge, but doesn’t it seem a little extra stupid on the day everyone in the Nest is getting their Super Bowl rings?

  23. Its really funny how Steeler trolls flocked to this article like their own players with recent weight issues (Alameda Ta’amu, Lamarr Woodley, Jonathan Dwyer) to a buffet. I’d be willing to wager all 32 teams have at least one player on their roster who jas struggled with their weight at some point I’m their careers.

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